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Essential Apps and Utilities for your Mac

Whether you are a new Mac user or seasoned veteran looking to do more, here’s a collection of essential Mac apps & utilities that you must download on your computer. These apps, most of them are free and created by third-party developers, will help you get more productive and do things that are otherwise not possible on your Mac.The story, Essential Apps and Utilities for your Mac, was originally published at Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal on 01/05/2015 under Apple Mac, Software.

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Facebook Reportedly Nearing Deal With Publishers On “Instant Articles”

Facebook is apparently willing to give up advertising revenue to bring news to readers faster.According to a report in the Wall Street Journal today, the social network is offering to allow publishers to keep all the revenue from certain ads in exchange for posting their content on Facebook.Facebook has been negotiating with major publishers to host their content for at least the last several months, with the expressed motive of improving the news reading experience for users, especially those frustrated by slow-loadings on mobile devices.Content hosted directly on Facebook would load faster, but the cost to publishers in lost ad revenue and data could be significant.So Facebook, according to the Journal citing people familiar with the matter, is offering to let publishers keep all of the proceeds from ads they sell against Facebook hosted content. Facebook would keep about 30% of ads it sells.The Facebook hosted news content, called “Instant Articles,” could launch as early as this m…

Report: YouTube Still Trumps Facebook Video For Brands Over The Long Haul

YouTube or Facebook? Judging from recent headlines, marketers could be excused for thinking that they need to make that call when launching video campaigns.But there’s really no need for an either either-or decision and new data this week from content advertising firm Visible Measures emphasizes that each of the platforms has strengths that fit nicely into brands’ strategies.Namely that Facebook performs better at launch, taking advantage of the social network’s reach and high engagement on the News Feed to drive early velocity. And that YouTube takes longer to gather steam but dominates the long-tail.Visible Measures came to those conclusions by studying 82 randomly selected video campaigns launched by brands in March, efforts that generated 437.5 million views in the company’s True Reach system. It found that YouTube led Facebook in views, 65%-35%, which is a giant leap for Facebook considering it had only a single digit share of brand video as recently as the end of 2014.Not all br…

Signs Of Social Life At Google+? Network Sends Out Its First Tweet

In all the chatter and headlines about the fate of Google+ — dead, not dead yet, feeling much better after pivoting — we haven’t heard much of anything from Google+ itself.Google has made few public statements about its nearly four-year-old social network since founding father Vic Gundotra left the company last spring, seemingly leaving Google+ to drift through several management changes and apparent signals that it would be broken up into its component parts — Photos, Hangouts and Streams.But today Google+ broke its silence … on Twitter:Hello Twitterverse! Can we get some love for our #firstTweet?— GooglePlus (@GooglePlus) May 1, 2015 Given recent history and natural skepticism, some wondered whether the tweet was a hoax, but a quick check of Google+’s Google+ page confirmed that Google employees were in fact at the helm of the account. Twitter shows the account was created around Google+’s birth, in July 2011. Just lurking, it turns out:@NicolasCatard We were there, watching, waiting…

Happy 10th Birthday YouTube: Google’s Video Platform Enters The Double-Digits

In May 2005, a beta version of YouTube launched as private video sharing site. Six months later, the video platform became available to the wider public – and within a year, Google had purchased it for $1.65 billion.Today, Google is celebrating YouTube’s 10th birthday, filling a number of the company’s blogs with the announcement and launching a month’s worth of top videos from “A to Z” starting with animals.During its ten years, YouTube has grown to include more than one billion users and more than a million channels.To mark its anniversary, YouTube listed the same stats it shared during this week’s Brandcast event in NYC: that the watch time on YouTube has increased 50 percent since last year, with 90 percent of it happening on mobile devices. YouTube also says that its daily number of visits are 40 percent higher than this time last year, and it now reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than any cable network in the US.Leading today’s YouTube list of ten most memorable ads with animals

Marketing Day: LinkedIn Earnings Report, Social Media Study & Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Tweaks

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:LinkedIn Reports $638 Million In Revenue For Q1 2015, Up 35% YoY
The professionally-focused social media network says 75% of its new members came from outside the US during Q1.Report: Facebook Pulls In 84% Of Social Shares For Publishers
Facebook has boosted its share of sharing activity by 11.9 percentage points in a year for sites on the ShareThis network.At The Mercy of Facebook’s Algorithm? Don’t Hate The Player, Change The Game
Worried the latest algorithm tweaks could mean a decline in reach? Columnist Jordan Kretchmer says it might be time to switch up your Facebook strategy.Finding Creativity In The Age Of Programmatic
Despite the naysayers, programmatic doesn’t have to crush creativity. Columnist Melody Gambino believes data and art can work hand-in-hand.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News…