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Is Deep Linking The New Digital Marketing Battleground?

In a mobile-first era with sinking conversion rates (due to cross-device tracking challenges) and high levels of distraction, most of our time as marketers is spent on understanding and optimizing a disconnected ecosystem and a distracted consumer. By “ecosystem,” I mean the connective tissue that creates seamless experiences for users across devices that is trackable and optimized to intent — the moment that will generate the highest propensity to convert.Unfortunately, most marketers have not been able to take advantage of that opportunity. By the time they can connect the dots, the user has already moved on. He or she either purchased the product elsewhere or lost interest. Blame the fickle attention span of today’s on-demand mobile consumer.This got me thinking about deep linking opportunities, especially in the context of Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 release.Deep linking, in simplest terms, is the ability to link to a specific page inside an app. It’s very much like a Web URL. Each app…

The Difference Between Content And Content Marketing

Increasingly, brands are making room for executive content roles within their organizational structure. I’ve been studying content roles in the enterprise for some time now, and realize there’s an issue that’s not yet been addressed.What’s the difference between content and content marketing?There’s a much-vaunted, but rarely-seen-in-the-wild title of chief content officer. That role has executive purview and cross-functional authority.A chief content officer has reach into R&D, product, HR, customer care, internal communications — all areas that don’t ladder up to marketing. And of course, the larger the organization, the greater the remove (or the silos) can be between departments and divisions.A content marketing executive, in contrast, focuses on content exclusively within the confines of the marketing organization. While the content marketing chief (or vice president, director, etc.) can and almost certainly should work with divisions external to marketing to develop ideas, c…

WhatsApp Working to Make Voice Calls Cheaper, Low Data Usage Feature Spotted on iOS App

Popular messaging client WhatsApp, which introduced the voice calling feature on its mobile apps earlier this year, is now figuring out how to reduce the data usage while making those VoiP calls.Making progress on that front, the company has introduce a new feature dubbed “Low Data Usage” on WhatsApp’s iOS client. The description of the feature confirms that enabling this option will lower the amount of bandwidth voice calls consume.“Enabling this option further lowers the amount of cellular or WiFi data used during a VoIP call,” the description reads. The feature, as of now, is only available on WhatsApp for iOS app and is yet to show up on other clients.WhatsApp introduced voice calling in April earlier this year. Since its first appearance on the Android client in February, it has been rolled out to all other mobile clients as well, including on WhatsApp for Windows Phone just a week ago.Voice calling over the internet is one of the areas that has many companies interested. Faceboo…

How To Maintain Email Customer Engagement In An Increasingly Mobile Marketplace

We’ve heard it before: “Mobilegeddon” is upon us. Just a couple of months ago, Google updated its algorithm to reward mobile-friendly websites. Shifts like this should come as no surprise to marketers, however. Consumer preferences have been shifting from desktop to mobile devices for a while, but before now, many speculated it was a short-term trend rather than a long-term phenomenon.Mobile is now an abiding preference, not only for research and online shopping, but email as well. In fact, mobile email clicks and revenue are at an all-time high.So as consumers begin to embrace mobile as a preferred shopping venue, how can your brand use email to move beyond clicks and create meaningful interactions with target audiences?Consumer Behavior Is Shifting Toward MobileHistorically, consumer mobile email activity peaks during the holiday shopping season, then tapers off when consumers no longer feel the need to make urgent, on-the-go purchases. When time wasn’t an issue, many consumers woul…

How Social Conversation Can Help You Discover Your Brand’s Next Great Campaign

Read any article about how the marketing landscape is changing, and you’re bound to find a common theme: The customer is at the heart of it. Mass advertising and campaign marketing are out. Today, the best marketers are the ones who authentically engage with customers and help them achieve their goals.Of course, putting the customer at the center of the marketing operation means that brands must possess a deep understanding of who that customer is and what makes him or her tick. The challenge that many brands face is how to obtain that information.Many turn to focus groups. Others use surveys. Some look at the keywords that consumers use to describe themselves in social profiles.These can all be useful tactics for gaining a sense of who your customers are and what they care about, but there’s also a danger in these techniques. Surveys, focus groups and social bios all depend on information that the customer is self-reporting.Much has been written by social scientists about the perils …

65% Indians Use Sub-Rs 10,000 Smartphones; Internet Penetration Largely Limited to 6 States: Study

India has become one of the world’s largest smartphone markets. Each quarter we see millions of new smartphones shipped across the country. But what kind of smartphones are those? And what kind of people use them? A new study is shedding light on the matter.According to the latest data released by UC Web — a popular Chinese internet company best known for its mobile browser — about 65 percent of Indian users sport a phone that carries sub Rs 10,000 price tag. 38.2 percent of all such phones have a screen resolution of 800 x 480.The study also talks about the adoption of smartphones and internet usage in the country. And the numbers aren’t pleasing. The study says that more than 80 percent users accessing the internet in India reside in 6 states. These states include Delhi, Maharashtra, and West Bengal.It’s a displeasing figure because it proves that the internet penetration in the country has only taken off in limited regions. The company — whose browser has over 45 percent share amon…

Truecaller’s Truemessenger Helps You Get Rid of Spam SMS, But Has a Privacy Problem

Truecaller is the world’s largest mobile phone ‘community’ for mobiles, with around 150 million members worldwide. The company is known for its caller-ID app which essentially allows you to see who is calling even if you don’t have their number in your phonebook and also to block unwanted calls from spam callers.Now the Swedish company is make use of its huge base of users to launch Truemessenger, a new SMS replacement app for Android users which lets you verify the identify of those who send text messages. At the moment, the app is available exclusively for Indian users and we don’t know at the moment when it will roll out to international users, as well.So, if you ever received annoying SMSes from a stranger or just spam SMS from various sellers or companies who are aggressively promoting their services or products, then you will find great use in this app. Once installed on your Android phone, the app will tell owners who is the sender of a certain suspicious SMS, even if you don’t…

Has Tinder Changed the Landscape of Online Dating?

You might be wondering what an article about Tinder is doing here at ShoutMeLoud? And I have a pretty good reason for it. In last few months I met numerous blogger friends & freelancers who told me about tinder, and how they are finding their date using this app. Initially I thought it’s just another […]Has Tinder Changed the Landscape of Online Dating? is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

from ShoutMeLoud

Sony Will Never Sell or Exit From Smartphone Business, Says CEO Hiroki Totoki

There has been a lot of talk around Sony’s mobile business. The Japanese technology conglomerate hasn’t been able to make much money from selling its smartphones, which is why it didn’t surprise us earlier this year Sony Mobile CEO Hiroki Totoki noted that the team had been contemplating on whether they should shut down the mobile division. He had later denied any such possibility, however.The good news is that the company is seemingly committed to its phone business. In a fresh interview with Arabian Business, Totoki once again reiterated that Sony isn’t exiting the smartphone business. “Smartphones are completely connected to other devices, also connected to people’s lives — deeply. And the opportunity for diversification is huge. We’re heading to the IoT (Internet of Things) era and have to produce a number of new categories of products in this world, otherwise we could lose out on a very important business domain. In that sense we will never ever sell or exit from the current mobi…

Appeals Court Finds Potential For Confusion In Amazon’s Product Search Results

Amazon headquarters, Seattle, Washington A trademark lawsuit brought against is headed back to the courts after the plaintiff won an appeal today in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.As Geekwire reports, the suit concerns the way that Amazon shows search results for products that it doesn’t carry. Today’s 2-1 appellate court decision (PDF) ruled that “a jury could find that Amazon had created a likelihood of confusion,” and sends the case back for trial.The trademark infringement suit is being brought by Multi Time Machine (MTM), a maker of military-style watches that doesn’t sell any products through It accuses Amazon of violating its trademark and creating “initial interest confusion” by showing competitors’ military-style watches on MTM-related searches, including the trademarked phrase “MTM Special Ops.”The appellate court reversed a previous ruling in Amazon’s favor, and took specific exception with the way the search results above are presented:If [a consume…

Marketing Day: Twitter Mobile Ads, Email Testing & U.S. Smartphone Market Share Report

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Twitter Officially Launches Ads Companion For Mobile Campaign Management
New tool, unveiled as a test last week, gives advertisers the ability to monitor and adjust campaigns from Twitter iOS and Android apps.How To Ignite Innovation in Large Agencies
Change is difficult, but columnist Andrew Ruegger has five ways to help your large agency evolve and cultivate a culture of innovation among your team.Getting Started With Email Testing
Sometimes a simple testing plan is the smartest way to grow and retain your email subscribers. Columnist Eric Dezendorf offers tips on subject line testing, date/time testing, and more.Google’s Waze Trials Carpooling Service In Tel Aviv, Israel
According to the Jerusalem Post and Reuters, Google’s Waze is testing a carpool service in Israel.The Power Of Wi-Fi: Using Mobile To Drive Customer Acquisition And Loyalty