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Here’s How You Can Legally Get Windows 10 for Free Even if You Don’t Have a Licensed Windows 7/8

Microsoft will be releasing different desktop editions of Windows 10 next month. The company has previously announced that the new operating system will be available for free to all legit Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (and 8 and 8.1 Update) users. But now it is sharing a quick trick that will make it possible for anyone — even pirates — to grab the update for free.The Redmond, Seattle-based software company has clarified numerous of times that pirates — and anyone who doesn’t possess a valid Windows license — won’t be getting the new operating system update for free. But Microsoft has until now not explained what will happen to users who have signed up for Windows Insider program — that is, will they get any leeway from the company.In a blog post, Microsoft Windows chief Gabe Aul is addressing many of these questions. First up, Aul notes that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to anyone who has signed up for the Insider program. In case you remember, the Insider program only requires you t…

Create Your Own Dropbox/Google Drive Based Music Streaming Service With CloudPlayer for Android

Music streaming services aren’t going anywhere. In fact, in 2 weeks, Apple is getting in to the game. But music streaming services might not be for everyone. They cost around $10 a month, don’t have the highest quality of music, one service never has all the music you need and all the music you’ve bought/collected over the past decade is now useless. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own music streaming service that would stream your own music collection no matter what device you were using?Well, there’s no truly decentralized, user-controlled music streaming service yet. But it’s kind of the idea behind doubleTwists’s new CloudPlayer app that’s “launching on Android first” (iOS version should be tagging along soon?).doubleTwist CloudPlayer lets you hack your own music streaming service that’s currently limited to Android and the storage space you have on Dropbox/Google Drive. You upload your entire music collection to either/both cloud storage services (which can take a cou…

This New Password Reset Scam Allows One to Hack Your Email With Minimal Details

Security firm Symantec is warning us about a new scam wherein vicious minds are tricking users into turning their webmail account access. The attack devised by the hackers requires only an email address and assorted phone number in order to pull this trick. This new scam affects all popular webmail services including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo among others.In what is a perfect demonstration of social engineering attack, the culprits are resetting the password of victim’s account and then tricking them into handing them the reset code. This is how they are initiating the attack — which you should carefully take note of.First up, a fraudster poses as a victim and requests a password reset. Of course, they don’t have access to your mobile phone — in which the email provider will send in the password reset link. But our fraudster does it anyway. And this isn’t being done for no reason.Our fraudster then sends a text message to the victim — posing as the email provider –informing that the c…

Up Close With Twitter’s New Product Pages & Collections For Shopping

Today, Twitter introduced two new ways it will surface product information to encourage purchasing through the platform. One is Product Pages, which are tweets that lead to shopping information about an item. The other are Product Collections, a collection of Product Pages. Here’s how they work.Twitter Product PagesProduct Pages allow Twitter accounts to share tweets that take people into a shopping experience. Here’s an example from The Ellen Show:You won’t find this in The Ellen Show’s timeline, though it does exist here. Twitter probably helped the account create and hide the tweet until today’s news was announced. But in the future, you can expect to see more of this. Product Pages will get tweeted, then people who select those get taken into a shopping experience:In this case, the Product Page opened to “About this item” by default, rather than tweets about it. I’ll get back to those options more below. Presumably, this is an option that accounts can choose, if they want.Selectin…

Marketing Day: Twitter’s New Product Pages, YouTube Newswire & Facebook Tests News Feed Changes

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Twitter Jump Starts Shopping Experience With Product Pages & Collections
Twitter test offers brands and influencers dedicated pages for products and a Pinterest-like way to gather them all in one place.Why Don’t My Leads Convert? – June 30 Webcast
Ideas from Sales and Marketing – TogetherGoogle Could Face Deterrent-Sized Fines In EU Antitrust Case
European Union regulator told Google it intends to levy significant fines in case related to Google Shopping.How To Use Video Content To Generate, Qualify And Score Leads
Video might require an investment, says columnist Michael Litt, but it can give you key insights into your audience, which will ultimately lead to more sales.YouTube Newswire Offers User-Generated Feed Spotlighting Eyewitness News Video
Newswire one of three new initiatives geared toward YouTube’s journalism efforts, along with F…

Twitter Jump Starts Shopping Experience With Product Pages & Collections

Accelerating its efforts to become a e-commerce marketplace, Twitter today introduced two new ways for brands to display their wares on the social network.The new features — product pages and Collections — will give businesses the opportunity to create another beachhead on the social network. The product pages are dedicated landing zones that include tweets about the product, user reviews, photos, videos, pricing and in some cases a buy button that allows people to make purchases without leaving Twitter.Collections enable brands or high-profile curators to compile a group of product pages to give people a place to browse, an experience very similar to boards on Pinterest.Twitter is calling the effort a test, but with 41 launch partners it’s more fully formed than the usual Twitter experiment. Among the launch partners are Target, the Disney Store, Nordstrom, Nike and influential users like Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Phan, Steve Aoki and William Shatner. Twitter said it plans to expand …