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8 Best Event Calendar WordPress Plugins For Website

Do you host a lot of events in your WordPress site? Or maybe you are planning to do so in the future. Whatever the case is, you will need a reliable event calendar WordPress plugin for your website. The plugin could be used to create and manage small to large scale events like workshops, conferences, seminars, webinars, concerts, parties, get-together etc.Like any other type of plugins, there are lots of WordPress event calendar plugins available. If you haven’t used any such plugin, it could be difficult to find out the most suitable one among them.To make it easier for you, I have collected the 8 best event calendar plugins for WordPress. Go through the list and find out which one meets most of your requirements.Best Event Calendar WordPress Plugins available1. The Events Calendar
The Events Calendar is an excellent free plugin to create and manage custom events in a really simple way. By using the plugin, you can easily create recurring events, public events, ticket based events etc…