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Global Content Marketing for Enterprise – September 24 Webcast

In this webcast from our sister-site Digital Marketing Depot, join author, blogger and presenter Scott Abel (The Content Wrangler) and Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp (Acrolinx), as they share how companies like IBM, Facebook and Paypal are crushing the competition with great content at scale. They will discuss technologies, tactics and tricks that enterprises are using to gain market share with exceptional content.You’ll learn how you can establish a unified program for your content strategy without eroding your brand and message, how to avoid the costs and common failures of global content delivery, and how you can use new technologies to engage and increase your reach.Register now at Digital Marketing Depot.

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Mozilla Ready To Promote “Suggested Tiles” In Firefox

In early August, the Mozilla Foundation quietly began showing “Suggested tiles” when users open a new tab in its Firefox browser, the company announced last week.Darren Herman, Mozilla VP of Content Services, wrote in a blog post that Suggested tiles began appearing in the American version of Firefox this summer from partners including Yahoo, Fortune and Quartz, and Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Above is an example of a suggested tile for Ars Technica content.(Mozilla made Yahoo the default search engine on the US version of the browser last November, after ending a 10-year relationship with Google in that market.)As Mozilla explains it, Suggested tiles aren’t a paid product at this point. “These partners are leaders in their categories, and we chose them for their ability to add value in Firefox. While we consider these to be commercial partnerships, we are not receiving money to show this content,” said Herman.The company first floated the idea of ad…

10 Best Android Apps & Games This Week [September 14th]

It’s that time of the week that you’ve been waiting for – the moment when we look back and pile up some of the best new Android apps and games that have been released on the Play Store. Before we proceed, as always, do check out our previous edition as you will find there plenty of interesting titles. Here’s what’s on for this time.Star Wars: Uprising (Free)Star Wars: Uprising is a new Android game said to be the first Star Wars RPG set between Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You will be able to create your own powerful character and crew, and play real-time co-op with friends. Players will have at their disposal a wide range of abilities, species, visual customizations and classic Star Wars gear. This is indeed a pretty nice game for Star Wars fans out there.AdBlocker Browser (Free)If you are annoyed by ads while browsing on your Android device, then you will definitely be interested in the new Adblock Browser for Android. Thus, you can now…

Planning For Next Summer’s Mobile Conferences: What’s Your Jam?

In a few months, if you’re like me, you’ll be planning your 2016 budget, and that’ll include picking which conferences to attend. At 3Q Digital (my employer), we’ve just concluded our tour of mobile conferences for the summer, and I’ve got a little breakdown for you, music-festival style, that should help you plan out your calendar with the events best suited for your marketing team.Strike up the band(s)…Postback (Burning Man)Postback is TUNE’s annual mobile conference, and it doubles as a Seattle takeover party. (Seattle in the summer = reason enough to be festive.) It more than doubled in size from 2014 to about 900 attendees, and I’d expect many more in 2016.Where/when: Seattle, JulyThe crowd is younger: very millennial, with a few mandatory 30-40-50-somethings, most of them cool(ish). It’s basically a who’s-who of bright, young, dynamic talent that grew up in the mobile age and has been “practicing” for the mobile marketing gig since they were kids.Most of the crowd consisted of m…

Moto Bets on Experience, Not Specs… Even in its Press Releases?

Yes, I know the Moto G was not a spec beast, but then, we are not fighting on specs. We are all about pure experience,” thus spoke Motorola India’s Amit Boni at the launch of the Moto X Play earlier today.Well, the company certainly seems to have extended its philosophy to its press releases as well. For, the press release of the Moto X Play released in India does not contain even a SINGLE hardware or software specification – unless you count the mention of the capacity (16 GB and 32 GB) which are mentioned as the two variations in which the device is available! This is about the closest the release comes to mentioning what is in the phone:It gives you the best in class cameras, all-day battery, water-repellent design, meaningful software experiences, and personalisation options – all at a great price…Yep, that’s it. In the entire release, there is no mention of:a. The display size and resolution
b. The processor and RAM
c. The cameras and megapixel counts
d. The connectivity options

To Optimize Conversions, Focus On Everything That Happens Before

There’s an old saying: If you watch your pennies, your nickels and dimes will take care of themselves. The same is true with your website’s performance, regardless of whether you run an e-commerce site or a lead-generation site.Over the past few years, marketers have acquired many tools that have helped them make the connection between “inputs” and “outputs” on their websites — that is, inputs like unique visitors (and the marketing dollars it takes to attract them) in relation to outputs, such as leads and revenue. For example, Web analytics tools make it easy to measure the marketing campaigns you’re running, and whether they produce the “macro” conversions you are about.But from an analytics standpoint, there’s still room to grow in terms of measuring what happens in the process of converting those inputs into valuable output.I like to think of a website almost like an assembly line. To turn your visitors into valuable conversions, a lot of little things need to happen first.When y…

Lenovo A7000 Plus with 5.5-inch FHD Display and an Octa-core MediaTek SoC Launched in Philippines

Lenovo has launched the A7000 Plus smartphone for the Philippines market without making much of a marketing noise. The launch will be followed by the actual sale which will happen on the local e-commerce site, Lazada. The Lenovo A7000 Plus is priced at an approximate rupee equivalent of Rs 11,400 ($170) and it is yet to reveal the rollout plans for the device in other countries.Lenovo had launched the A7000 earlier this year priced at Rs 8,999 and the Plus seems to come with some worthwhile upgrades in a bid to maintain the relevance of the device in the current market. The first and the foremost change comes in the form of a FHD 5.5-inch display as opposed to the 720p display on the A7000. The A7000 Plus will draw its power from an octa-core MediaTek (MT6752) SoC clocked at 1.7GHz and paired with a 2GB RAM (A7000 was powered by MT6752m clocked at 1.5GHz)The imaging department has also received considerable updates in the form of 13-Megapixel primary sensor as opposed to the 8-Megapix…

How to Print Multiple Gmail Messages in one go

John Q. Public is an attorney at a law firm and, as part of an ongoing litigation, the court has asked their clients to produce hundreds of email conversations associated with a case as hard copies. They are using Gmail with Google Apps and all the emails are safely stored in the mailbox but how to automatically print them all on paper?Gmail doesn’t offer an option to print multiple email threads in a batch but that feature is available in Microsoft Outlook, the desktop program. You can import Gmail emails into Outlook, select several messages and then hit the Print button. Outlook will group all the selected email messages into a single PDF file or you can send them directly to any connected printer.
There’s an alternate approach as well. You can select multiple emails in Gmail and apply a common label. Next use an add-on to save these emails as neatly-formatted PDF files into your Google Drive. Once the PDFs are ready, you can either print them through Google Cloud Print or download…

Don’t Miss Adobe, Oracle, Marketo & Salesforce On the MarTech Main Stage – Register Now!

If you’re responsible for creating exceptional customer experiences with marketing technology, MarTech Europe is a must-attend event.MarTech is unique. You’ll be inspired by industry pioneers from leading brands and agencies who are responsible for delivering business results with marketing technologies.MarTech is vendor-agnostic. You’ll hear from a variety of leading marketing cloud and technology vendors. And when you do, internationally recognized marketing technology expert and conference chair Scott Brinker will keep them on topic and out of sales mode.MarTech is about collaboration. Successful technology implementation depends on it. Marketers working with IT. Brands with system integrators and consultants. Learn how others have overcome the managerial and cultural roadblocks.Keep reading for a sampling of sessions on the MarTech agenda. Then register and save £200 beforebeta rates expire Friday.Descriptions of Selected Sessions and Topics…Successful Agency/Client Collaboration …

How to Hide AdSense Ads on your Website

Google AdSense supports Responsive Ads which means that the size of AdSense ads on your website will automatically change based on the visitor’s device. Thus, if they are viewing your pages on a desktop computer, they may be served the bigger 728×90 leaderboard while the same ad unit may serve a smaller 468×60 banner to visitors who are on a tablet.There’s no need to change the code as the AdSense script smartly detects the browser’s width and serves the right size accordingly.Now consider a slightly different scenario where, instead of showing a smaller sized ad, you would like to completely hide the AdSense ad if the screen width is less than ‘n’ pixels. For instance, you may have a 160×600 px Skyscraper unit in your website’s sidebar but it should be displayed only when the site is being viewed on a desktop computer and not on a mobile phone.There are two ways to achieve this. You can either write a CSS media query that will completely hide the sidebar on a mobile phone and thus th…

First Impressions: Moto X Play – The More Affordable X?

For many of us, the Moto X has represented the best of Motorola or at least its more innovative side. The original Moto X went against conventional wisdom by going for a relatively smaller display and a dual core processor in an era of quad core ones, the second Moto X followed slightly more conventional lines but surprised us with a (real) wooden back option and a remarkably low price for some high-end specs. So when Motorola released the third generation of its X range, expectations were high, so say the least.Motorola has released two variations of the X – Style and Play. The former is the spec and performance barnstormer (quad HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 3 GB RAM, 21.0-megapixel camera, et al!) and the latter is supposed to fit somewhere between the Moto G (3rd Generation) and the Style. The Style has not yet been released in the Indian market but the Play has arrived and well, it is interesting to say the least.In terms of appearance, the Moto X Play follows th…

Moto X Play Launched in India at Rs 18,499 for 16GB and Rs 19,999 for 32GB

Motorola has launched the Moto X Play at a price of Rs 18,499 for the 16GB and Rs 19,999 for the 32GB edition in India, and will be sold exclusively on Flipkart starting midnight today. The company has been consistently coming up with game changing devices, be it the uber affordable Moto G, the entry level Moto E or the affordable high end Moto X series. Until recently Motorola’s devices have been eclipsed by the more powerful and lesser priced Chinese rivals, especially in emerging markets. Motorola had marked a new beginning with the Moto G 2015 which we reviewed recently and found it to be a great smartphone in the sub 15k price range.The newly launched Moto X Play, which just like the other Motorola phones will offer a near stock Android experience added with the first update promise. The Moto X Play is all set to be a a performance packed mid-range device which is aimed to fit in between the Moto G 2015 and Moto X Style, which will be coming soon to India.The Moto X-Play is fitte…

Apple Doubles up the RAM to 2GB in iPhone 6S and 4GB in iPad Pro, Confirms XCode

Post the iPhone 6s and the iPad Pro launch last week, it has become imperative for most of the folks to decipher how much GB of RAM the new Apple devices will come with. Hamza Sood, an iOS developer has made use of asset catalogs and has confirmed the rumors around the iPhone 6S and the iPad Pro RAM capacities. He has further confirmed that the iPhone 6s will indeed be equipped with 2GB of RAM and the iPad Pro with 4GB RAM.RAM has always been quintessential when it comes to managing multitasking and fluidity of the user interface. Although Apple devices have been blessed with a superior memory management system, thanks to the iOS, the need to upgrade the RAM was long overdue. Surprisingly, Apple has been sticking to the 1GB RAM since the iPhone 5 which is four iterations older and was launched three years ago. Earlier, an Adobe release had jumped the guns and pointed out at a 4GB RAM on the iPad Pro in a press release. Since the iPad Pro has been devised to take care of multitasking an…

Review: Moto G (3rd Generation): The Charge of Motorola’s Light Brigade

“Half a league,
Half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of death,
Rode the six hundred…”
Blame it on too much of poetry when I was in school, but the release of the Moto G (3rd generation) reminded me so much of Lord Tennyson’s poem about the legendary Light Brigade that rode into the valley to confront Russian guns at the battle of Balaclava in 1854. No, this is not a flight of poetic fancy. The similarities between the two situations are striking. Just as in 1854, this represents the attempt by a traditional great power (Motorola) to put an emerging power (new ‘budget smartphone’ players like Xiaomi, Asus, Lenovo, Meizu, et al) in its place, and doing so on the back of sheer reputation and experience rather than hardware (remember, the Russians had the cannon at Balaclava – the Light Brigade attacked them with lances and swords!).There is a hint of irony in the situation too. After all, it was slightly less than two years ago that the Moto G had in many ways redefined …