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Which eCommerce Platform to Choose? Shopify vs WooCommerce

Ok. So you are up for setting up your first ecommerce site to supercharge your retail business. First, good luck on your venture. Now that your are reading this, it is easy to guess you’ve learned that you can create your own eStore with little money and next to nil technical knowledge, all by yourself. But let’s face it. You have been Googling around for hours to find that one wizard that makes creating an eStore sound so painless. But then, you end up learning that there are tens of such magic wands all over the web being recommended by all kinds of people. And you go like ….. While there are numerous eCommerce platforms helping us create eStores, there are two authorities in the niche – WooCommerce and Shopify . You might have bumped into these two eCommerce platforms more often than the others, and figured that these two compete neck to neck.  In this exclusive post, you will uncover which one of these two is perfect for your needs. Shopify vs. WooCommerce – The eCommerce T

Comcast Readies YouTube Rival As It Seeks To Diversify Beyond Cable Distribution

As cable cord-cutting accelerates , video content producers, advertisers and entertainment companies are looking to find ways to reach fleeing audiences, especially Millennials . Now entertainment conglomerate, ISP and cable TV provider Comcast is reportedly readying its own “over the top” digital video platform called “Watchable.” The news was first reported by The Information , which says that most of the programming will be “short form.” The full list of content provider-partners has yet to be determined. However Business Insider says the current list of partners includes “Vox and Buzzfeed, lifestyle, and comedy sites like AwesomenessTV, Refinery29, and The Onion, news sites like Mic and Vice, as well as legacy brands like NBC Sports.” Younger US adults spend less time watching conventional TV than other groups Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report (Q1 2015) Verizon is also preparing its own mobile-centric video platform, according to Variety . Indeed, mobile is the center

Marketing Day: Twitter Customer Service Tips, AXA’s CMO On Social & Email Marketing With Video

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the Web. From Marketing Land: Twitter’s Advice For Better Customer Service: Get Personal People are much more likely to recommend brands that personalize customer service interactions. It’s “an an easy step that brands can take” to build relationships, Twitter researcher says. AXA CMO Says Using Social Media Is Best Way To Understand How We Can Adapt One of the most socially active global brand CMOs, Frédéric Tardy, uses Twitter and LinkedIn daily. Chiquita Teams With Universal’s Minions For In-Store Mobile Game Experience The fruit brand helps promote the family film through interactive labels on its bananas. Marketing Teams Will Soon Include “Engagement Scientists” Move over, data scientists. Columnist Paul Ford explains why engagement science is set to redefine the way marketers do business. This Is Your First-Party Data On Steroids Columnist Roger Juntilla

Twitter’s Advice For Better Customer Service: Get Personal

That brands should be “human” on social media has become a cliche. Worse, in some cases, brands take the advice too far and make embarrassing attempts to act like humans of a certain age. (See the Brands Saying Bae Twitter account.) But when it comes to customer service, authentic humanity works very well. That was the most surprising finding to come out of research that Twitter published this month, Twitter research manager Meghann Elrhoul told Marketing Land. Brands that got personal in customer service interactions did far better than those that kept it businesslike. It’s just that simple. “That’s an easy step that brands can take to forge the relationship,” Elrhoul said. “Customers are really looking for a humanized connection. They want to feel that they are talking to a real person and having that personalization helps add that component.” The comparison, drawn from a survey of 14,000 people who engaged with brands’ customer service Twitter accounts, is stark. When brands c