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eMarketer: Social Ad Spending Will Hit $23.68 Billion Globally This Year

Advertisers will spend $23.68 billion worldwide to reach consumers on social media in 2015, according to new figures released this week by eMarketer. The total represents an 33.5% increase over eMarketer’s 2014 figure of $17.74 billion and means ad spending on social media will make up 13.9% of the total digital advertising market this year.
EMarketer also predicts that by 2017, social media ad revenue will hit $35.98 billion, 16.0% of the total global digital ad market. According to eMarketer estimates, the pace of global spending growth is slowing, going from 56.2% in 2014, to 33.5% this year, then dropping to 26.3% in 2016 and 20.3% in 2017.
Advertisers in the United States and Canada will remain the top drivers of the market, boosting ad spending 31.0% this year to pass the $10 billion mark for the first time. The total in the Asia-Pacific region will be $7.4 billion and Western Europe will be $4.74 billion. The North American countries also lead in per user spending, laying out $50…

7 Things CMOs Need To Know About Search Engine Marketing

Any good account manager knows that the world of search engine marketing (SEM) changes so quickly — with betas and trends and bugs and new releases popping up every week — that maintaining account performance is tough to balance with keeping up with what’s new.
Well, zoom up a couple of levels, and it’s a similar story for chief marketing officers. Today’s SEM landscape is vastly different than it was even a year ago — its place in the industry, its interaction with other channels, its inter-platform capabilities, and its engagement across devices have all been evolving at a fairly dizzying pace of late.
So let’s say you’re a CMO, and you want a debriefing on where SEM stands. Here are seven things you need to know right now (hat tip to 3Q Digital Senior Director of Client Services Ada Pally and old friend Susan Waldes of Fivemill, who put together a webinar on this very topic):
1. Today’s Funnel Is Longer And More Complex
Gone are the days of thinking of SEM as the very bottom of the pur…

Tumblr’s “Sponsored Day” Ad Appears In User Dashboards For 24 Hours

Advertisers now have the ability to get bold with Tumblr ads. The new ad product, Sponsored Day, isn’t an overly flashy placement, but will appear for all users in either a global or country specific placement according to AdWeek.
The placement will feature the company icon with accompanying text and a dollar sign to notate that the placement is paid. The ad will go live at midnight and display for the full day. Advertisers aren’t required to have a Tumblr page to participate, a regular ‘ol ad will work.

Nike is the first advertiser to use the new ad type and did so with a global buy for their “Better for it” Tumblr campaign.
For more information see AdWeek. Image courtesy of AdWeek.
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Grabyo Launches A Mobile Video App For VIPs

Grabyo, a video platform that enables broadcasters to capture, edit and share video clips on social media, today launched a mobile app for VIPs.
Grabyo VIP is aimed at celebrities and other global stars with major social media followings who can lend their influence to the rights holders social video to reach consumers. Grabyo’s technology enables publishers and brands to quickly create clips from live broadcast TV or IP video feeds and share them natively on Facebook, Twitter and other video networks.
By launching a mobile app for VIPs — available for verified users of Facebook and Twitter today in the Apple store — Grabyo hopes to prime the distribution pump.
“TV networks, content rights holders and social platforms all recognize the enormous potential value that major stars hold in driving engagement and tune-in, but have so far struggled to capitalize on this opportunity,” Grabyo CEO Gareth Capon said. “Grabyo VIP combines the simplicity of mobile video creation, sharing and discover…

5 Content Marketing Growth Hacks To Get More Traffic

Imagine that every new reader will share your article with someone else. This will make your blog grow insanely fast! Your readers will tell their friends, and friends of your readers will tell their friends and friend of the friends of your readers… Well, you’ve got the idea. Marketers call it a “viral loop”. And […]
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Twitter Flips Switch On New Homepage For People Who Aren’t Logged In

Twitter, aiming to provide a more enticing landing spot for the millions of visitors who don’t sign into its network, unveiled a new homepage today.
The new page is essentially the same as the one Twitter has been testing for the last couple months. We wrote about it here and here.
The new page is live today for U.S. desktop users and will be pushed to other locations over time.
Now instead of a dead-end login page with no content, people who aren’t logged into Twitter are presented with a selection of topics — Politics, Pop Artists, General News Sources, Cute Animals and Tech Blogs & Reporters, for instance. The topics are laid out in text in the left rail and in a two-column tiled grid in the middle of the page.

Clicking through to any of the topics leads people to a selection of tweets from “some of the more popular accounts in that topic,” Twitter product manager Gabor Cselle wrote in a blog post. “It’s rich real-time content, just like the Twitter experience for users who log in.…