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ICANN Asks U.S., Canadian Governments If .sucks Is Breaking Laws

ICANN, the organization that approved the .sucks domain, is asking the U.S. and Canadian governments if the company operating the domain is breaking any laws with the controversial pricing and registration structure it’s set up for trademark holders.
According to an ICANN blog post this week, the organization has sent letters to both the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA), inviting them to review how Vox Populi is running the .sucks domain. The letters were sent after ICANN received complaints from its own advisory groups, the Intellectual Property Constituency — letters that called .sucks a “predatory scheme” with pricing that’s “over 250 times more than what [Vox Populi] will charge most ordinary consumers.” From ICANN’s blog post:

Due to the serious nature of the allegations, we have sent letters [PDF, 742 KB] to both the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and, because Vox Populi is a Canadian enterprise, Canada’s Office of Consumer Aff…

Facebook To Showcase New Video Ad Product “Anthology” At NYC Event Prior To NewFronts

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is planning a presentation just days before this month’s NewFronts event in New York to give advertisers an overview of its upcoming video advertising plans, as well as showcase its new Anthology video ad product.
“Several of Facebook’s Anthology partners will deliver presentations at the gathering,” reports The Wall Street Journal, “Providing ad agencies and marketers with their first look at how Facebook plans to uniquely incorporate brand messages into videos on the site.”
From Wall Street Journal: “Facebook will use the event to provide specifics on Anthology, the company’s new initiative centered around partners creating branded entertainment video content.”
Marketing Land’s own Martin Beck reported on Anthology last month: “Facebook is working with publishers, including Vine, The Onion and Vox Media, to produce short-form videos that would be sponsored by advertisers (with a $2 million minimum buy in).”
Billed by IAB as a, “…marketplace …

How To Use Quantitative And Qualitative Data For Search

Are both qualitative and quantitative research part of your marketing methodology? They should be.
As search marketers, we want to know as much as possible about our target audience so we can deliver the best user experience (UX). To accomplish this, we address the following questions:

What are people searching for? (keywords/labels, file type)
Where are people conducting their searches? (location, Web search, site search)
When are people conducting searches? (date, time)
Who is using the commercial Web search engines? (target audience)
How are people searching? (desktop/tablet/mobile, query/browse/ask)
Why are people conducting searches? (goals, intention, motivation)

To better understand our target audience, researchers use a variety of resources — keyword research tools, Web analytics data, advertising data, and others. However, for our conclusions to be accurate, we should also understand the data and resources in context.
Both qualitative data and quantitative data are critical for unders…

Gravy Lands $7.6 Million Series A Financing To Expand Mobile/Local Products

Gravy, a mobile/local behavioral marketing company, has announced a Series A funding round of $7.6 million. The investment comes from publishing giant Gannett Co., along with MetTel and Gravy’s current board chairman, Richard Braddock.
The company bills itself as “the only data analytics and marketing segmentation provider unlocking the true interests and affinities of customers based on their actual local behaviors.” The new funding will be used to expand its Gravy GOLD platform, described this way in the announcement:

Gravy GOLD enables brand marketers to quickly uncover the interests and affinities of individual mobile customers as they live their daily lives and use that knowledge to predict buying intent, deliver personalized engagement, gain granular competitive insights and execute pinpoint, in-the-moment targeting. The new funding enables Gravy to meet increased client demand by scaling its technology infrastructure, building out its executive team and adding to its sales, marke…

SumAll Launches Insights To Take The Guesswork Out Of Social Analytics

Social analytics firm SumAll today announced a new service to help social media managers improve performance and ROI on social networks.
Called SumAll Insights, the service provides recommendations about what, when and how to post to maximize reach and engagement. The recommendations are customized by Twitter account — with Facebook and Instagram integration coming soon — to ensure that social managers are getting advice tailored to their audience and industry.
Insight reports are delivered weekly in PDF form via email, alternating between Content and Audience focused guidance.
The Content Insights reports include data on:

Best Performing Times: The best time slot and day of the week to post
Best Performing Format: The content type, number of hashtags and suggested length
Best Performing Content: The most engaging hashtag, link and keyword.

The Audience Insights reports include:

Your Audience: Audience shifts, responsiveness and quality
Most Engaged Followers: User who interact the most often

How To Setup Lead Magnet WithIn Blog Post Using LeadPages

“Lead Magnet is an offer (Bribe, value) which you offer in return of email-subscription.” You might have seen this on all the popular blogs or you might be offering one. Lead magnet has always been one of the lucrative way to get email-subscribers. In recent time, offering lead-manger within blog post is seen as gaining […]
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