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Maximize Marketing Reach: A Glance At The Customer Is All You Get

The window of opportunity to get a browsing consumer’s attention is a very small one — and increasingly it is a window viewed on the even smaller window of a mobile device. A glance is all you get to win them in both time and space.While it’s great to have increasing freedom to be creative with your marketing campaigns, you have to remember that you are no longer targeting people sitting in front of the “traditional” PC. Today, you are as likely to be in front of a consumer on mobile, a smartphone, a tablet or even a game console — to name but a few of the potential places your creative is going to be seen.But it is where you have to be. Consumers typically unlock their smartphone some 100 times a day and spend on average 44 hours per month interacting with their devices. And this is impacting traffic.In fact on average, 52 percent of Web traffic to retail websites globally currently comes via smartphones and tablet devices. For the real leaders who are well on the way to realizing th…

Twitter Advertisers Can Now Target Categories Of Installed Apps

Twitter today introduced an advertising tool that enables targeting people based on the categories of apps they have installed on their phones.The company said the new targeting feature will allow app advertisers to reach people more likely to be interested in their companies’ apps. The feature also allows targeting of users in app categories related to those they have installed and combine with other Twitter ad targeting. Twitter product manager Deepak Rao explained in a blog post:With installed app category targeting, you can identify new audiences of high-quality users to target within your existing app category and in related app categories. You can also combine this feature with other targeting types — such as keyword, language or location targeting — to further customize the potential audience for your campaign.For example, an advertiser who wants to drive installs of a task management app can select the “Productivity” category to reach users who have recently installed similar …

Martech Rising: Watch Out Google, Here Comes Facebook

Google still ranks as the 800-pound gorilla on the advertising block, but if new usage data is any indication, it may be seeing stiffer competition from a familiar foe: Facebook.Facebook Custom Audiences, which marketers can use to retarget website visitors with more relevant advertising, nearly tripled in usage share in a year-over-year comparison among major enterprise websites, according to new data collected and compiled by tag management provider Tealium (my employer), made exclusively available for Marketing Land.Moving In On GoogleFacebook Custom Audiences is now deployed on 25 percent of enterprise sites (as of April 2015), compared with only 8.4 percent the previous year, according to our findings. The advertising solution now ranks at No. 8 on Tealium’s list of Top 25 most deployed technologies, just behind Facebook Conversions, another pixel that is used to measure advertising performance. Google’s comparable solutions, AdWords Conversion and AdWords Remarketing, rank No. 2…

Email Best Practice Pros: Next Glass Taps Into Predictive Possibilities

Beer, of course, gave us civilization, according to historians and anthropologists who have explored the misty originals of communities and cultures at the dawn of the human epoch. It was the one sure way of slaking thirst with potable water that wouldn’t give us dysentery (or worse), and by allowing people to socialize and communicate more freely, beer led to advances in commerce, culture and science.It also helped in the evolution of Buffalo wings and professional football, which may be all the civilizing influence some of us care about.An Opportunity On TapThe explosion of craft brewing in the U.S., with over 3,400 craft breweries having been identified in 2014 by the Brewers Association, a segment that grew 22% last year alone, has put beer on a par with wine in terms of variety, segmentation, and sheer complexity of choices. The wine industry, meanwhile, expects 11% year-on-year growth through 2018.So with an exploding range of beers and wines, with a burgeoning community of beer…

6 Proven Ways to Market your Udemy Course

This is the third article in the Udemy Series. In the previous articles, you learned how to make money launching an online course on Udemy, and how to create a course on Udemy. According to Udemy, Bees Ho, one of the top ten instructors on Udemy has earned around $218,935 in sales through her course […]6 Proven Ways to Market your Udemy Course is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Marketers, It’s Time To Stop And Standardize

Source: As marketers, we are expected to be creative — the brains behind the next big campaign to help differentiate our brand, products and services. And that is still very much part of the role today; but, given the urgency for CMOs to use people, processes and technology to provide clear ROI and an awesome customer experience, it’s time for a quick pause.As elementary and boring as it may seem, CMOs need to make standardization a priority across their organizations. By ensuring standards for data, systems, processes, metrics and technologies, this can create much-needed time and resources for the creative, big idea initiatives.While standardizing for efficiency and scale has been the norm for several years in manufacturing, operations, finance, sales and human resources, marketing hasn’t quite caught on. While we might often feel like we are on a treadmill cranked up at max speed and always onto the next upcoming launch or customer campaign, standardization is an e…

Gionee Elife E8 Featuring 6-inch QHD Display With 24MP Camera Launched

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Gionee today unveiled its much-anticipated flagship Elife E8 smartphone at a media event in Beijing, China. The Elife E8 is company’s latest attempt to make a dent in the increasingly competitive high-tier smartphone market while also attracting cell shutterbugs with its glorious camera sensor that can take images in up to 100-megapixel in resolution.As for the specification, the Elife E8 sports a 6-inch display with QHD (1,440 x 2,560) screen resolution. Inside the device sits a 64-bit capable MediaTek MT6795 octa-core chipset clocked at 2GHz paired with 3GB RAM and 64 gigs of internal storage which can be expanded to another 128GB via microSD card should you need more storage.But perhaps the most exciting attraction in the Elife E8 is its 24-megapixel rear-camera with real-time lossless zoom which is capable of recording 4K video. On the front side, there is an 8-megapixel shooter that should take decent selfies. Other features include a fingerprint s…

Gionee Unveils Marathon M5 with a Massive 6020 mAh Battery

Today, at a special event in Beijing, Gionee has unveiled its new Marathon M5 smartphone. And, just as we were telling you last month, the new device comes with an impressive battery capacity. The smartphone comes with a total battery capacity of 6020 mAh thanks to its dual battery cells technology consisting in two parts of a equal 3010 mAh capacity.Gionee claims that its new smartphone has the largest capacity in the world, and that is probably true, as the single competitor that comes to mind is the little known Innos D600. The Marathon M5 comes with an extreme mode where 5% of the battery life can ensure up to 62 hours on standby. Furthermore, Gionee has equipped the device with dual charging chips for fast charging, as well.The new battery is a welcome improvement over the Marathon M3, which had a capacity of 5,000 mAh. Gionee has really put a lot of thought in the power management of the device, and it says that it can be used even as a powerbank to charge two phones in the same…

Google Working On Fleet of Drone Ambulances To Save Your Life, Reveals a Newly Granted Patent

Commercial drones are quickly becoming a household possession. In the past two years, we have seen plenty of companieslaunchtiny drone toys and similar products while many other –including e-commerce mammoth Amazon — show interest in using drones in their business. A patent granted to Google last night reveals Mountain View-based company’s plan to tap on this new product line to make some good use of it.Last night the US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent to Google. The description of the patent titled “Providing emergency medical services using unmanned aerial vehicles” gives away company’s upcoming plan to use a fleet of ambulance drones that will help to reach humans stranded in remote locations during medical emergencies.“Embodiments described herein may help to provide medical support via a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). An illustrative medical-support system may include multiple UAVs, which are configured to provide medical support for a number of different …

How To Use SocialPilot Social Media Tool For Promotion?

Do you want to promote your content to all social network with a single click? Let’s check out one of the popular tools for content promotion. Posting your blog’s latest content on social networks is a great way to gain more readers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are excellent tools for blog promotion, especially when you have many […]How To Use SocialPilot Social Media Tool For Promotion? is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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LED Light Brand Teams With Abby Wambach For Light Bulb Shootout Video

In an effort timed to coincide with the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament, LED light brand Cree has teamed with U.S. Women’s Soccer Team member Abby Wambach for a video stunt to tout the brand’s LED lighting.In an empty and dark stadium, Abby points to six old lights made with fluorescent, metal halide and incandescent technology suspended above a soccer field. After turning to the camera and saying, “Check this out,” she then proceeds to make six shots, each of which takes out one of the old lights. The video ends with, “Time to end bad lighting. Cree. Light a better way.” The video, created by Raleigh-based Baldwin&, is being promoted on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages: If we were a betting brand, we’d put it all on @AbbyWambach & her team. Great win, USA! #LightABetterWay#WWC2015— Cree LED Bulb (@CreeBulb) June 9, 2015 In addition to placement on Cree’s Facebook and Twitter pages, the video is receiving additional support via paid Facebo…

Your Vine Search Results Will Now Include Vines

Vine has updated its iOS app to to set its search results in motion. Now people who search within Twitter’s six-second video network will be served … Vines.Previously, results were limited to Vine accounts and hashtags; users had to tap through to a tag or a person to get to Vine content. After the update, when people visit the Explore tab and tap in a search query, they will see a selection of most popular and recent Vines below the sections for accounts and hashtags.There’s a toggle to switch between top and recent posts, giving people options for exploring. It’s a relatively minor update but definitely a better search experience.Here’s how it looks:

Vine said the update will be rolling on its iOS app in the coming weeks and will “soon be on Android.”The post Your Vine Search Results Will Now Include Vines appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Marketing Day: Email Marketing Report, iPhone-Friendly Web Strategies & Apple’s Upcoming News App

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Report: Mobile Now Accounts For 22% Of All Email-Generated Revenue & 45% Of All Email Clicks
Yesmail’s quarterly email report finds email revenue continued to rise even after last year’s holiday push, up 12% in Q1 2015 over Q4 2014.Why Social Media Insights Are A Gold Mine For Inbound Marketers
Inbound marketing content must speak directly to what your audience cares about, explains columnist John Donnelly III.Avoid The Martech Wormhole: Tips For Integration So You Can Focus On The Customer
Minimizing the amount of time you spend accessing and compiling data from your marketing technologies will give you more time to think about what’s really important, says columnist Katrin Ribant.iPhone-Friendly Website Strategies Every Brand Should Be Considering
How do you optimize your website for iPhone users? Columnist Sonny Ganguly offers key strate…

Report: Mobile Now Accounts For 22% Of All Email-Generated Revenue & 45% Of All Email Clicks

Mobile email revenue is continuing to rise, up 12 percent in Q1 2015 over Q4 2014 according to Yesmail’s latest quarterly email marketing report.Analyzing billions of marketing emails sent during the first quarter of this year, Yesmail found that the proportion of mobile email clicks increased ten percent between Q4 2014 and Q1 2015, with mobile now representing 45 percent of all email clicks.Yesmail claims the quarterly growth between Q4 of last year and the first quarter of this year highlights a permanent shift in consumer behavior. With mobile email revenue maintaining its growth, even after 2014’s holiday push, the company predicts mobile revenue could reach as high as one-third of all revenue generated via email by the end of the year.“Marketers are starting to provide customers with a better mobile experience year-round, and the numbers reflect that,” said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, “The lack of post-holiday drop-off in mobile activity means marketers…