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Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Content Marketing

Content marketing is driving the way marketing organizations are engaging their audiences. But in our consumer-empowered world, it’s become more difficult for marketers to cut through clutter and a lot more challenging to garner loyalty with their audiences. That’s why smart content delivered in context will make you stand out in the crowd.This guide from Oracle will help you out at every point in your organization’s content marketing planning process. Learn how to: develop a balanced content marketing plan to support your most significant business objectives; maximize existing content to create additional assets; and capitalize on the idea of “content as data” (including must-have content marketing metrics).Get your copy now.

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Video Marketing Lessons From People Who Have Been There, Done That

For the past few months, you’ve read my suggestions, tips and encouragement to invest in video marketing as a strategic initiative within your business. It’s a subject about which I’m extremely passionate.Today I’m going to share lessons from some others who are equally passionate — the innovative marketing and sales leaders from across different industries who use video to drive business and disrupt the status quo.It’s one thing to learn from the teacher. It’s another to learn from the examples set by the other students.They’re the ones in the trenches getting the job done. Whether they’re generating new business leads, building their social media audience, getting more deals done or just trying to make people laugh, there are a lot of great examples out there.Let’s take a look.HootsuiteHootsuite, the social media management software maker, produced two of the most entertaining and successful viral business videos of the last year. (Note: Hootsuite’s not a client. I’m just a fan.)The…

Color and Capacity – The Reasons Behind the Nexus 6P Shortage in India

It is not about numbers, it is about versions!” Huawei India’s affable Vice President of Sales, P Sanjeev remarks, as his fingers draw a complicated pattern on the table. We were talking about the complaints from consumers about the lack of availability of the company’s new Nexus 6P smartphone, both online and offline. The phone was easily the most high profile one launched by Huawei in India, but shortly after its launch, complaints had started trickling in about non-availability, and consumers not getting their devices on time.“It has been a tough time for us,” Sanjeev concedes. “We set high standards for ourselves and well, we were not quite ready for this.”So what exactly did not go as per plan?“We have the right overall numbers,” Sanjeev says. “We just do not have the numbers of the models that are being asked for.”In essence, it seems that the Indian consumer confounded the assumptions Sanjeev and his team and his retail partners had made about the market. “Prior to launch, we …

Is That A Fact? 5 Principles For Proving That Digital Advertising Works

“Come on, Peter,” chided the CMO, “you can’t expect me to commit millions of dollars in media spending based on that evidence.”The first 50 minutes of the one-hour meeting at this major brand marketer had gone spectacularly well. I was still at the IAB and had come to present the latest and greatest in digital advertising experiences, from new display forms to digital video and native.Once again, however, I hit a wall at the last part of the pitch: “why it works.”This was becoming an all-too-common experience. As noted in this space previously, we are witnessing the beginning of a renaissance in digital advertising, powered by advances in native, in-feed digital video, mobile and programmatic creative.Next-generation ads are moving into the reader’s natural activity stream, are using sight, sound and motion plus interaction, are reflective of the page content, and are offering the user the ability to interact with the ad content in the same manner as content on the other parts of the …

MarTech Today: Facebook’s New Tools, Infer’s New Platform & Skimlinks’ “Data Co-op”

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing LandFacebook Offers New Tools To Measure Foot Traffic, Dynamically Use Location In Ads
Nov 5, 2015 by Greg Sterling
Facebook is launching two related products for local businesses. One is a free analytics tool called “Local Insights” that shows small business owners foot traffic around their stores. The other is an update to Local Awareness Ads.Infer Launches New Platform To Take Predictive Lead Scoring To A New Level
Nov 5, 2015 by Barry Levine
Prospect Management Platform exposes data generating the score and uses it to build individual profiles, actions and recommendations.Targeting On Google’s Display Network (GDN): The Lowdown On Layering
Nov 5, 2015 by Mona Elesseily
Columnist Mona Elesseily discusses the various targeting options available in the Google Display Network and how you can apply them to your campaigns.Affiliate Network Skimlin…

Xiaomi Mi 5 is Likely to be Announced on December 3, Here is All That you Need to Know

Xiaomi has been doing a lot of things lately but the plans to launch its next flagship – the Mi 5 – seems to have been unusually delayed. The company had announced the Mi 4 in July 2014, but this year around they seemed to be more focussed on the mid-range phones like the Mi 4i and the Mi 4c. However, the good news is that Xiaomi will most probably be treating us with an early Christmas gift in the form of Mi 5. The Mi 5 is expected to uphold the Xiaomi family tradition of packing the flagships to the brim with beefed up hardware, at a price point which give the people the run for their money.It’s not that we are completely oblivious to the Mi 5 specs and what new features it might bring to the table, a series of leaks have helped us construct an image of how Xiaomi’s next flagship would be.Leaksfly, a Chinese tipster had posted on Weibo that Xiaomi will be conducting an event on December 3 in which it will be unraveling the Mi 5. The flagship is most likely to be powered by the Snapd…

First Impressions: Google Nexus 6P – The Premium-Looking Nexus?

When Google announced two Nexus phones last month – the 5X and the 6P – the consensus among the pundits was that the former was the “affordable” option (it was about a fourth less expensive) while the latter was the “real” flagship. And there was good reason for this line of thought – the Nexus 6P (made by Huawei, LG made the 5X), while still showcasing Android and coming packed with some seriously good hardware, signals a departure from the design ethos that we have associated with the Nexus series of devices so far, and ventures into the terrain of the premium.Of one thing let there be no doubt – the Nexus 6P is a big and heavy phone. It is actually exactly as long as its predecessor, the Motorola-built Nexus 6, which had been criticised for being too big – 159.3mm – even though it has a smaller 5.7 inch display, as compared to the 5.96 one on the Nexus 6. To give you a sense of just how big that is – the iPhone 6s Plus (which we definitely consider bulky – read our review) is 158.2…

Xiaomi Prepping a 20,000mAh PowerBank Which Will Support Qualcomm QC 2.0

Just months after Xiaomi unveiled its slim 10,000 mAh powerbank, it is prepping up a larger 20,000mAh which was first spotted on a retailer website. The product is expected to start selling from November 11th. The powerbank will be made up of 6 x 3350mAh high capacity batteries from Panasonic/LG and will support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, allowing you to charge the batteries at a maximum wattage of 18W.The increase in the capacity translates into a direct increase in the weight, but we feel that Xiaomi might still be able to keep the powerbank relatively compact as they did with the current crop of slim powerbanks with 9.9mm thickness. The larger capacity of powerbank doesn’t seem to take a toll on the charging time, as the new powerbank is expected to get charged from NIL to 100 percent in just 5 hours. Xiaomi has always been kind when it comes to pricing, in fact all of their products come with a sticker price so low that they never seize to amuse. In all likelihood, the 20,000 mAh…

Samsung Galaxy A9 Spotted on Zauba, Points at a 6-inch Display

Samsung SM-A9000 seems to be the model number for the unannounced Samsung Galaxy A9 and according to previous leaks, the device came with a 5.5-inch display. The SM-A9000 has been spotted on the Indian import listing site Zauba, but the specification details a 6-inch display thus contradicts earlier rumors. The phones have been imported on the Indian turfs for testing purposes on November 3rd and November 4th.The listing also points out that the imports are valued at $251 and in all likelihood the retail price could double up. The Galaxy A9 is expected to be fitted with a 6-inch FHD display and will be powered by the Snapdragon 620 clocked at 1.8GHz and paired with a 3GB of RAM. On the storage front, the Galaxy A9 is said to offer 32GB of non-expandable internal storage.Samsung Galaxy A9 will sport a 16-Megapixel primary sensor and a 5-megapixel secondary snapper. In all likelihood the Galaxy A9 will come in a dual SIM variant for the Indian market and will be approximately priced in …

Get Ready with Your Google Cardboard as YouTube now Supports VR Videos

Google had announced the Cardboard project last year, the project was aimed at bringing rich and immersive experiences to a smartphone in a super affordable way. Today, Sunder Pichai has announced that Google will be bringing the Virtual reality experience to the YouTube Android App. The best part is that you don’t have to invest for a new setup provided that you own a smartphone and a Google Cardboard viewer.Since YouTube now supports the VR videos, one can simply place their smartphones inside the Google Cardboard and watch videos in an immersive environment which will simulate the video environment by rendering an additional attribute of depth and allowing you to pan the video by moving the glasses. YouTube had recently announced the introduction of 360-degrees and the support for VR in YouTube completes the puzzle.All you need to do is update the YouTube App, click on the new Cardboard icon and place your phone in the viewer. The best part of this new feature is the fact that it w…

Study: Retailers Are Ignoring More Than 80% Of Customers’ Social Media Requests

Quka / Ignoring your customers is a cardinal sin of business. Yet that’s exactly what a large majority of retailers are doing on social media, according to a new Sprout Social study.The stats from the Spout Social’s Q4 2015 Index are damning. Retailers failed to respond to more than 80 percent of consumer questions and requests on social media in the last year. And the cold shoulder from merchants was coldest when you’d think they could least afford it, during the holiday shopping season. During the fourth quarter of 2014, only 16.35 percent of customer queries to retailers were answered.Compounding the issue is the fact that consumers are more demanding during the run-up to the holidays. Last year, there was a 21-percent increase in the number of inbound social media messages to retailers from the third quarter to the fourth. Sprout Social expects the same this year, predicting that the average retailer will get more than 1,500 messages on Facebook and Twitter during …

Marketing Day: YouTube Supports VR Video, New Facebook Ad Tools & Content Marketing Tips

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Hunger Games & TOMS Shoes Tap Into New YouTube Virtual Reality Video Support
Nov 5, 2015 by Amy Gesenhues
Both brands have VR videos which can be viewed on YouTube’s Android App using Google Cardboard.Facebook Offers New Tools To Measure Foot Traffic, Dynamically Use Location In Ads
Nov 5, 2015 by Greg Sterling
Facebook is launching two related products for local businesses. One is a free analytics tool called “Local Insights” that shows small business owners foot traffic around their stores. The other is an update to Local Awareness Ads.4 Big Marketing Takeaways From Facebook’s Earnings Call
Nov 5, 2015 by Martin Beck
Sheryl Sandberg touts Facebook and Instagram combo as a killer mobile app for marketers; 1.5 million SMBs posted Facebook video in September; Dynamic Product Ads seeing ROI as good as paid search.Infer Launches New Platform …

Hunger Games & TOMS Shoes Tap Into New YouTube Virtual Reality Video Support

YouTube announced today that it now supports virtual reality (VR) videos on its Android App. The site also confirmed that all YouTube content can be viewed via Google Cardboard, a cardboard-crafted virtual reality device designed to be used with a smartphone.According to the announcement, two brands are already taking advantage of the VR feature: Hunger Games and Tom Shoes.YouTube said users can view VR videos for the “Hunger Games Experience” or “TOMS Shoes Giving Trip” from their Android phones by tapping the Cardboard icon and placing the phone within a Google Cardboard device.YouTube’s Google Cardboard OptionFor creators, YouTube recommended Jump, Google’s 3D filming techonology, to film VR videos.Here’s an example of a video filmed using Google’s Jump technology and viewed via Google Cardboard.“VR video gives you a sense of depth as you look around in every direction. Near things look near, far things look far. So if you were excited about 360° videos, this is pretty freakin’ co…