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20 Genesis Framework Plugins to Help in Customization

Genesis framework is well-known for its SEO-optimized code and strong security features. Due to the performance first approach, most Genesis child themes do not include any control panel. Additionally, the framework uses hooks and filters which are not particularly beginner-friendly. Earlier I have shared some of the best premium & free Child themes for Genesis, […]20 Genesis Framework Plugins to Help in Customization is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

from ShoutMeLoud

Marketing Day: Facebook Tweaks News Feed, Nielsen App Report & Email Tips

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Cute Kids Tell Bad Dad Jokes In Social Campaign For Appliance & Electronics Brand
The regional retailer employs corny humor and adorable children to connect with Father’s Day gift givers.Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Account For Time Spent On Stories
Company says new ranking factor won’t cause significant change in distribution for Pages.How The Myth Of Google Censorship Was Busted By The EU & Canada
For years, Google successfully imposed censorship demands on “country-specific” versions of Google. Those days may now be over. Censorship demands of one country might cause a global change for all.FTC Puts Social Media Marketers On Notice With Updated Disclosure Guidelines
The U.S. agency updates its FAQ page for endorsement requirements for the first time since 2010. The new guidance could precede a crackdown.Report: Time With Apps Growing…

Cute Kids Tell Bad Dad Jokes In Social Campaign For Appliance & Electronics Brand

Just in time for Father’s Day, appliance and electronics brand hhgregg, also known as Gregg Appliances, is out with #JokesFromDad, a social media campaign which encourages people to share their own Dad jokes. But only if they are bad.The regional brand, with help from BLASTmedia, rounded up a bunch of kids — because, after all, kids appeal to everyone — dressed them like dads and had them tell really lame jokes for a video: The video directs viewers to where, yes, you can shop for gifts for dad but also click on some kids — dressed like dads — to share tweets pre-populated with even more lame dad jokes. The tweet contains the first part of the joke and the image contains the punchline.What do you call a fake noodle? Get more jokes at:— Steve Hall (@stevehall) June 11, 2015 The company is promoting the effort on its Facebook and Twitter presences: #MyDadWouldAlwaysSay that he has the best jokes. We tend …

Trakt TV Automatically Tracks TV and Movies you’re Watching

If you are a movie buff like yours truly, then probably you have all sorts of apps and tools to help you organize your collection or just to keep track of what your favorite movies or TV shows are. But if you are still looking for even more useful products, you might want to have a look at Trakt TV, a new service which automatically tracks TV and Movies you’re watching.Track TV can track every TV show and movie you watch, and it does so automatically from your media center. Currently the service works with Kodi, Plex, MediaPortal, Infuse for iOS, Emby, iTunes and VLC. You can also access Trakt on the go from your phone and tablet, as it comes with partners apps for iOS, Android and Windows lets you leep a comprehensive history of everything you’ve watched and be part of a global community of TV and movie enthusiasts. The service comes with a bunch of special features, as follows:Automatically scrobble what you’re watchingPersonalized TV and movie calendarsPersonalized T…

Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Account For Time Spent On Stories

File this Facebook News Feed change into the obvious folder. Facebook announced today that it will start including time spent on stories as a ranking factor for what it shows people visiting the social network.The News Feed algorithm is famously complicated, but liking, commenting and sharing have always been major factors in determining the mix. Now the company is adding time spent, after its research showed that people don’t always like or comment on stories that they find meaningful.For instance, serious current events. Or a friend’s photo post about a recent trip. The new ranking signal will take into account how long people spend on those posts, and surface more like them compared to posts that receive less attention.Facebook software engineers Ansha Yu and Sami Tas explained more in a blog post:When talking to people about the way they use their News Feed, we’ve found that it’s not as simple as just measuring the number of seconds you spend on each story to understand if that pi…

How The Myth Of Google Censorship Was Busted By The EU & Canada

For over a decade, Google has successfully convinced various governments that it is censoring its search results when it actually wasn’t. Finally, the governments have figured this out. Now that the myth is exposed, both Google and governments finally have to deal with the hard decisions of censorship.This week, a court ruling in Canada and a privacy regulator in France are demanding that Google censor its search results worldwide, not just within versions of Google that the company runs for those countries.Both of these bodies have been unconvinced that Google’s censorship on only country-specific versions of Google is sufficient. That’s because both understand that it’s not difficult to get around such censorship. That’s a change from how past governments have viewed things, in particular China.Let’s explore some of that past history, as well as the technical situation. That’s important to the implementation of these rulings. Don’t worry. It’s not too The World…