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A CMO’s View: How’s #ItsThatEasy Super Bowl Campaign Makes Multichannel Marketing Look…Easy

This year’s list of Super Bowl advertisers included first-timer, an Israel-based website building platform that boasts more than 60 million users worldwide.
The brand took full-advantage of its Super Bowl appearance, putting in motion a comprehensive multichannel marketing campaign that went well beyond the 30-second television ad that ran during the game.
“We felt it was the right time for the company, brand and product,” says CMO Omer Shai who joined in 2008.
Part of our vision was a Super Bowl campaign, not spot.
In addition to its Super Bowl spot,’s #ItsThatEasy campaign included 26 pre-game teaser ads, along with content spread across sixteen different social accounts.
From his office in Tel Aviv, Shai told me over a Skype call how the brand had been planning this year’s Super Bowl campaign since first quarter of 2014, “Part of our vision was a Super Bowl campaign – not spot.”
As the first Isreal-owned Internet company to become a Super Bowl advertiser, …

Always Block Google from your Search Results Pages

If you are using Google Custom Search or another site search service on your website, make sure that the search results pages – like the one available here – are not accessible to Googlebot. This is necessary else spam domains can create serious problems for your website for no fault of yours.
Few days ago, I got an automatically generated email from Google Webmaster Tools saying that Googlebot is having trouble indexing my website as it found a large number of new URLs. The message said:

Googlebot encountered extremely large numbers of links on your site. This may indicate a problem with your site’s URL structure… As a result Googlebot may consume much more bandwidth than necessary, or may be unable to completely index all of the content on your site.

This was a worrying signal because it meant that tons of new pages have been added to the website without my knowledge. I logged into Webmaster Tools and, as expected, there were thousands of pages that were in the crawling queu…

Only 14% Of U.S. Teens Say Facebook Is Most Important, But Nearly Half Still Use It

Another day, another survey about American teens’ use of social media. The latest, released today by investment bank Piper Jaffray, sounds like bad news for Facebook: only 14% of U.S. teenagers pick the social network as the most important social network.
And that percentage is slipping, according to Piper Jaffray, which releases its “Taking Stock With Teens” survey twice a year. In the spring of 2013, 33% of teens surveyed cited Facebook as most important. Last year it was 23%.
Instagram, owned by Facebook, was the top choice of 32%. About 24% picked Twitter as most important; Snapchat, new to the survey question, was the choice of 13%, narrowly trailing Facebook in fourth place.

But it’s far from clear that teenagers are abandoning Facebook. Last week, the Pew Research Center released a survey that indicated that the network remains the No. 1 social media choice for U.S. teens, with 71% of those ages 13 to 17 using it.
Piper Jaffray, which didn’t release the age range of its 6,200-perso…

Facebook Ad CTR Up 17%, CPC Down 17% In Q1 [Nanigans Report]

Facebook advertisers reached more customers per ad and paid less for each click in the first quarter of 2015, according to advertising automation software provider Nanigans’ Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report released today.
Nanigans’ customers had a 0.81% click-through rate in the first quarter, up 17% over Q4 of 2014 and 260% over this time last year. In the ecommerce vertical, CTR increased 12% QoQ and 281% YoY.
On a cost-per click basis, ads were 17% cheaper than they were in the fourth quarter — the 53 cent CPC average falling to pre-holiday levels because of, according to Nanigans, reduced demand after the Q4 shopping season. The CPC drop was especially pronounced for ecommerce advertisers, who experienced a 32% decrease in the quarter and a 14% reduction YoY. Gaming advertisers saw a 11% quarterly CPC increase and 69% for the year. Overall, CPC averages increased 4% YoY.

Overall global CPMs (cost per 1,000 impressions) dropped 3% in the quarter to $4.26, but soared 273% …