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[Reminder] Live Webcast: Why Agencies Need Marketing Automation

It’s clear in today’s market, traditional media companies need to adapt to the digital environment to grow their market share. A major challenge for agencies is to be able to quickly and accurately identify which customers are ready to adopt a digital strategy while insuring their sales team a cost effective and efficient conversion.In this webcast, Abid Chaudhry of BIA/Kelsey and George Leith of Vendasta will discuss how marketing automation can help you identify quality leads, help you identify and nurture leads that you may have overlooked, and boost your sales team efforts with better information about their prospects.Register now for “Adapt, Adopt, Automate: Why Agencies Need Marketing Automation to Succeed,” produced by our sister-site Digital Marketing Depot in partnership with Vendasta.

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Will Fraud, Waste & Ad Blocking Drive More Outcomes-Based Ad Models?

The digital ad industry has lately been hit by a kind of triple whammy: bot fraud, viewability issues and ad blocking. Notwithstanding these challenges, money continues to pour into digital from traditional media because it’s where consumers are spending their time.In parallel, mobile devices are making it possible to measure whether an online or mobile ad exposure has caused someone to visit a physical store. Already a wide range of marketing providers and analytics companies are measuring offline actions or visits: xAd, NinthDecimal, PlaceIQ, Placed, YP, Acxiom, Marchex, SessionM, Belly, Google, Yext, Facebook and others.I recently had two unrelated conversations that caused me to think about whether display ad fraud, waste and other issues might combine with offline tracking to generate more interest in CPA or “outcome based” ad models. Those two conversations were with SessionM and Light Reaction.SessionM is an interesting example of one approach to “closing the loop.” The company…

YouTube Shopping Ad Formats Now Available To All AdWords Advertisers

YouTube’s Shopping ad formats for retailers are now out of beta and available to all advertisers in AdWords.TrueView for Shopping and Shopping ads on YouTube can be set up directly in the AdWords UI. The product names can be confusing, here’s what each offers:TrueView for ShoppingFirst introduced in May, TrueView for Shopping ads allow merchants to show Shopping ads for their own products in their own videos. Related products are shown dynamically, pulled from advertisers’ Google Merchant Center product feeds.Shopping Ads On YouTubeIn October, YouTube expanded Shopping Ads beyond retailers’ own videos. To start showing Shopping ads in contextually relevant YouTube videos, opt your Shopping campaigns in AdWords into Search Partners from the campaign settings tab.The format is exactly the same as the YouTube for Shopping campaigns — Shopping ads appear in cards along the right side of videos on desktop and tablets and below videos on smartphones.Both of these options are now open to all…

Using Paid Search To Bring Customers In-Store

For the consumer, online purchases are easy and require fairly little effort, but there are a few hang-ups: returns can be a pain, paying for shipping stinks, and waiting for a shipment to arrive is even worse.For those reasons and more, it’s no surprise that customers still prefer to shop in-store versus online.From a business’ standpoint, bringing customers in-store provides the opportunity to immerse them in the brand in a way that can’t be accomplished online. Plus, this IDC study showed that consumers who shop online and in-store had a 30 percent higher lifetime value than shoppers who used only one channel.So how can advertisers motivate consumers to come in-store?[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Indian Government Releases an App to Track Electrification of Villages in Real Time

In this digital era it might come as shocking to most of us that a sizable number of villages in India are still un-electrified, which essentially translates into the fact that these villages never had the “Luxury” of using electricity. This report says that as of August 2013, 32,227 villages of India were yet to be provided with electricity access. Although the report is two-year-old, now the number has apparently come down to 18,500, and the electrification process in still ongoing.Mr Piyush Goyal, the Union Minister of State for Coal, Power and Renewable energy has been standing strong by the Government’s commitment of achieving electrification of all un-electrified villages in India by 31st of March 2017 and the buck doesn’t just stop there as they have also introduced an Android app which will show the progress of electrification in the form of an intuitive dashboard.The Android app has been designed well and it does what it claims to do, the live dashboard works on a real time b…

Can You Now Trust Google To Crawl Ajax Sites?

Web designers and engineers love Ajax for building Single Page Applications (SPA) with popular frameworks like Angular and React. Pure Ajax implementations can provide a smooth, interactive web application that performs more like a dedicated desktop application.With a SPA, generally, the HTML content is not loaded into the browser on the initial fetch of the web page. Ajax uses JavaScript to dynamically communicate with the web server to create the HTML to render the page and interact with the user. (There is a technique called “Server-Side Rendering” where the JavaScript is actually executed on the server and the page request is returned with the rendered HTML. However, this approach is not yet supported on all the SPA frameworks and adds complexity to development.)One of the issues with SPA Ajax sites has been SEO. Google has actually been crawling some JavaScript content for a while. In fact, this recent series of tests confirmed Google’s ability to crawl links, metadata and conten…

Why Digital Attribution Is An Unsolvable Problem

French author Andre Gide once said, “a straight path never leads anywhere except to the objective.” Unfortunately, there is no straight path when it comes to digital advertising attribution.Consumers are exposed to ads throughout the purchase cycle, each having an impact on the buying decision that ultimately is made. Yet despite their best efforts, most advertisers are left scratching their heads trying to figure out which ad or combination of ads drove the sale.Was it the mobile display ad? The email offer? Or maybe the final search for the product that led them to convert?You can wander the byways of digital attribution forever and never really arrive at your destination. You can assign credit based on last-click interactions, last non-direct click, first interaction, linear allocation, time decay or by any number of other proprietary schemes.But despite the fact that digital overflows with data, the science of attribution remains shrouded in mystery.Can’t Technology Solve That Mys…

8 Ways To Boost Your Internal Culture Of Content Marketing

One of the biggest success factors for content marketing doesn’t have a thing to do with the actual content you publish. Instead, it involves the inner workings of your organization: your people, processes and priorities. Your culture.Your culture will facilitate successful and consistent content production, bringing your strategy to life. Without the right people in place, the inspired vision from your leaders and the best tools to help you meet your goals, your content efforts will inevitably fall flat.The best businesses that have been able to carve out a culture of content are pretty easy to spot:Their content is useful, varied and high-quality.They promote their internal subject matter experts.Their website is a good reflection of their personality.Their content publication schedule is consistent.How can you become a beacon of content culture and drive serious results? Here are eight ways to scale content throughout your organization:1. Hire The Right People Or Find Them In Your …

Bombora Brings Massive B2B Intent Data Store For The First Time To Adobe

Last week, Adobe announced the launch of its Audience Marketplace, where marketers can buy and sell user data for utilization in its Marketing Cloud or in other tools.Today, New York City-based data provider Bombora — a spinoff of data and lead provider Madison Logic — announced that its B2B intent data will be available to users of Adobe’s data management provider (DMP) Audience Manager, through the Audience Marketplace.Senior vice president and co-founder Mike Burton told me this is the first time user data about B2B buyer’s interests has been available at scale in Audience Manager. He noted that such data, which can be used for targeting ads and personalizing web sites, has been housed “in siloes” in individual publishers’ data, although it has been available at scale for B2C.Intent data is a kind of behavioral information that indicates what a user is interested in buying. Bombora collects anonymous intent data from its cooperative of client companies — including CBS Interactive, …

MarTech Today: Active View For Apps, MarTech As Fantasy Football & Anti-Bot Video Ads

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Google’s DoubleClick Extends Active View Reporting To Apps, Adds Viewability Bid Optimization
Nov 13, 2015 by Ginny Marvin
Updates fold viewability more deeply into DoubleClick products for advertisers and publishers.Microsoft To Build German Data Centers To Address US Govt “Spying”
Nov 13, 2015 by Greg Sterling
Last month, the European Court of Justice cited the Snowden revelations and US domestic surveillance to invalidate a 15-year-old “Safe Harbor” agreement under which the US and Europe had been exchanging data.How Martech Is Like Fantasy Football: Drafting The Right Players In 2016
Nov 13, 2015 by Scott Vaughan
Do you have the right martech in place to score this season? Columnist Scott Vaughan tells you how to choose a winning team of technologies to impact your bottom line.New Study: Video Ads With Anti-Bot Tech Lead To Higher CPMs …

Email Marketing Search Engine Notablist Launches Pro Edition With Real-Time Alerts & Dashboard

After launching its free email marketing search engine in September, Notablist has rolled out Notablist Pro – an enhanced version of its platform that offers real-time email alerts, search results and dashboard, among other advanced features.“Getting the software out before Black Friday was a big priority for us,” said Notablist founder Michael Johnston. According to Johnston, the Pro version will cost $199 per month, with discounts available for multi-user accounts.Built for email marketing designers and marketers, Notablist indexes email marketing campaign designs from more than 400,000 publishers. In addition to Notablist’s basic features, Notablist Pro users will have access to real-time search results, real-time email alerts and dashboard, as well as charting tools with the ability to export search results.Johnston says his search engine currently indexes five million searchable campaigns, with approximately 10,000 to 20,000 new campaigns added daily.

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Facebook Piloting New Profile Search Feature On Profile Pages

If you’ve ever needed to find something on a friend’s profile, you’ve likely found yourself participating in a good amount of scrolling. An option to find specific posts on a n isolated profile page hasn’t existed — but some folks have spotted one in the FB feature— Alexander C. Kaufman (@AlexCKaufman) November 13, 2015The Huffington Post’s Business editor, Alexander Kaufman, saw the above search box that relegated the search function to a specific profile. Mashable was also able to replicate the feature along with the specific results and was able to confirm that this was in fact a test that was being piloted. A Facebook spokesperson stated:“We’re piloting a way to search for people’s posts from within their Profiles. You can only search for posts that you can already see on their Timelines.”This functionality could be a boon for brands as well. A search function on Facebook pages would give customers another route to quickly find recent new…

OnePlus Announces Android Marshmallow Update Schedule for its Devices

Android Marshmallow update is something that’s on the top of our mind whilst purchasing a new smartphone. Unlike Nexus, OnePlus has not exactly been the first one to offer Android updates, but this time around they seem to have picked pace as Cyanogen OS will be updating to Marshmallow in the first quarter of 2016, and OnePlus One will be amongst the first devices to get this update.The update will be seeded to OnePlus 2 which runs on Oxygen OS in Q1 2016 and will incorporate the new standard Marshmallow API for the fingerprint sensors. OnePlus will not be creating an API for the fingerprint implementation and instead they will be sticking with the standard Android M implementation. Meanwhile, the company is reportedly working to get the Marshmallow to the OnePlus X at the earliest and will soon update us about the same – translation: no time frame yet for OnePlus X. OnePlus One will also be treated to a similar update in the first quarter of 2016 and in the meantime a community build …

Review: Apple Watch – The Nuanced, Artful Nudger

So permit me a slight digression into sport at the very beginning of a tech review. The game of cricket is supposed to be India’s ruling passion. The object of the game is to score as many runs by hitting the ball with a bat. Some batsmen choose to hit the ball as hard as possible and aim for clearing the boundary, being spectacular. Others just nudge it around, push it here and there and keep scoring without too much of a fuss.The Apple Watch is like the latter.Just released in India (we are not going into the “why so late in India” debate here – that is the company’s call, really), the watch is perhaps the world’s most talked about wearable and has been discussed threadbare – which is why we did not go into first impressions mode with it. It already has been seen on so many wrists for so long now. We don’t know how many units it has sold, although Apple insists it is doing well. What it definitely HAS done is established the wearable segment as part of the gadget market with just ab…

Gmail Introduces a New Feature to Warn You Against Sending Emails on Unencrypted Channels

Gmail is one of the most extensively used free email services and Google has decided that it will setup some additional security measures to warn users of unencrypted connections. Phishing and email scams are not something new and have been around the corner since long however, Google’s new feature would warn users of unsecure connections thus reducing the chances of being scammed and phished.This new security feature will however warn users of unencrypted communications between other providers since Gmail to Gmail communication is usually encrypted. The new feature is part of Google’s efforts to ramp up the security, which is also the heart of its Safer Email Transparency report, which analyses email security beyond Gmail servers.The finding further elucidates how email is more secure today than what it was two years ago. The survey was based on the study of tampering with requests in Active Internet Regions. The second step involved unearthing DNS servers publishing bogus routing in…

Google Will Reward Map Reviewers with 1TB of Free Drive Storage

Google has brought into play an update for its local guide maps which would reward people who regularly review, upload photos and add information about the businesses. Google has devised the reward program in such a way that reviewers are assigned levels according to which they will be rewarded.If the guides reach level two they will get early access to new Google products whilst the level three folks will get a badge next to their name, indicating a trusted reviewer. The level 4 is the stage at which you will be able to rake the jackpot in the form of 1TB drive storage for free, mind you this storage actually costs $9.99 per month. Guides who make it to level five will be allowed to attend the first local guide summit once they garner 500 points. Google has not detailed the summit plans yet but is seems that the attendees who make it to the summit will be able to meetup with the other top guides from around the world and checkout the Google campus as well. The maps review program has …