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Best Software and Apps for Home Decoration

A few centuries ago, we used to focus on buying a house that has enough space and is structured in a way that allows us to live together with our families in a comfortable place. Nowadays, the focus has moved from basic needs to much more complex ones – we need our homes to look perfect, we try to improve them every day, we care about the art behind our furniture and want to send a message through the accessories we use.No matter if you choose to ask a specialist for some help or you prefer to use your own creativity and skills, decorating your house will always be lots of fun. However, everyone needs a little bit of inspiration to make sure that the result will be perfect. We recommend using a few apps that suit your needs, and the following list is here to offer some idea of tools to choose from.MyDeco 3D Room PlannerNo matter if you want to use existing plans or load your own, this program will let you add doors, walls, windows and many others from the gallery. Choosing the models …

Microsoft Mobile Share Reaches Lowest Level Since comScore Tracking Began

While Android continues its march as the dominant global operating system, its market share in the US is essentially flat and roughly at the same place it was in 2012. This is according to comScore’s most recent smartphone marketshare report.In June, 2015 Android had a 51.6 percent share of the US smartphone market. Though the number has fluctuated somewhat over the past few years, it’s now in the same place it was in June 2012.The iPhone by comparison has gained roughly 12 points of market share during the same three-year period according to comScore data. This has come at the expense of the other operating systems, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Nokia/Symbian.In particular Microsoft has seen its smartphone share decline slowly but steadily during the same time frame. Windows Phones had been holding at about 3.4 percent over the past several quarters but declined to 2.9 percent in this most recent comScore report. This is the lowest share percentage reported for Microsoft’s mobile OS sinc…

Lenovo Takes Aim at Xiaomi and OnePlus with the Upcoming Zuk Z1

We have seen several Chinese phones making a foray into the global market and obviously disrupting the market with high end specs at an affordable price point. The story is almost similar and has been the mantra for companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Meizu, Umi, Honor, Elephone and many others. Now the new kid on the block is ZUK. Before you get apprehensive about the brand name we would like to tell you that it is a company born out of Lenovo. ZUK Z1 would be their first smartphone and it seems to come with earth shattering specs that can burden OnePlus 2 with a new competitor.The company promises to bring in something fresh and will be entering the market on Aug 21st. Zuk has already sent two invites to the Chinese media. The invite is sent in a wooden music box that has lead folks to believe that it will be a phone dedicated to audiophiles. It seems the music box produces a melodious sound once a sheet of paper is inserted and rolled. We can’t treat the wooden box as a mere coincidenc…

Awesome Trick To Discover Profitable SEO Keywords For Free

As a blogger, one of the biggest hurdles you will face in your blogging journey is: What should I write about? Writing articles take time, and there are opportunity costs involved.If you write an article that no one wants to read about, your investment of time and energy does not give any returns.Blogging is a business.Your readers are your customers. Your content is your product that you sell. As with any business, you can sell only what your customers want.So how do you find out what your customers (readers) want to read about? There are several methods, but today in this article I will reveal a method that I have been exploiting for quite some time.The method is so powerful that every time I mine a keyword and write an article on that topic, it always ranks well in the search and attracts a good volume of organic traffic. Once you read this entire article, you will understand how it works.The only requirement here is, your blog needs to be submitted at Google search console ( Pre…

Marketing Day: LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Defends 3-Second Video View & HubSpot Earnings

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:In Hefty’s #SaidNoSchoolEver Campaign, Teachers Sarcastically Proclaim They Have All The Supplies They Need
The Reynolds company brand, working with Havas, shows solidarity with teachers as consumers’ minds shift to back-to-school shopping.YouTube Ads Won’t Be Sold Through AdX Next Year, Google Says
Company emphasizes focus on TrueView ads and Google Preferred program.Report: iPhone Drives Less Than Third Of Android Traffic, Nearly 75 Pct. Of Revenue
Data also show app vs. mobile web impressions, video ad penetration globally.Everything PPC Advertisers Want To Know About LinkedIn Ads – Part 2
Contributor Sahil Jain shares more questions and answers about how best to utilize the platform. Don’t miss these important tips on bidding, targeting and choosing between ad products.Building The Business Case For Attribution
Do you need help convincing y…

In Hefty’s #SaidNoSchoolEver Campaign, Teachers Sarcastically Proclaim They Have All The Supplies They Need

And…the Back to School campaigns are flooding the inbox like an over eager flashmob. Remember those?Anyway, Hefty, with help from Havas Chicago, has launched #SaidNoSchoolEver, a brilliantly witty campaign comprised of online video, social media posts, and influencer outreach. The campaign calls attention to the ongoing lack of funding many schools face with teachers proclaiming the complete opposite of the reality they face on a daily basis. Hefty ensures everyone gets the sarcasm by using the hashtag #SaidNoSchoolEver.The company aims to build its education cred by touting its position as the only trash bag company that supports the Box Tops For Education loyalty program, citing its $3.5 million donation to the program.While trash bags aren’t typically on school supply lists, Hefty does offer one set of products — food storage bags — which regularly appear on parents’ shopping lists this time of year. Presumably the campaign is aimed at boosting brand favorability overall as well as…