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Top 10 YouTube Video Ads in March: Ad Council’s Viral Hit “Love Has No Labels” Ranks No. 1

The Ad Council’s anti-discrimination video “Love Has No Labels” made it to the top of YouTube’s most popular ads for March 2014. Posted on March 3, the spot quickly became a viral hit, garnering more than 50 million views to date.
While two new brands broke into last month’s top ten list – Valspar Paint at No. 9, and the Johnson and Johnson owned brand Clean and Clear at No. 10 – two YouTube sponsored videos found their way into the top ten as well.
A video promoting the 2015 YouTube Music Awards ranked No. 5, and “#DearMe – What advice would you give yourself?” from the YouTube Spotlight channel ranked No. 7. (The YouTube Spotlight channels bills itself as a place to find, “…gotta-watch videos from across YouTube.”)
To rank its most popular video ads every month, YouTube uses an algorithm that factors in paid views, organic views and audience retention. According to YouTube, March’s top ads generated a combined 102.8 million views, and more than 166 minutes watched, up eight percent ove…

Noteworthy, No Hype – What to Expect at SMX Advanced in Seattle

Ask a search marketer what they love – and hate – about their job and you’ll likely hear “it’s always changing.” Next Tuesday, Google plans to roll out its latest algorithm, which will reward mobile-friendly sites. Will “mobilegeddon” rival the impact of Panda and Penguin on your rank? What steps do you need to take to be truly effective at mobile SEO?
At SMX Advanced, we’ll tackle the important and meaningful topics without the hype, or getting bogged down explaining the basics. If you’re an advanced SEO, paid search or social media marketer, SMX Advanced is for you.
Here’s what you get by attending:

30+ sessions and keynotes featuring accomplished marketers revealing tactics you won’t hear discussed anywhere else. Check out the agenda.
In-person access to speakers and the SMX team at multiple networking and Q&A opportunities.
In-depth workshops June 4th allow you to sharpen your SEO skills, seize international opportunities, tackle in-house SEO issues, master AdWords, recharge your l…

Click Here Or Else: The Evolution of Chain Emails

Do you remember those awful chain emails from the late ’90s and early 2000s? They came in three varieties: a personal survey, an email you sent to your crush or a depressing, moralistic story. You know the ones. And, regardless of their content, the end message was always the same: Share with friends … or else.
Luckily, we’ve left those emails in the past where they belong. What happened to the concept of “share with your friends” is another story entirely.
What Does This Concept Look Like Today?
Today’s message of “share or else” is far less ominous, but still highly present in the form of social media. Our newsfeeds are filled with our friends’ most delicious meals, artistic beverages, luxurious vacations and newest purchases. These messages make social media users envious enough to change their purchase behavior.
In fact, a Canadian study of Millennials’ spending habits found that FOMO (fear of missing out) from social media drives Millennial spending. That’s right. Over half of Millen…

Spotted: Facebook Trending News Displaying Multiple News Categories

On Facebook, the Trending News stories that users have seen were likely to be the biggest, blockbuster stories. Until now. AdWeek has spotted a new iteration of Trending News that breaks up the stories into more consumable sections:

In the example found in the wild, the main trending articles still existed, but five specific categories were also present: Politics, Business, Science & Technology, Sports and Entertainment. While this is currently just a test, breaking this up would make sense for users who look to Facebook for news. It may also be a boon for marketers that have content that fit into specific category niches. Instead of needing to swing for the main trending fence, this functionality gives brands the ability to hit singles into a specific niche.
For more information, see AdWeek.
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Report: Smartphones Reach Nearly 77 Percent Penetration In US

On Friday comScore released its latest US smartphone market-share data (February 2015). It asserts that 76.6 percent of the US mobile subscriber population now owns a smartphone. That will easily take us to 80 percent or beyond by year end.

The data also show Samsung losing market share vs. November 2014 and LG gaining. Operating system market share numbers are relatively static.
I’ve graphed comScore smartphone OEM and operating system market share data for the past three years. What the chart below shows is modest growth by Apple devices and stronger growth by Samsung, which has now slowed. With the exception of LG all other major brands have lost share over the period.

By comparison the chart below shows three years of operating system market share data from comScore. Android is relatively flat with iOS showing slightly more growth between 2013 and 2014 but slower growth between 2014 and 2015. BlackBerry has seen steady declines and Windows Phones saw very small gains over the three y…