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Chromecast is Now Two Years Old; How About an Upgrade, Google?

I’m no Chromecast expert. But I have written an eBook about it. Ok, that does make me a bit of a (self-titled) Chromecast expert. Plus, I use it every day. It’s my only streaming stick, streaming puck, whatever you call it. And yes, I’m glad to have bought it. I was amazed by this $35 streaming stick that plugged into the back of my TV and let me streaming anything on the web or in my local collection, right from my phone!But two years in technology land is a long time. Chromecast needs an upgrade. Badly. You see, I have this perfect wireless media center fantasy (as one does) that I’m now realizing might never come true. I want to sit on my couch, use my phone to play something on my TV. And it works. I don’t need to fiddle with settings or restart or curse. This, of course, is a fantasy.Chromecast is Underpowered and SlowAnd Chromecast is far from the perfect fantasy. Casting YouTube from my Android phone is unreliable and buggy (don’t even get me started on the troubles of casting …

Why the Higher Price on OnePlus 2 is Justified?

Guest Post by Aditya Shenoy.The OnePlus One has been the hottest phone in 2014. Dubbed as the Flagship killer and priced at $349 for the 64GB model, the phone did extremely well. Now with the OnePlus 2 right around the corner, people have a lot of expectations from the new phone. There have been constant leaks about the OnePlus 2 building the #HYPE around the smartphone; first from the media, and then from the company themselves.While the juicy pieces of information are extremely promising, there’s also one thing to consider — the OnePlus 2 won’t carry the sweet $349 (~ Rs. 22,000) price tag of its predecessor. OnePlus CEO Peter Lau has suggested that the OnePlus 2 will cost under $450, hinting that it will be more expensive than the One. We have seen in the recent past where the Xiaomi Mi4 priced at Rs. 20,000+ in India didn’t fly off the shelves like its Rs.13,000 predecessor, the Mi3. It has come to a point where new smartphone makers have got the attention of the people with preda…