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Data-Driven ROI & Avoiding the Creep Factor – September 10 Webcast

The latest technology can track a consumer from one device to the next, one search to the next, creating a wealth of individual search information. This rich data gives marketers the ability to develop a unique on-site and off-site retargeting program for each consumer’s next purchase move.But, how do you take advantage of all this information for marketing purposes while respecting someone’s privacy?In this Digital Marketing Depot webcast, panelists Thad Kahlow and John Timmerman explain how analytics can provide better information to allow businesses to capitalize on opportunity as it happens, create strategies for sustained growth and address issues in real-time before they become a bigger problem.Registration is free at Digital Marketing Depot.

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Google Launches Stand-Alone Street View App For iOS And Android

Google’s Street View has been somewhat challenged in the transition to a mobile-centric world. It’s available through the Google Maps and Google Earth apps but it hasn’t really been well showcased on the small screen — until today’s launch of the stand-alone Street View app for Android and iOS.The new app allows users to search for or browse locations and then explore those places using Street View photography. Existing somewhere between the high utility of Google Maps and the mostly novel experience of Google Earth, this app is both fun and useful.Most impressively it also allows users to easily create their own “Street View” images by guiding them through the relatively simple process of following an orange ball. Users simply access their smartphone cameras (or third party “spherical cameras”) and center the orange ball on the screen within a circle. The app indicates how many more pictures must be taken and where to take them until a 360 “street view” (or interior view) photo spher…

Asus Officially Unveils the ZenFone Zoom Smartphone With 3X Optical Zoom, 4GB of RAM

Asus had announced the ZenFone Zoom smartphone quite a while ago, at CES Las Vegas, in the beginning of this year, but only now has the company officially unveiled the handset.This is a pretty impressive smartphone and will most likely appeal to consumers looking to get a camera-centric device which doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the rest of its specs. The stand-out feature of the device is the 3x optical zoom, but there are many other features that makes it a desirable product. Let’s have a look at all of its specs:5.5-inch IPS display with a 1920×1080 resolution resulting in 403 PPI, Gorilla Glass 4Intel Atom Z3590 Moorefield processor – CPU Core Silvermont (4x at 2.5GHz), GPU Core PowerVR G6430 at 640MHz4GB RAM Up to 128GB internal storage with a microSD3,000mAh non-removable batteryFront Camera 5 MP, 1/5″ OmniVision OV5670, 1.12μm, f2.0, Rear Camera 13 MP Panasonic 1.12um Pixel 1/3.06” SmartFSI sensor, f/2.7 – f/4.8 10-element Hoya lens, 3x optical zoom, OIS, laser AF, dual-L…

October’s The New December For Mobile Marketers

Nope. Don’t say it. If it starts with a “Merry” or “Happy,” it’s way too early. It seems the holiday season comes sooner and sooner every year. According to a 2012 study, 78 percent of Americans don’t want to hear Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and 75 percent are adamant about keeping decorations stored until after Thanksgiving.So why do brands persist in “holidayizing” as soon as Halloween? Well, because it works.Oracle Marketing Cloud (my employer) and Edison Research produced a study that found the majority of people surveyed had completed the bulk of their holiday shopping by October. What’s more, their spending in October outpaced those in December by nearly $900.By sifting through the data and borrowing techniques from past Q4s, brands can arm themselves with a holiday mobile strategy that meets their sales quotas, while maintaining customer engagement.What Are The Fa-La-La Facts?With many shoppers completing their purchases prior to December, it’s important to recognize t…

AOL Buys Mobile Marketer Millennial Media For roughly $240 Million

This morning AOL announced that it was buying mobile ad platform Millennial Media for roughly $240 million. A deal had been rumored for the past couple of months as Millennial has struggled as a public company.In addition to solving problems for Millennial the deal gives the Verizon-owned AOL greater programmatic reach into mobile. More broadly it puts Verizon squarely in the mobile-advertising business, something the company was unable to achieve on its own prior to the AOL acquisition.According to the press release, AOL achieves the following benefits from the deal:A leading supply-side platform for app monetization with over 65,000 apps to its publisher suite of offeringsA significant mobile brand advertising scale across ONE by AOLAccess to approximately 1 billion global active unique users and robust addressable and cross-screen targeting capabilities[An enhanced] mobile position in key international markets, including Singapore, Japan, UK, France and GermanyWorld-class engineeri…

Consumer First: What It Means And Why It Matters

As brands go, it’s hard to top Apple. Apple’s brand is clear and identifiable and inspires fierce loyalty. It’s both aspirational and accessible to all. It earned its billions by creating devices with a better user experience than any of its competitors’ products.So if even Apple isn’t absolutely nailing the digital user experience, you can imagine how far we as an industry have to go.I’ll dig into the Apple example in a second, but first I’d like to talk about a mentality shift that all brands need to undertake to achieve profound, sustainable growth: putting the consumer first.And I’m not regurgitating the “right place, right time, right device” mantra you’ve probably heard dozens (hundreds?) of times. I’m talking about building a mindset and a strategy to match that put the user at the forefront of all brand interactions. We shouldn’t just be pushing a brand agenda, as we’ve been taught to do for decades.I’ll go into how to build that mindset and develop that strategy in a bit. But…

6 Conversion Principles You Can Learn From The Mere-Exposure Effect

Every now and then, conversion optimizers come up with a technique that blows our minds.Usually, the most effective “techniques” aren’t cute hacks about color or button size. They’re about the psychological underpinnings of human decision-making.One such powerful feature is the mere-exposure effect. In this article, I want to explain how it can completely change your conversion game.What Is The Mere-Exposure Effect?The mere-exposure effect means that people prefer things that they are most familiar with.The mere-exposure effect is also called the familiarity principle, because it’s built on the establishment of familiarity.Berkeley researchers found that the mere-exposure effect builds dramatically based on the number of repeated interactions of subject and object.The mere-exposure effect has been the subject of non-stop study from psychological researchers. The range of tests, research papers and monographs has proven beyond a doubt the reality and power of the mere-exposure effect …

Cookie ‘Black Friday’ Instagram Users With Facebook Custom Audiences

In this week’s edition of aimClear’s Psychographic Targeting Hot House, Rachel Malone-Olson, Social Account Manager, delivers Black Friday cookie pools wrapped and ready for promotion.Facebook delivered mid-August with Website Clicks and Mobile App Install campaigns that are able to display ads in Instagram with Facebook .Facebook’s targeting capabilities + Instagram’s visual prowess = MARKETING GOLD.With Christmas right around the corner (yes, it’s coming) and Black Friday being the holy grail of sales and profit, curating well-intentioned and viable cookie pools will make paid promotion a breeze.Here’s how it’s done.Create a website click campaign within Facebook, for Instagram placement.Segment products or services by interests and behaviors, then send users to a customized landing page through Instagram’s CTA.When you enter the Black Friday showdowns, come armed with perfectly pre-curated audience pools that hit your Instagram landing page and take advantage of cheaper CPCs!Happy …

Google Untangles Street View from Google Maps and Now Offers it as a Standalone App

Google has separated the Street View from the Google Maps application and has launched it as a standalone app called “Street View of Google Maps“. This move from Google comes at a time when most of the app publishers are unpacking their offerings and creating a standalone product, just like how Microsoft recently did with the Cortana. Google Street view worked more like a plugin before and it used to add a layer of new functionality to the already installed Google Maps.The Street View application will require a smartphone equipped with gyroscope and the app will let you upload the photospheres directly from the Street View app. Additionally the app also lets you browse the collection of existing photospheres already uploaded by Google.Google had talked about a spherical camera rig at this years I/O and the new app supports the spherical camera. Wondering what exactly a spherical camera is? Well it is nothing but a slew of cameras arranged in a circular fashion which captures photosphe…

FTC Settles With Gaming Network Accused Of Failing To Disclose Paid Endorsements

The US Federal Trade Commission has settled charges against video gaming site and multi-channel network Machinima for deceptive advertising, stemming from the company paying “influencers” to post YouTube videos endorsing Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console.The FTC charged that Machinima-paid influencers failed to disclose that they were being compensated to post seemingly objective opinions about the new gaming console and three new video games in late 2013. Disclosures of material relationships in exchange for endorsements are required by Section 5 of the FTC Act and laid out in the FTC’s disclosure guidelines.Under the proposed settlement, West Hollywood-based Machinima is banned from engaging in similar deceptive conduct in the future, and the company is required to make sure its influencers clearly disclose when they have been paid for their endorsements.There’s no fine in the settlement, however future infractions could result in a penalty of up to $16,000 per violation. So t…

Expandable Native Gmail Ads Now Available To All In AdWords

Google has announced the roll out of native Gmail ads to all AdWords advertisers.The ads, which appear at the top of the Promotions tab in personal Gmail inboxes, have been in beta since 2013 and formerly referred to as Gmail sponsored promotions ads.To get started using native Gmail ads in AdWords, create a Display Network Campaign and skip right past the ad creation stage when you’re creating the campaign. Go to the ads tab in the new campaign and choose Ad Gallery in the new ad drop-down. Gmail ads is now one of the gallery options.There are three template options (see above) and a custom HTML upload option for the expandable version of the ads. The Gmail image template features one image, the single promotion template combines an image, description and call-to-action button, and the multi-product template allows advertiser to feature multiple products when expanded.Below are some examples of expanded ads.Targeting options include like keywords, affinity audiences, demographics, an…

Marketing Day: All-Time Most Popular iOS Apps, LinkedIn Updates Messaging & Twitter Ads Expansion

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Ranking All-Time iOS Apps: Facebook Most Downloaded, Pandora Top Grossing
App Annie released a report that presents the most downloaded iPhone and iPad apps and games “of all time.” The company also ranks the apps that have generated the most global revenue to date.Google Could See Big Lift In TrueView Adoption: Folds Video Ad Campaigns Into Main AdWords UI
In a major update, advertisers will be able to manage and report on their YouTube video ads alongside other AdWords campaign types.Do Your Vendors Play Well Together? 4 Keys For Harmonizing Your Marketing Applications
A bevy of disparate marketing applications can leave many marketers feeling isolated. Columnist Erik Bratt discusses how to get vendors to work together and why it will result in a better customer experience.Are You Attribution-Ready?
If you want maximize the return from your m…

There are Two Types of Bloggers: Which One is You?

We all know there are more than two types of bloggers, but in bigger context, it can be put it in 2 ways. There is no right or wrong here, but would love to know which one is you in below graphics?Do you make money via #AdSense or #Affiliate?
Click To TweetDo you blog for money or for #Passion?
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Pout Please! Lenovo Vibe S1 is the World’s First Smartphone with Dual Selfie Camera

Not sure who has been waiting for a smartphone like this. But Lenovo certainly thinks some of you would like to have dual Selfie front-facing cameras in your next smartphone, and has announced the Vibe S1 at the ongoing IFA 2015 in Berlin. The phone comes with a curved glass back design to add to the style factor.Lenovo claims that over a million Selfies are taken every day and almost 48% of those selfies are uploaded to Facebook alone. While others have tried to provide LED flash for the selfie camera, Lenovo has gone with dual front facing cameras promising better experience. the 8MP primary front camera can take sharp images while the 2MP secondary front camera can analyze the depth of field information to create the blur/bokeh effect.This is pretty similar to what we have seen on the likes of Huawei Honor 6 Plus, HTC One M8, XOLO Black and others, but for selfies. So once you take a selfie, you’ll be allowed to refocus by tapping on an area. Lenovo promises better low light selfie…