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Marketing Day: Bitly Adds New Analytics, Video Marketing Tips & An Interview With Cole Haan’s CMO

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Bitly’s Audience Intel Gives Marketers More Data About Consumer Sharing
Link-shortening service introduces new analytics feature that gives enterprise customers a picture of how their content is being shared across the full Bitly network.That Crazy Internet Meme Delta Safety Video Is On Its Way To 2 Million Views
The airline gives a cheeky nod to popular online sensations in a safety video that’s also an ad.7 Tips For Launching A Video Marketing Strategy
Worried about your budget or what stories to tell? Columnist Michael Litt has some tips to get you on the right path to a successful video marketing plan.Store Visits And Offline Spending Data Will Drive Massive Mobile Ad Growth
Lack of clear ROI has held many advertisers back from investing more in mobile. That’s all about to change as increasing amounts of data about store visits and offline …

Bitly’s Audience Intel Gives Marketers More Data About Consumer Sharing

Bitly has launched a new feature to give marketers more information about how people share and consume content.Called Audience Intel, the tool offers enterprise level Bitly Brand Tool customers insight into how consumers interact with content shared using Bitly’s popular link-shortening service. Most notably, the feature isn’t limited to data about links that brands or publishers share themselves, but also provides information from the full Bitly network.That network is giant — Bitly says more than 800 million links are shortened every month and there are more than 10 billion clicks from 2 billion unique people on those links — and Audience Intel has been designed to help marketers take action based on the data.The tool parses the information into categories that will be familiar to users of social analytics platforms. Along with comparisons of total unique clicks on brand content versus content shared by the Bitly network, it gives info about which social networks are most used to sh…

That Crazy Internet Meme Delta Safety Video Is On Its Way To 2 Million Views

Even if you haven’t yet seen Delta’s new in-flight safety video, you’ve likely already seen parts of it. Working with Wieden + Kennedy New York, Delta collected every last internet meme and stuffed them all into its latest in-flight safety video.The video, which has climbed to 1.9 million views on YouTube (and 200,000 in the time it took to write this article), is stuffed with internet goodness. Everything from Overly Attached Girlfriend to Screaming Goat to Dramatic Chipmunk to Annoying Orange to Evolution of Dance to Harlem Shake to Coke Mentos to the Will It Blend Guy and a whole lot more is crammed into the 6 minute video. Even Delta’s original finger-wagging flight attendant, Deltalina, makes an appearance.At the end, the Will It Blend guy encourages people to click to visit remixed (blended) versions of the video. The video, entitled “The Internetest Safety Video on the Internet,” will begin airing on Delta planes May 25. Of course by then, everyone on the planet will have seen i…