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Showing posts from September 13, 2015

Amazon Puts Out The Fire Phone

All companies make mistakes. Yet one of the biggest in the consumer devices arena is Amazon’s much-hyped but spectacularly unsuccessful Fire Phone. It now appears the company is discontinuing it.According to multiple reports Amazon has Fire-d engineers (the puns are difficult to resist) and decided that it won’t be able to compete as a smartphone OEM — although there’s always the possibility that the company will return with another device in the future.Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Fire devices have been very successful and so it was logical for the company to think about developing a smartphone. Launched in June 2014, the phone sought to differentiate in a crowded Android field with what were arguably gimmicks (e.g., 3D screen) and Amazon services (unlimited cloud photo storage, free year of prime).All that might have worked had Amazon followed its Kindle Fire pricing strategy and made the phone inexpensive to own. But its relatively costly pricing was probably the great miscalculation…

3 Free Feedburner Subscription Form Plugins For WordPress

What if you want to automate the way your readers are notified of your new blog posts?You want it to be easy to both you and the readers, and you don’t have time to send a mass email to all your subscribers every time you publish a post.Well, the answer lies in RSS. RSS, which means Rich Site Syndication is where you can get a feed of your blog’s content. It strips down all the design and converts your site into simple text format.With the Feedburner service from Google, you can create a feed for you website and have your readers subscribe to that feed, so they get your new posts in real time usually through RSS reader apps like Feedly or any of the Google Reader alternatives.However, not all subscribers would have access to an RSS reader. Or not all of them would want to check their readers every time they want to see if there’s something new.A more immediate medium with the advantage of push notification is email. Thanks to RSS email subscription plugins for WordPress, you can put a…