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Best Software and Apps for Watching Over Your Plants

Gardening teaches us how to deal with one of the most pressing questions of all times – How much is enough? All gardeners out there try to find out how much water, sunlight, humidity and care are enough for each type of plant. And while each one of them is different, those who watch over a bunch of plants know that they all have a little something in common.Taking care of a garden or even just a few plants in your house doesn’t just turn into a nice hobby to fill your free time with. It’s much more than that – it changes the way you are and behave in a society, because it has a huge impact on your way of thinking. It’s also great for kids to learn how to take care of plants, because they’ll grow up to be more responsible, caring and organized.But enough talking; let’s get to action and find out what some of the best ways to take care of your plants are. This article will present you with the apps and tools that we appreciate the most and find extremely useful for gardening purposes. H…

Xiaomi hints at Redmi 2 price drop on July 7

In just five years, Xiaomi has worked its way up to find a spot among the tentpole smartphone manufacturers. The Chinese technology conglomerate has managed to pull it off by strictly sticking to two strategies. First up, sell good, durable product with best-in-line specs possible at a ridiculously cheap price point. Second, slash their price even further after a few months.This is the season when Xiaomi’s latter strategy is in its full swing. The company which recently slashed the retail price of its flagship Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone, is all set to slash the price of its mid-range sleeper hit Redmi 2.In a tweet, the company teases its plan to reduce the price of the Redmi 2 by Rs 1,000. The price cut will adjust the retail price of the phone to Rs 5,999, which makes the dirt-cheap rocker even more enticing.7th July 10am on . Put it down on your to-do list now. RT and remind your friends too!— Redmi India (@RedmiIndia) July 5, 201…