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How to Improve Your Typing Speed and Accuracy

One of the most essentials skills to have been discontinued from teaching during your schooling age is typing. Although people tend to underestimate the value of typing faster and accurately, it is one of the most fundamental skill required in any field you wish to pursue. Be it in writing Emails, writing a blog post, or writing copy, typing is one of the most important skills.As a blogger, typing faster and better will save you a tremendous amount of time spent proofreading your article for typo mistakes and crafting the article itself. While the average typing speed is around 38-40 Words Per Minute, the world-record for the fastest typing speed is of Stella Pajunas, who struck a whopping 216 WPM on an IBM Electric Typewriter!Typing accurately is also just as important as typing faster is. There is a speed-accuracy tradeoff that has to be considered when you begin practicing typing faster. Faster is not always better if your accuracy is getting compromised in the process. Aiming for …

Create a Beautiful Photography Website in Minutes

John is not a professional photographer, the day job keeps him busy, but he’s an enthusiast who loves photography. One fine evening, he got a call from someone in his friend’s network who was willing to hire John for a photo shoot but, before signing the contract, they wanted to see more of his work.John has captured some stunning and impressive photographs over the years but they are clearly not sorted and arranged in a manner that can be easily shared with a client. His photographs can be found all over the social web – from Facebook to Instagram to Flickr – but, for lack of time and technical know-how, he never considered building a portfolio website to showcase his work.How to Make a Photography WebsiteThere are WYSIWYG website building tools, Squarespace and WordPress for example, that make it extremely easy for you to build beautiful photography websites but the little downside with these tools is that you’ve manually update them every few weeks or months.Siftr is a new web app …

iPhone 6s Plus Camera Review: A Massive Upgrade

It might be one of the most popular cameras in the world, but there has been a sense of stagnation when it comes to the shooter on the iPhone. Yes, the camera has been improving with every new edition of the device, but unlike in its earlier generations, the improvements seemed relatively muted and significantly, the megapixel count – a parameter by which many mainstream users (somewhat erroneously) judge the quality of a camera – was left untouched. The megapixel count on the iPhone had progressed thus for the first five years:iPhone (2007) – 2.0 megapixels
iPhone 3G (2008) – 2.0 megapixels
iPhone 3GS (2009) – 3.2 megapixels
iPhone 4 (2010) – 5.0 megapixels
iPhone 4S (2011) – 8.0 megapixelsAnd there it froze. From 2011 till the iPhone 6s this year, the iPhones had a megapixel count of eight. Yes, there were improvements in the quality of the camera, the sensors (which had larger pixels) and the flash (Apple introduced the dual tone – or True Tone – flash with the iPhone 5S) were alwa…

Amazon Sues 1,114 Fiverr Users For Offering To Write Fake Product Reviews

Amazon has filed a lawsuit accusing more than 1,100 members of the freelance marketplace Fiverr of offering to post phony product reviews on Geekwire first reported, today’s lawsuit comes on the heels of an Amazon sting operation in which the company paid some of the Fiverr members named in the suit. Posting phony reviews goes against Amazon’s terms of service, and Fiverr’s rules also ban its members from performing work that violates a third party’s terms of service. The lawsuit isn’t targeting the merchants who may have hired these defendants to post fake reviews, nor is it targeting Fiverr.Amazon’s lawsuit names several Fiverr members that it solicited for phony reviews, including one who goes by the username bess98. This person charges $5 for an Amazon review, and claims to have “more than 30+ different account and ip” — presumably from which the reviews will be posted in an attempt to avoid getting caught — and invites the merchant to write the review that will be p…

Jive Offers Assignments And Rewards For Brand Advocates In Its Social Communities

Jive is making it easier for users of its external communities to engage brand advocates and experts.The Palo Alto, California-based provider of social collaboration software for businesses released this week several features for its Jive-X external communities so that advocates or experts can get assignments and then acquire points as rewards. The points can be redeemed for community badges, or, if the company behind that community offers it, for real-world benefits like gift cards.Previously, director of products for external communities Deepti Patibandla told me, Jive-X communities could only support experts or advocates by allowing a specific group to be created. Such a group might live in the community section of a website for a movie theater chain, for example, and could invite fans who know everything about Star War’s Princess Leia.Now, those same fans can be given tasks — such as: write posts on your Facebook accounts about the upcoming Star Wars movie — and given points when …

Marketing Day: New Hootsuite Features, IAB’s L.E.A.N. Ads Program & Buffer’s New Image Tool

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Social Platform Hootsuite Adds Features To Help Employees “Amplify” Company News
Oct 16, 2015 by Barry Levine
A new mobile app and dashboard controls make it easier for workers to share their company’s news on their social networks.The IAB Introduces L.E.A.N. Ads Program In Response To Ad Blocking
Oct 16, 2015 by Ginny Marvin
The group has introduced the L.E.A.N. Ads program to address the reasons consumers turn to ad blocking.Ad Blockers & Analytics: What Webmasters Should Know And Do
Oct 16, 2015 by Max Prin
Contributor Max Prin analyzes how an ad blocker works and offers a workaround to ensure you can deliver most web page content and retrieve analytics data.Social Brand Mentions: Key Tools To Find And Fully Capitalize On Them For Marketing
Oct 16, 2015 by John Lincoln
If you have customers, chances are they’re going to be saying somethi…

Social Platform Hootsuite Adds Features To Help Employees ‘Amplify’ Company News

Hootsuite announced this week the addition of tools to help employees pitch their companies.New controls in the platform’s dashboard allow a company manager to curate content or links, and make them available to a new Amplify mobile app on employees’ mobile devices. The manager requests that the employees “Amplify it” by sharing the content on their personal accounts at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If they like, employees can add a comment.Hootsuite users have previously used the platform to help employees advocate for their companies, VP of partnerships/corporate development Matt Switzer told me, but it was ad hoc.With the new capabilities, management can see — and highlight — the most prolific sharers and the top-performing content, but otherwise only aggregate analytics. This means they can’t easily scold you on Monday morning for not showing enough social love about their new product.The advocacy is supposed to be voluntary, Switzer said — although anyone can visit an employe…