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Will Marketing Addressability Leave SEO In The Dust?

For marketers, the promise of the web is data, and whoever owns the most (and best) data wins.Facebook and Twitter have been moving quickly to offer advertisers tools and targeting options that leverage first-party data, and Google is now aggressively following suit with its Customer Match abilities. These have been written about quite extensively here on Search Engine Land andelsewhere. The purpose of this piece is to explore what it means for SEO.For consumers, the promise of organic search, with Google as the preeminent example, is to offer quality, unbiased, highly relevant search results for a given query. Pretty basic on the face of it, right? But behind the scenes are myriad algorithms and even manual editorial choices that curate, organize and assemble the organic results we enjoy every second of the day.This leads to an essential quandary for SEO (and for search engines like Google). Data-driven marketers are driving incessantly towards personalized digital experiences, achie…

Yandex Takes Fight Against Google & Android To European Commission

Prompted by a complaint from Yandex, Russia’s antitrust regulator found that Google-required pre-installed Android apps violated Russian competition laws. Yandex is now taking the fight to Europe, which is already investigating the issue.According to Reuters, Yandex has similarly complained that pre-installed Google apps on Android devices violate European competition rules. Yandex has a number of apps that compete with Google’s, including search and maps.The complaint doesn’t add anything new to Europe’s investigation into Android. However it probably gives the Russian case and remedy more visibility in Europe.Russia’s Antimonopoly Service gave Google a November 18 deadline address its ruling and has prohibited Google from using contracts with OEMs (in Russia) that require pre-installation of Google apps as a condition of gaining access to the Google Play store.Europe is in the midst of its antitrust case against Google’s desktop Shopping Search results, which is probably the first i…

Google’s Efforts To Monetize Mobile Pay Off, But Sites See A Hit To Organic Visits

Google has made some of the biggest changes we’ve ever seen to the way it serves mobile ads over the past four months, helping to drive ad click growth up while at the same time limiting organic search visit growth.Taken together, these updates have produced perhaps the biggest gains to Google’s mobile revenue stream ever. That’s not hyperbole — let me prove it to you.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Don’t Be Deceived: Fake Reviews Are A Real Marketing Problem

As an industry, we’re at a major crossroads.Ninety percent of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, yet seven out of 10 US and UK consumers have questioned their trustworthiness. This is a problem.Consumers have a basic right to trust the reviews they read online; reviews, after all, are the key to making an informed purchase decision in today’s digital-first world.And with last month’s news that Amazon is taking a stronger stance against fake reviews by suing people responsible for writing them, combined with the cry from TripAdvisor users for more stringent verifications of authenticity for review posters, consumer trust in review content is at risk of a serious decline.Consumer-generated content (CGC), including reviews, is the backbone of a successful retail environment. Not only does it provide consumers with honest opinions from like-minded shoppers that can help them make a more informed purchase decision, but CGC gives brands and retailers a ri…

The Secret To A Winning Content Marketing Strategy? Just Ask.

It seems like everyone is suddenly focused on content marketing — content, content, content — but many are producing content that their audience really doesn’t care about. How do you step in front of the rest and create content that matters to your customers?Do you know who your customers are? You probably have a good idea of your target market and demographics, but do you know what they need? Do you know why they come to your website, visit your stores or interact with your brand on social media?If not, it’s okay — sadly, you’re probably not alone. However, it’s time to make a change.In order to craft content that’s really useful to your audience, you need to know who they are and what information they need. You can provide what you think they need every day for years on end and have no engagement if it’s not interesting or useful to them.So how can you find out what’s interesting to your customers and understand their needs to deliver content they’ll read?It’s pretty easy, really. A…

Microsoft To Build German Data Centers To Address US Govt “Spying”

Last month the European Court of Justice cited the Snowden revelations and US domestic surveillance to invalidate a 15-year old “Safe Harbor” agreement under which the US and Europe had been exchanging data. This has created massive uncertainty for global companies doing business in Europe, but especially US companies — because it effectively prevents European data from being sent to the US.The Financial Times now reports that Microsoft will set up German data centers outside the reach (presumably) of the US legal and intelligence apparatus. The move complies with the European Court of Justice’s new mandate and concerns about exposing European citizens’ data to privacy breaches in the form of US surveillance.Beyond locating the data centers in Europe — something that most US internet companies will probably now be compelled to do — Microsoft indicated that the data centers will be under the control of Deutsche Telekom. This configuration may put Microsoft data in Europe beyond the rea…

How Martech Is Like Fantasy Football: Drafting The Right Players In 2016

In the midst of football season, it’s budgeting time for marketers. For most, marketing automation has been bought and implemented already. According to Gleanster, 84 percent of top-performing companies reported using or planning to start using marketing automation between 2012 and 2015.With the quarterback in place, organizations need strong wide receivers and running backs to ensure they have a strong, integrated team to make it over the goal line.So what new big-ticket technology items will make the cut and into marketing budgets next year? The selection process is grueling, but no different from determining which players made Fantasy Football rosters this season.Context Of Martech LandscapeIt’s important to scope the field of vendors for key players before diving head first into individual solutions. A good place to start is by reviewing research firms and analyst reports to gain objective perspectives on the various players in the space.Another resource is local vendor user group…

Why Manual Link Building Will Never Be Obsolete

I recently read an article titled, “SEO Practices That Will Become Obsolete By The End Of 2016,” on (what is normally) a highly respected site. The author is someone I read and respect, but he made the claim that in 2016, manual link building will become obsolete. He has since edited the article and changed “Manual Link Building” to “Bulk Link Building.”This seemingly minor edit (which I greatly welcome and appreciate) is actually at the crux of a much larger movement that seems to be permeating the SEO community. That movement is based on the belief that doing anything one at a time, or “manually,” is a waste of time, because the sheer mass of the web and link graph makes it impossible to impact it without resorting to automated or mass tactics.Wrong. Manual link building will never be obsolete.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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MarTech Today: Bing’s Mobile Testing Tool, Robocallers Beware & Content Marketing Software

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Bing Launches Their Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool
Nov 12, 2015 by Barry Schwartz
A year after Google launched their mobile-friendly testing tool, Bing has launched their own similar version, the Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool.First Look: See Facebook’s 360-Degree Video Ads for AT&T, Samsung & Others
Nov 12, 2015 by Martin Beck
Facebook tests 360-degree video ads with selected brands and gives people the ability to see the format on iPhones and iPads.Spredfast Launches First Shoutlet-Based Feature, A Contest- and Poll-Maker
Nov 12, 2015 by Barry Levine
“Promotions” is the first of several new capabilities the social management platform will be rolling out, following its recent purchase of competitor Shoutlet.Entrepreneurs: Use Conversion Optimization Tools To See If A New Product Will Fly
Nov 12, 2015 by Brian Massey
How do you fi…

Facebook Wants to Take on SnapChat with its Very Own Self-Destructing Messaging Feature

The social media seems to be going through a phase of mishmash as services like Twitter and Facebook are borrowing each other’s features. Twitter did it by replacing the Favorite button with the Like button and Facebook now has taken a leaf from Snapchat’s playbook and is apparently testing out a self-destructing message feature.The disappearing messages can be turned on by toggling an hourglass icon on the top right of their screen, however any participants of the conversation can turn off the by simply tapping again on the hourglass feature. Currently, the feature is being tested with handful of users in France and we aren’t sure if and when it will be rolled out to other users across the world.The self-destructive messaging feature will be launched for Facebook messenger which boasts of nearly 700 million users. That being said the self-destructing feature seems to be squarely aimed at Snapchat, a Messaging app which Facebook tried to acquire sometime back.So self-destructing messa…

Review: Oppo R7 Plus – Bigger the Better?

Back in 2011, when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note smartphone which came with a humongous 5.3-inch display, some users and journalists were up in arms to protest this absurd size on a smartphone. Lest did they know that it’s beginning of a trend of big sized displays on smartphones. Since then we have seen many 6-inch+ devices from different OEMs, but none of them have managed to succeed (including the Motorola made Google Nexus 6). How about the Oppo R7 Plus? Does this 6-inch phone has enough to turn the trend? We find out.As the name suggests, Oppo R7 Plus is the bigger size variant of the R7. The 6-inch screen has a 1080p FHD AMOLED display. Although Oppo has done well to cut down the bezels on the sides, the phone is still pretty wide to hold in one hand. Being metal clad, the R7 Plus weighs around 193g (exactly same as iPhone 6s Plus), but Oppo has done well to keep the weight below 200g despite the huge screen. The phone comes in two colors – golden and silver. We had the Golde…

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro Spotted on TENAA, Features Metal Body and a Fingerprint Scanner

Xiaomi had launched the Note 2 earlier this year and now it seems that it will be shortly launching the Note 2 Pro edition. The device in question has been spotted on the TENAA listing and it sports a metal body accompanied with a rear fingerprint scanner.The specs from the listing read out, 5.5-inch FHD display, MT6795 Helio X10, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, 13-Megapixel primary camera, 5-Megapixel secondary camera and will be backed up by a 3060mAh battery pack. On the software front, the Redmi Note 2 Pro will run Android 5.0.1 wrapped in MIUI 7.At 149.98 x 75.96 x 8.75mm, the dimensional attributes seem to be almost unchanged, except for the slight increase in the thickness and weight. Since the Redmi Note 2 is currently retailing at 999 Yuan ($158) the Pro variant is expected to be launched at a slightly higher price tag of 1,099 ($172), As of now there is no word of official launch date, but TENAA certification at least confirms the fact that Redmi Note 2 Pro is in the ma…

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Threshold 2 Update Fixes Common Niggles, Focuses More on the Enterprise Edition

Microsoft has launched the fall update for Windows 10 just as promised and it seems the update attempts to fix most of the issues riddling the operating system, although these changes were pushed incrementally for the Insiders from quite some time now. Windows 10 has ushered in a completely new approach to update system and the fall update/Threshold 2 is one of the biggest patch the OS received till date.From the changelogs, it is but evident that the update is more focused on polishing the current features and bake in the pending business features which were announced at the time of the launch. Microsoft likes to call the update 1511 but will actually show the version as 10586 once installed on the computer. Another catch is that if you have updated to Windows 10 in the last 31 days you are not entitled to get the 10586 as of now, the reason being that Microsoft wants you to upgrade incrementally so that you can roll back the changes.Coming back to the update, it has addressed some c…

New Study: Video Ads With Anti-Bot Tech Lead To Higher CPMs And More Brand Engagement

From the White Ops website A new study, out today, finds that video ads with bot-blocking had 22 percent more brand engagement.The whitepaper from video ad platform Videology and security firm White Ops, “Eradicating Bot Fraud: The Path to Zero-Tolerance,” looked at nearly 300,000 video ad impressions delivered by the Videology platform with the White Ops bot-blocking technology turned on.This run was then compared with the same ad impressions, also about 300,000 and delivered to the same publishers’ inventory, with no bot-blocking.Videology director of product management Quinn Sanders told me that, each time an impression was called, the anti-bot technology would look at the requesting browser and determine if a bot was making the request. If so, the ad impression was denied, and the space might remain empty or the publisher might immediately substitute an ad from its own supply. All of this, of course, was done in milliseconds.Sanders said White Ops has an ongoing detection program t…

Marketing Day: Facebook’s 360-Degree Videos, Google Analytics Turns 10 & Buffer Adds Social Calendar

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:First Look: See Facebook’s 360-Degree Video Ads for AT&T, Samsung & Others
Nov 12, 2015 by Martin Beck
Facebook tests 360-degree video ads with selected brands and gives people the ability to see the format on iPhones and iPads.As Google Analytics Turns 10, We Ask: How Many Websites Use It?
Nov 12, 2015 by Matt McGee
Google hasn’t offered an update in years, but estimates suggest as many as 30-50 million websites use Google Analytics.Spredfast Launches First Shoutlet-Based Feature, A Contest- and Poll-Maker
Nov 12, 2015 by Barry Levine
“Promotions” is the first of several new capabilities the social management platform will be rolling out, following its recent purchase of competitor Shoutlet.Virgin America Lets Prospects “Test Drive” Their Airplane Seat Via Google Street View And Campaign
Nov 12, 2015 by Pamela Parker
In a campaign hand…

First Look: See Facebook’s 360-Degree Video Ads for AT&T, Samsung & Others

Facebook isn’t resting on its 8-billion-video-views-a-day laurels.The next step? 360-degree video and today the company announced several updates that highlight its push to introduce more of the immersive video format into the News Feed.Of most interest to marketers is the testing of the first ads using the virtual-reality like format with a handful of brands, including AT&T, Samsung and Walt Disney World. We’ve embedded the ads below.Facebook pointed to more publishers using 360-degree video, including ABC News, BuzzFeed, Frontline and Nickelodeon. Facebook has also launched a microsite to give brands and video creators help in producing 360 video. The site features best-practice advice from VR experts Chris Milk and Aaron Koplin.For Page admins, Facebook has added 360 video control settings within the uploading interface. Page owners will now be able to edit the initial camera position and vertical field of view before uploading their 360 videos.Starting today, 360-degree videos…

As Google Analytics Turns 10, We Ask: How Many Websites Use It?

Google is celebrating today in honor of the 10th birthday of Google Analytics.In a blog post, Google engineering VP Paul Muret recounts 10 of his highlights from the product’s development over the past decade — things like Event Tracking, Real-Time Reporting and Tag Management.Google Analytics was born from the company’s Urchin Software purchase in early 2005, and has since become the undisputed leader in website analytics installations. But that begs the commonly asked question: How many websites are using Google Analytics?Google has remained tightlipped about that for several years. In 2012, then-Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora said more than 10 million websites used Google Analytics — the last official update that we’re aware of from Mountain View. We invited Google earlier today to provide an updated count for this article, but the company hasn’t replied to that request.As we pointed out in 2012, Google may have been giving a very conservative count then, and the number has su…

Spredfast Launches First Shoutlet-Based Feature, A Contest- and Poll-Maker

In August, social media management platform Spredfast bought competitor Shoutlet.Today, Spredfast announced the first implementation of Shoutlet technology — a Promotions custom form builder that allows brands to create contests, sweepstakes, polls, quizzes, survey and other interactive features, and capture the user data.Previously, VP of product marketing David Prohaska told me, Spredfast had some polling capability and could handle collection of a few pieces of user data like a Twitter handle or a Facebook ID.Now, Promotions — which was called Canvas on the Shoutlet platform — allows customized templates to be created, contests and such to be added in an iFrame to a desktop or mobile site via a JavaScript tag, and all kinds of user data to be collected and provided to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.An outdoor gear brand, for instance, might want to conduct a contest for best photo of a hiking trail. Spredfast said that the accompanying Terms and Conditions usuall…