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Angry Birds 2 is Too Much Angry Birds

I have fond memories of playing Angry Birds, on my iPod Touch, way back in 2010. It was probably the best $0.99 I ever spent. This was when Angry Birds was just starting to seep into the pop culture. Since then, there have been 13 different versions of Angry Birds games. All expansion packs or spin-offs. I haven’t completed any one of them. I barely tried the Star Wars version. To me, the original Angry Birds is still the best Angry Birds. Now, though, after 5 years (wow), we finally have a sequel. And I’ve been playing it since yesterday.Angry Birds 2 is the first free major game in the series and it’s out for iOS and Android And just like any other free game in 2015, it’s laden with in-app purchases and ads. To me, though, the striking difference is just how heavy the game is. Angry Birds was a casual game with really simple and cartoonish graphics. Even on my old iPod Touch 3rd gen, I could start playing in a couple of seconds. Not here, though. On my OnePlus One it takes more than…

Deepen Your Social Marketing Skill Set – Attend Marketing Land’s SocialPro Conference

Take your social media marketing skills to unprecedented levels by attending SocialPro! Formerly known as SMX Social Media Marketing, SocialPro is the conference to learn groundbreaking tactics taught by leading brands and agencies from across the globe.SocialPro is programmed by the editorial folks at Marketing Land, your leading source for digital marketing news. With this expertise at the helm, you can expect a robust agenda covering actionable and cutting-edge tactics that will leave your competition in the dust.Gain valuable insights into how the savviest brands and agencies transformed challenges to exceptional customer experiences. Your experience at SocialPro will be time well invested– see what past attendees have said.Save $300 With Super Early Bird
Registration is now open! Sign up for SocialPro today and pay just $1395 for an All Access Pass — a $300 savings from on-site rates. Two days of innovative sessions, keynotes, boot camp and influential connections await you!Colle…

Report Pegs “Click-To-Call Commerce” At More Than $1 Trillion Annually

A new report from Marchex, based on an analysis of millions of calls and using ad-spending data from Google and call growth projections from BIA/Kelsey, argues that mobile “click-to-call commerce” is worth more than $1 trillion today.Previously Marchex estimated that advertisers spend roughly $4 billion annually on paid-search-based click-to-call advertising. The chart below reflects the total value of transactions (as opposed to ad spending) impacted by mobile click-to-call.Consider that e-commerce is marching toward $500 million (or more depending on the source of the estimate). Consumers spend more than $11 trillion offline (the entire US GDP is $18 trillion). An increasing volume of that offline spending is being influenced by the internet and mobile in particular.Calls often stand between online research (increasingly mobile lookups) and offline transactions. This is where click-to-call comes in and where Marchex’s report seeks to illuminate the huge impact of smartphone-driven c…

BloomSky is a Compact, Easy-to-install Weather Station Anybody can Buy

A while back, we shared with you some of the best weather gadgets you could get and now it’s time to update that list with another new interesting device. Bloomsky is a solar powered weather station kit that basically anybody can buy to keep an eye on their sky.Thanks to its smart design, BloomSky can instantly detects precipitation and sudden weather events; and once it does so, it sends you an alert through a push notification with a live picture. The gadget can be used with your iPhone or Android device through its respective apps on iTunes and the Google Play Store.This smart weather station also comes with a Sky Camera which helps it update pictures of the sky every five minutes. Packed with a bunch of sensors, BloomSky can measure the following – temperature, humidity, pressure, UV and precipitations. So whenever BloomSky senses a sudden change, it will send you a picture of the sky.

Another nice feature is the daily time-lapses which you will get at the end of the day when the s…

Drivemode Android App Makes it Safer and Easier to use your Phone while Driving

Our smartphones are some very useful devices but they can become dangerous distractions when performing such actions as driving. Even if you mount your handset on a special car stand, you might still be tempted to check that message you’ve just received or to send a quick email that you’ve forgot to send this morning.Many of us use our phones for navigation, but everything gets messed up when we receive a call. That’s why I’m sure you’ll welcome the introduction of new app Drivemode on the Google Play Store. The aim of the new app is to let you continue using your phone while not endangering your safety during your car trips.Drivemode lets you easily answer and make calls without blocking your navigation, and you can also control your music with a simple swipe and tap. At the moment the app works with Spotify and Google Play at its best, but you can use Pandora, as well, while other similar services are said to be making their way into a future version.When someone calls you and you c…

Mozilla Cries Foul Over Default Edge Browser in Windows 10

Microsoft seems to have hit the bulls eye with Windows 10 with 14 million installs already done and the frenzied updating session still going on. The fact that they officially released the ISO for downloads speaks volumes about how aggressively Microsoft wants to grab a big chunk of Operating System market. Replacing the almost redundant Internet Explorer with a brand new Edge Browser was one of the strategic move by Microsoft to ensure the prosperity of the Windows ecosystem. Obviously, the Redmond giant has made Edge browser the default browser in Windows 10 and this seems to have not gone well with Mozilla.Mozilla CEO Chris Beard was so infuriated that he wrote an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressing his displeasure over the move. Chris said in the letter “I am writing to you about a very disturbing aspect of Windows 10. Specifically, that the update experience appears to have designed to throw away the choice your customers have made about the Internet experience …

How Do You Rank on Google?

Analyzing 300,000 websites and 10,000 keywords for its annual Google ranking factors study, Searchmetrics found that technical factors, such as keyword domains, are the most important.

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Gone In 15 Seconds: The Top 3 Reasons People Leave Your Website

If you run the typical website, more than half of the people who visit leave in fewer than 15 seconds.If that’s not a red flag to you, it should be. As digital marketers push the boundaries of delivering a truly excellent customer experience, brand websites are re-emerging as one of their most important marketing channels. After all, it’s the number one place consumers go to learn more about your brand and product offerings — and the longer you can get them to stick around, the more loyal they (and their wallets) become.But inviting people to your website is like inviting them to a party: If it’s boring, they’re going to leave. Most of us wouldn’t invite our friends over and give them nothing to eat, nothing to drink, nothing to do and no one to talk to. And the same should apply to your website. If you want your guests to want to stay, you have to roll out the red carpet.Here are three of the most common party fails and their surprisingly easy fixes:Monotonous ContentThere’s no one m…

Are Your Observed KPIs Based On Causation Or Correlation?

You’re a marketer … at least I’m assuming you are because you’re reading this. You take your data seriously. You pull daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports. You analyze, forecast, and ultimately predict what will happen next based on what’s happened in the past and where you’re at today.Analysts pull and analyze reports to understand why things happen. If our metrics were constants, then there would be no reason to pull so many reports because we’d be able to predict the outcomes. It’s the variation that keeps us on our toes when trying to understand what caused what and what we can do to capitalize on it.Consider the table below detailing clicks coming from an ad placement:My conversion rate is 2%. So it’s safe to conclude that people who click on the ad convert 2% of the time, right?What if we ask the question differently: Did 2% of the visits yield conversions because they came from the ad? No. Why do we know that?Because this report correlates clicks from the ad wit…

The New Media Meritocracy

Google created a meritocracy that calls for a holistic strategy encompassing everything from your logo to your keywords, giving you an edge across all media: paid, earned and owned.

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How To Start Using ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace & Make Money

Have you been looking for a good affiliate marketplace? Today, I will be introducing to ShareASale, which is one popular affiliate marketplace that can help you earn extra income online.In this tutorial, you will be learning everything about ShareASale & in the next 15 minutes you will be all set to start earning from this popular Affiliate marketplace.What is ShareASale & how it works?ShareASale was started in 2000 & it’s a popular service for marketers to launch an affiliate program for their product or services. At the time, bloggers & Affiliate marketers can find new Affiliate program & join them. This tutorial is more inclined towards blogger to understand how it works & how to use ShareASale. Marketers who plan to launch an affiliate program, can join them & use their Welcome Kit & training webinars to educate themselves.Before I share the guide, you should know about these 4 terms:Merchants: Merchants are business owners who set up their affiliat…

Marketing Day: LinkedIn Earnings, Google Home Services Ads & Content Metrics That Matter

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:LinkedIn Reports $712 Million Q2 Revenue, Up 33% YoY
Career-focused social network beats Wall Street expectations with a strong quarter. It now has 380 million registered users.Google Enters Home Services Market With New Ads Test
Ads for locksmiths and plumbers are now appearing on some queries in the San Francisco Bay Area.Falcon Social Is Latest To Offer Facebook Topic Data Access
Social media management platform partners with DataSift to give clients access to the pool of topic-based consumer data from the social network.Yandex Q2 2015 Revenue Reaches $250M, Up 14% YoY
Russian’s largest search engine says text-based advertising accounts for 91% of its total revenue.The Missing Link Between Shopper Marketing And E-Commerce
Combining the insights of e-commerce and traditional shopper marketing can bolster your brand’s market share, explains co…

LinkedIn Reports $712 Million Q2 Revenue, Up 33% YoY

LinkedIn reported its second quarter earnings today, posting revenue of $712 million, an increase of 33 percent over last year at this time.The total beat Wall Street expectations; analysts had estimated revenue would come in at about $680 million. Earnings per share were 55 cents, also exceeding the expected 33 cents.Sixty-two percent of the revenue — $443 million — came from “Talent Solutions” products that help recruiters find candidates; marketing solutions revenue was $140 million and premium subscriptions pulled in $128 million.“LinkedIn continued to deliver increased member and customer value in the second quarter while delivering solid financial results,” LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said in the company’s earnings release. “We continued to invest in our long-term strategic roadmap and began integrating the acquisition of that closed during the quarter.”The career-focused social media network continued its membership growth, adding 16 million people since last quarter to …

Google Enters Home Services Market With New Ads Test

Google is testing out a new program that connects people looking for home service professionals with pre-qualified providers in their local area. The company confirmed with Marketing Land that it is running a very small test in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on plumbers and locksmiths to start.Google’s entry into this increasingly heated market — Angie’s List, Yelp, Thumbtack and Amazon’s own nascent Home Services program are all in the mix — could have a significant impact on current players and local service providers. According to Reuters the home improvement and repair market represents a $250 billion opportunity in the US.From the new Google ad units, searchers will be able to find out more about local service professionals in their area and contact providers directly or submit requests for a follow-up right from the search results. To be eligible to participate in the program, service providers must go through a background check.For a walk-through of the user experience wi…