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The Four Stage Link Building Cycle + an Extended Q & A- July 21 Webcast

While the ever-changing landscape of internet marketing shifts and evolves, one thing remains constant – links. As good as your content might be, it does nothing for you if you don’t get eyes in front of it. How can you do that efficiently and effectively?In this Digital Marketing Depot webcast join Cody Cahill, Joe Oliver, Jon Ball, and Nicholas Chimonas from Page One Power as they discuss the four stage link building cycle and how you can make the most of your link acquisition and content marketing efforts.You will learn how to improve your content ranking by identifying and filling content gaps to attract a larger audience, getting content in front of the eyes of influencers and building natural links to your content.Registration is free at Digital Marketing Depot.

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Twitter Updates Audience Insights & Introduces Persona Targeting

Twitter today announced an update to its audience insights dashboard and introduced a streamlined way for advertisers to target demographic groups.Launched in late May, the audience insights dashboard provides a snapshot of Twitter user demographics, such as income, interests and purchasing behavior. Today’s update enables brands to apply those demographics specifically to their ad campaigns and tailored audiences. The demographic information is aggregated from Twitter data partners Datalogix and Acxiom, and displayed without personally identifying any individual users.Twitter product manager Andrew Bragdon explained more about campaign insights in a blog post:Campaign insights help you better understand who you’re reaching with your ad campaigns. Within your campaign dashboard, you can simply click “View audience insights” to learn more about your paid audience, and then use this information to optimize your targeting and ad content.You can also easily compare insights between your r…

Microsoft Acknowledges Windows As Service; Explains When Everyone Will Get Windows 10

Windows 10 — from what we have seen on the preview builds so far — has been shaping out to be a pretty solid improvement over the two years old, Windows 8.1. The latest iteration to the desktop operating system offers plenty of new features and performance improvements and brings stability. That said, it has been largely unclear how exactly Microsoft plans to seed it out to users. Until today, that is.Today, the company is chalking out how — and when — exactly people in different echelons will be able to snag a copy of Windows 10 for themselves. Terry Myerson, who heads Windows operating system, in a blog post mentioned a number of new things that anyone who wants to purchase Windows 10 would want to know.The company, as you may remember, began to allow Windows 7 and up users to reserve a copy of Windows 10 last month. It announces today that it has received “millions” of such reservations. Myerson says that starting on July 29, Windows Insider participants will start to receive the u…

Yahoo Aviate Adds New Smart Stream But Still Needs Breakout Features

The latest feature upgrade to Yahoo’s Android launcher and smart assistant Aviate is called “Smart Stream.” It’s a personally relevant and context-aware content feed throughout the day:Now Aviate assembles relevant information front and center so you can take action right away. The Smart Stream adjusts the content it surfaces throughout your day, based on where you are and what you’re doing, allowing us to guide you to the information you want. And, the Smart Stream becomes smarter and more personalized as you use it.I’m a fan of Aviate and its potential to drive engagement and search queries. I was an early user (prior to the Yahoo acquisition) and I used Aviate quite a bit but later stopped because I felt it wasn’t sufficiently differentiated from Google Now and I preferred aspects of Google Now.Indeed, Aviate is effectively Google Now’s fraternal twin. And that’s the problem: it’s not different enough. There may be areas where Aviate offers a superior experience in context — such a…

What Does It Mean To Be Mobile First? And Why Should Marketers Care?

There is a fairly new catchphrase going around the marketing sphere as it relates to a brand’s customer journey. The term is “mobile first,” and it is intended to mean that as a company thinks about its website or its other digital means of communications, it should be thinking critically about the mobile experience and how customers and employees will interact with it from their many devices.The term, similar to “big data,” is becoming so overused that it has started to lose its meaning. Some might wonder if mobile first means building a mobile app (god, I hope not), or if it means your website’s user interface (UI) should be responsive.Or does it mean that marketers really need to sit down and completely rethink their customer experience and re-map out their customer journey, especially as it relates to its largest-growing demographic of new consumers and employees, the millennials?If you guessed the third option, you would be right — at least in my book. Not that I can claim owners…

How “Listening” To User-Generated Content Leads To E-Commerce Sales

Content is king. That is as true for e-commerce as it is for search or even social. In order to not only capture but also retain the attention of today’s consumers, brands must build meaningful experiences that provide a unique value to their audiences. This is most effectively achieved with great content.Over the past years, I have seen brands everywhere staring to master the art of content creation and distribution. They are creating impactful stories that truly make their brands matter and become part of the consumer’s life. And while I am excited to see this trend further evolve, I also see a sizable gap in the quality of e-commerce content.To be successful, content creators must understand that the traditional path to purchase has evolved dramatically; it is no longer a predefined journey, and brands can no longer just wait for the consumer to reach the next stage or touch point.Today, each consumer builds his or her own path, and the explosion of digital platforms and technology…

Olympus Air A01 Turns your Android or iPhone into a Mirrorless Camera

A few days ago, we were talking about a super cool iPhone camera attachment which is allegedly capable of bringing DSLR-quality photos. Now it’s optics company Olympus who proves that camera attachments for smartphones are becoming popular these days, as it is introducing the new Air A01 add-on.Olympus’ new Air A01 add-on camera is a smartphone-controlled camera somewhat similar to the Sony QX1, which was launched back in the fall of 2013. The Olympus Air A01 comes with a Micro Four Thirds lens mount with a matching 16-megapixel sensor, and also gets a tripod mount on the bottom for taking pictures remotely. The camera attachment comes in black and white colors and is available for a price of $300.  The interchangeable lens camera allows Android and iPhone users to make use of such features like optical zoom, high image quality, big bright apertures, strong low light performance and shallow depth of field. The Air A01 gets 10 frames per second burst shooting, a 1/16000th of a second s…

The Secret To Driving Revenues: Make It Easy For Them To Buy

Consumers are time poor and use a vast variety of devices, and today, marketers have mere seconds to grab their attention. It is a world of glimpses and instant gratification, and getting customers to engage is harder than it has ever been.But why are we trying to get them to engage? To get them to like you and read what you have to say — and browse through your products/services and fall in love.But behind this, ultimately, it is all about driving revenues. This is often looked at as a selfish endeavor, but in reality, making it easy to buy is a service marketers must deliver to customers. Time is more precious than ever, and consumers want their brands to make it easy for them to discover and buy what they want, when they want it.But it’s a tall order. A recent study featured in Time magazine found that on average you get 15 seconds of consumers’ attention on a page before they move on, often off the site and off into cyberspace — drifting.If you can engage them, then you can extend…

BlueStacks App Player can now Run Android Apps on Macs

BlueStacks has always offered some of the easiest ways to run Android apps on your PC, and now Mac users too are getting access to the software. BlueStacks has now officially released its Mac version of its Android App Player, after an alpha version was shortly available in 2012. The service was previously available for Windows users only.According to the company, the software has been downloaded already around 90 million times, and this number will obviously increase now that Mac owners can make use of the App Player, as well. BlueStacks Principal Software Architect David Reese said the following:Mac OS is a top notch platform and we worked hard to take advantage of everything it has to offer. From pinch to zoom on the trackpad to its retina display we optimized for everything.BlueStacks can run x86-based and ARM-based apps, comes with support for Android TV apps, and also lets users share files and content from desktop to mobile. The software also supports the trackpad and Retina di…

ShoutMeLoud June 2015 Income & Traffic Report – 1 Million INR

Howdy Shouter, With 30th June, we finished half year, and we are left with only six months before we can make 2015 a remarkable year of your life. For ShoutMeLoud & me, these 6 months have been quite productive, and here are few highlights: Launched ShoutMeLoud iOS app Launched ShoutMeLoud 2.0 – Revamped design & brand […]ShoutMeLoud June 2015 Income & Traffic Report – 1 Million INR is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Twitter Brings Ad Campaign Management To iOS & Android Apps

Twitter has added a handy new feature to its mobile apps: the ability to monitor and adjust ad campaigns while you are on the go.As reported first The Next Web today, many users are seeing a new graph icon on their profiles on the iOS and Android apps. Here’s how it looks on Android:Tapping on the new icon takes you to an Twitter Ads interface that shows a snapshot of how the account’s ad campaigns are performing, with an overall look at impressions, engagements, total spending, cost per engagement and engagement rate.Campaigns can also be edited from the dashboard; you can adjust budgets and bids and change the timing of campaigns. However, new campaigns can only be launched via the web interface at Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the company is testing the feature.

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Marketing Day: Facebook’s Suggested Videos, Mobile Wallets & Twtrland Rebrands As Klear

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Move Over YouTube: Facebook To Give Video Creators Share Of Ad Revenue From New “Suggested Videos”
Video publishers will get 55% share of revenue for ads that appear near their content in a new algorithmically created Suggested Video feed.Mobile App Push Notifications Drive 90-Day Retention Rates By As Much As 180%
Kahuna mobile marketing report shows app retention rates at 30, 60 and 90 days more than doubled with the help of push notifications.Android Wins 65% Of US Market Share With Help From Galaxy S6 Sales
According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech’s data, Android sales were up 2.8 percent for the three months ending in May.3 Unique Areas To Explore When Hiring A PPC Agency
Choosing the right PPC agency can be a daunting task. Columnist Matt Umbro has some tips on what you should discuss during the sales process.Three Ways To Win With Mobile W…

Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Sense Shares Your Network Password With People Listed in Your Facebook and Outlook

Earlier this week Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 for PC dubbed 10158 which for the first time includes Wi-Fi Sense on the desktop operating system. The new feature, which has been part of Windows Phone since v8.1 update, improves the Wi-Fi experience significantly and hence is ought to please many users. But, unfortunately, it comes with a caveat that might not sit well with many.For those unaware, Wi-Fi Sense is a feature that automatically connects one to local, and open crowdsourced Wi-Fi networks. It does so by sharing your Wi-Fi credentials with your friends listed in your phone and social contacts — which as you may have guessed — is the Achilles heel.The feature, which is turned on by default, automatically accepts Wi-Fi network’s ToS and gives away your name, email address and contact number on your behalf. It further goes on to share the password of your Wi-Fi network with your friends listed in contacts in your phone,, Skype, and Facebook.Do note th…

Move Over YouTube: Facebook Will Offer Video Creators A Share Of Ad Revenue

Facebook is turning up the heat on YouTube.Starting this fall, Facebook will offer selected video creators — including the NBA, Fox Sports and Funny or Die — a cut of advertising revenue that appears with their content on the social network. That type of revenue-sharing arrangement has long been the province of YouTube, a platform that has cultivated a large network for creators who can make a living from publishing video on YouTube.Facebook, on the other hand, has built video momentum by promising people the ability to get their videos in front of large audiences; the company says it receives more than 4 billion daily video views. Now Facebook is offering that huge reach with a cash bonus: a revenue split of 55% to the video creator and 45% to Facebook, which is the same as the terms on YouTube.“Partners say they’d publish a lot more if they could get benefit of distribution but also make money,” Facebook vice president of partnerships Dan Rose told Forbes.For Facebook, more professi…

Master Password Claims that your Passwords can Never be Lost with its Password Generation Algorithm

There are many password manager out there that you can try out, and today we’ve decided to talk about a new one, generically called Master Password App. Described as a ‘stateless password management solution app,’ Master Passwordreplaces all your passwords with new strong ones which are automatically generated, with no need for sync, cloud or backups.Master Password is available for: iPhone, iPad and Mac users; for Windows desktop users, for Android and as a web app (still in beta). Master Password is said to be based on an ingenious password generation algorithm that guarantees your passwords can never be lost. This new service doesn’t save your passwords in an encrypted vault or in the cloud, being generated on-demand from your name, the site and your master password. Thus, there’s allegedly no risk on your passwords being intercepted or divulged to others.Being based on a ‘stateless algorithm,’ the software comes with a variety of built-in password types, ranging from basic to more…