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How to Get SMS Alerts for Gmail via Twitter

How do you get SMS notifications on your mobile phone for important emails in your Gmail? Google doesn’t support text notifications for their email service but Twitter does. If we can figure out a way to connect our Twitter and Gmail accounts, the Gmail notifications can arrive as text on our mobile via Twitter. Let me explain:Twitter allows you to follow any @user via a simple SMS. They provide short codes for all countries (see list) and if you text FOLLOW to this shortcode following by the  username, any tweets from that user will arrive in your phone as text notifications. For instance, if you are in the US, you can tweet FOLLOW labnol to 40404 to get my tweets as text messages. Similarly, users in India can text FOLLOW labnol to 9248948837 to get the tweets via SMS.The short code service of Twitter can act as a Gmail SMS notifier. You create a new Twitter account, set the privacy to private and this account will send a tweet when you get a new email in Gmail. Follow this account …

How to Get Things Done with Trello

My work involves prioritizing, organizing and managing tasks, information and ideas. I have tried hundreds of todo lists and project management tools to get the job done but finally settled on using Trello. It is now my swiss knife where I do everything from collaborating with my wife on shopping lists to building products for my company to teaching students to writing a book.Trello provides a very flexible way to do this all and it has a whole ecosystem of apps and extensions to make your life simpler. If you are new to Trello, here’s a getting started guide that will help you understand the basics of Trello and how you can use the service to manage work and get things done.What is Trello and why I need it?Trello is like a todo list on steroids. At the core of it is a card which is the fundamental unit of information and it can be around lists. Here is a simple Trello card. It has a title with something I plan to do in the near future.What follows is more complex Trello card containi…

Snapchat’s First Sponsored Lens Features “Peanuts” & A Candy Corn Stream

360b / The brand invasion of Snapchat selfies starts on Halloween.Fox Studios has purchased the first “Sponsored Lens” to promote “The Peanuts Movie” set for release next week. Tomorrow Snapchatters who activate the Lens feature while shooting a picture or video of themselves will be able to overlay Peanuts characters on their selfies. Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock will make appearances and people will have the option to show an “endless stream of candy corn” pouring out of their mouths, modeled after Snapchat’s rainbow vomit feature. The animated overlays will be accompanied by the “Linus and Lucy” theme song.Snapchat introduced the Lens feature in September, giving its users a playful way to dress up their selfies with animated special effects.The Sponsored Lens feature is the second new ad unit Snapchat is rolling out this week. The new James Bond movie “Spectre” got its own Discover channel on Monday as Snapchat continues its push to monetize its audience of …

Marketing Day: Instagram Ad Updates, A Digital Marketing Quiz & LinkedIn Earnings Report

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Instagram Is Giving Advertisers Self-Serve Access To Carousel Ads
Oct 30, 2015 by Martin Beck
Starting in the next few weeks, the multi-image ads will be available in Facebook’s self-service ad dashboards.21 News Feed Updates That Have Changed How Pages Use Facebook
Oct 30, 2015 by Martin Beck
Maximizing your chances of reaching Facebook’s massive audience requires paying attention to algorithm adjustments. Here’s a roundup of the major tweaks Facebook has announced in the last 2+ years.Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Latest In Digital Marketing?
Oct 30, 2015 by Pamela Parker
Do you know about Google’s new core technology? How about Twitter’s latest ad unit? Test your knowledge about what’s happened in the interactive marketing world in the past week and catch up on any developments you may have missed!Why iOS 9’s Ad Blocking Isn’t Dire Fo…

Instagram Is Giving Advertisers Self-Serve Access To Carousel Ads

Instagram has announced that it will soon allow advertisers to help themselves to carousel ads. Instagram will enable purchase of the ads through parent company Facebook’s Power Editor and Ad Manager platforms and the Instagram ads API in the next few weeks.“By opening up the way advertisers can buy, businesses of all sizes around the world now have more flexible targeting, call-to-action button options, and can customize their offsite links to help drive maximum return,” Instagram wrote in a blog post.Launched in June, carousel ads offer advertisers the chance to create promoted posts with up with five images that people can swipe through. Notably, carousel ads were the first Instagram posts that included links that people could click or tap on to visit sites off Instagram.Instagram said carousel ads have been working well, on average producing an additional 2.5 point lift in ad recall compared to single photo campaigns. And French retailer L’Occitane reported 58 percent higher lift …