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Foursquare Turns To Location Data For Revenue, Joining Crowded Field

Foursquare boldly announced at one point that it wanted to be the “location layer for the internet.” Now the company is trying to make good on that aspiration and cultivate new sources of revenue at the same time.
Amid new rumors of a potential Yahoo acquisition, Foursquare has continued a slow pivot of sorts in an effort to monetize its location data. Earlier this week the company introduced a product called Pinpoint, an ad targeting tool using location data and location history.
Pinpoint is positioned as a cross-device audience targeting solution. It also comes with offline attribution. But unless there’s some “secret sauce” that escapes me — Foursquare would probably say it’s data quality or location accuracy — the company now joins a crowded field of data providers and advertising platforms that are doing essentially the same thing.
These competitors are using location and location history for audience targeting, retargeting and offline attribution. Those already doing a version of t…

How CoSchedule Can Help Boost Your Blog The Easy Way

If you own a blog, then you should know by now that creating content for your blog is only half the work. The other half is promoting it so people would know it exists and hopefully you gain some number of blog readers. This is where most bloggers would fall short. Although awesome content is, […]
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Identify and Eliminate Your R.O.T. Content – April 23 Webcast

In recent years, digital marketers have been prioritizing quantity over quality, and focusing on the value of search over the value content brings to customers. More content is not the answer, and many marketers are content marketing their brands and customers to death. The end result are websites full of R.O.T.
On Thursday, April 23, join Ethology’s Mike Corak and Anna Hrach for this Digital Marketing Depot webcast and learn how to identify existing R.O.T. and how to eliminate it. They’ll also discuss hot to develop R.O.T.–resistant content that works harder, and how to think more about what customers want from your content and less about filling your publishing calendar.
Registration is free at Digital Marketing Depot.
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Facebook Says It’s Winning The Battle Against Fake Likes

Anyone still buying Facebook likes?
Apparently, there’s still a market as a Google search shows but Facebook said today that its defenses against fraudulent likes are stronger than ever. The message to marketers tempted to boost likes with cash: Don’t waste your money.
Last October Facebook revealed some of its fraud and spam fighting tactics. In today’s update — a post by Facebook site integrity engineer H. Kerem Cevahir — the company said advances in pattern recognition technologies are helping it win the battle against exchanges that promote fake like activity from click farms, fake accounts and malware.
From the post:

This work has made it extremely difficult for the people selling fraudulent likes to actually deliver their promised likes to paying customers. In fact, over the the last six months, we’ve tripled the number of likes we’ve detected and blocked before they ever reached a Page. Because of this effort, a large number of the vendors that were attempting to sell inauthentic l…