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10 Habits Of The Highly Successful People

In the entire history, no other person has managed to have personified the notion of the self-made man more than Henry Ford. Henry Ford is best remembered as the one who single-handedly created the US automotive industry. What Ford had only a limited formal education, born in a farm, and was expected to take over the farm when he grows up.Instead, Ford left home at the age of seventeen and joined as an apprentice at a machinist in Detroit. A career choice that left him wildly famous and successful. Even with a sort of okay education, Ford managed to revolutionize the mechanized assembly line, Detroit was later known as the ‘Motor City’ because of his work.What is it that makes the uber rich, famous and successful set apart from the rest? It is not they have got access to more resources than you, you’re seriously mistaken if you think they have got more resources than you. Many of the successful people did not even had the amount of resources that you have access to now. So what is it …