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Micromax Canvas LapTab Review: Interesting, Imperfect and Super Affordable Surface Clone

It is best known for its phones (and the occasional tablet), but Micromax has been eyeing the notebook market for a while, and now has officially entered it with the Canvas LapTab. As the name indicates, the device is an attempt to blend the best parts of a notebook and a tablet in one super compact package, all with, in best Micromax tradition, a staggeringly low price.Speaking of which, we need to state the price of the device at the very outset, for it is, to in Raju PP’s rare forays into Hindi, its Suraksha Kawach (“protective armour”). No matter what the device’s critics say, what cannot be denied is that Micromax has managed to deliver a decent specced tablet and notebook combination at a price of Rs 14,999 (~$235). And before you say, “Well, Asus did the eeeBook for the same price,” we need to point out that that worthy (which incidentally, is a superb device in its own right), did NOT come with a detachable display that could morph into a tablet (well, the and well, there is t…

Top 10 Chinese Phones to Import: In Depth Info & Suggestions

Back in the time people used to throw away Chinese tech as garbage. But now, things have changed dramatically. On contrary to throwing away Chinese smartphones as cheap ones, many people are doing all possible and going through the hassle of importing smartphones from China. Are you contemplating to import a smartphones from China? If so you, are on the right path. Here is a list of Top 10 phones which you must contemplate importing. We’ve provided detailed information regarding the company profile and the smartphone itself so that you could take a smarter decision towards selecting the phone that suits your needs.We’ve broken this list into two parts – the Top 5, which are the latest and the greatest Chinese phones available in the market to import and the next 5 which are a little dated but still a great choice. So without further ado, let’s start.LeTV S1What TV? LeTV?Founded in November 2004, LeTV is one of China’s biggest and fastest growing Internet companies whose main business …