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7 Effective Strategies to Grow your Freelance Career

What better way is there to live away all of your life in your pyjamas and not having it to make it to the office every day, pretending to be happy with your job when deep inside you are not? Well, as much marvelous it may sound, it does take a lot of work and persistence to reach that level.Freelancing has taken the internet world by storm over the past decade and now thousands and millions of people are making their life online through freelancing. Freelancing is primarily all about the skills that you possess and how far you are willing to go to invest your time and money in self-development to be able to offer top-notch services to your client.Freelancing is no magic and is definitely not something that lands in your lap while you lay down in your flip-flops and pyjamas inside your room. It takes due diligence from your end and some tricks of the trade to help you land that freelancing gig that you’ve always dreamed of.In my over 3 years of freelancing career, I’ve seen the highs.…