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Google App Streaming: A Big Move In Building “The Web Of Apps”

Google App Streaming became a reality today and with it, a new era of Google pushing to create a “web of apps,” the ability to easily find and browse content within apps as easily as people use the web today.Below, I’ll explain how the new service that’s in testing works and how it might change things. To start, I’d like to revisit the web itself.How The Web Could Have Been LostImagine if, in order to use the web, you had to download an app for each web site you wanted to visit. To find news from the New York Times, you had to install an app that let you access the site through your web browser. To purchase from Amazon, you first needed to install an Amazon app for your browser. To share on Facebook, installation of the Facebook app for your browser would be required.That would be a nightmare. It would get even worse when you consider how this would impact search. Every day, millions of people are searching for answers to new things they’ve never realized they needed before. Each pers…

Social Pro Live Blog: How Social Marketers Can Stay On The FTC’s Good Side

Mark Van Scyoc / Good morning from Las Vegas! Day one of Marketing Land’s Social Pro conference is about to begin, and we’re starting with a real treat: a keynote conversation with the FTC about everything marketers need to know about social media disclosure rules and more.Our special guest is Mary Engle, the FTC’s Associate Director for Advertising Practices, and she’ll be chatting soon with our founding editor, Danny Sullivan. We’re due to get started at 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET, so come back and follow along as I live blog today’s keynote conversation.

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Use Google’s Search Console API & Pivot Tables To Supercharge Your Long-Tail SEO

Google’s recent changes to their Search Console API have allowed for interesting data analysis via Impressions and Clicks data. Leveraging the power of Excel and Pivot Tables, an unprecedented level of detail is available to fine-tune your search marketing campaign.Querying The QueriesGoogle’s API documentation has excellent code samples and query structure guidance, and it should be considered essential reading for any SEO looking to push data to the fore in their SEO strategies.For today’s article, I’m going to cover the “Search Analytics: query” section, which explains how to use the Search Console API to query your search traffic.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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How To Prep For The Pending Penguin Update & Ensure You’re Penalty Free In 2016

Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, confirmed on Twitter that we’ll be graced with the next Penguin update before the end of 2015.@Andrew_Isidoro yes— Gary Illyes (@methode) October 28, 2015 This means that all of those webmasters who were hit by the last Penguin update (in December 2014, mind you) now have the chance of recovery, since historically, this update hasn’t been refreshed automatically.This next Penguin update should also be a real-time version, so as Google detects spammy links, sites may be impacted immediately — and when spammy links are removed, those sites may see a more immediate recovery.While I want to believe in my heart of hearts that spammy links aren’t an issue anymore, and the whole industry has adopted above-the-board, clean linking strategies, I know that’s not the case. With every algorithm update comes a host of winners and losers, and I’m sure this next Penguin release will be no different.I know auditing your link profile isn’t always top-of-…

Learn Successful Tactics For SEO, SEM, Mobile & More – Check Out The SMX West Agenda!

Mark your calendars, sister site Search Engine Land’s SMX West returns to San Jose in March! Attend SMX West to learn performance-boosting tactics that will fire up your campaigns.The 50+ session agenda offers professionals measurable tactics in SEO, PPC, analytics, and more, including:How Email Marketing Is Revolutionizing Paid Search RankBrain: What Do We Know About Google’s New Machine-Learning System? Essential Analytics Reports That SEOs Can’t Live Without Running Global PPC Campaigns At Scale Getting AMPed With Accelerated Mobile Pages & Google Check out the complete lineup of sessions here.You’re guaranteed to leave with thought-provoking insights and practices that enhance your search marketing efforts. Just see what past attendees have said!Save With Super Early Bird Rates
Register for an All Access Pass and pay $1595, the lowest rate available. Get 3 days of dynamic content AND career-defining connections at an exceptional value. Upgrade to an All Access + Workshop combo pass …

Market Research Platform Lucid Launches “Proof” To Test Ads’ Effectiveness

From the Lucid website Let’s say you launch a digital ad campaign targeted at fathers, aged 25 to 35, who make over $100,000.How do you know you actually reach them?That’s the key problem New Orleans-based Lucid — known as Federated Sample until August — is trying to solve with today’s release of its new digital marketing measurement tool called Proof.Lucid provides respondents to marketing research surveys, as well as an exchange for the buying and selling of market research.Through those resources, it has built up a database of more than 50 million anonymous respondents, each of whom has completed a survey on their demographics and other characteristics before they participate. For participating, they receive such compensation as points, miles or minutes.Each of those users has also had a cookie deposited on their computer, or their mobile device ID registered. In a participating ad campaign, a Lucid pixel is shown each time an ad is displayed. This pixel is tied to the cookie or the…

What Publishers Must Consider When Planning Their Mobile Strategies

Mobile traffic on most publishers’ siteshas been soaring in recent months, sparking them to consider fundamental and strategic issues about the future of their businesses. The underlying question: what’s the optimal way to respond to internet users who are increasingly doing their browsing on mobile devices?However, understanding the unique technology and opportunities and evaluating dozens of potential vendors has become increasingly challenging in today’s multi-screen, multi-platform environment. All publishers need to partner with technology vendors in order to monetize their mobile content and maintain their brand experiences.The best way to address this complex problem is to break down the process into manageable parts, which helps publishers build a smart mobile strategy.Infrastructure, Creative and MonetizationThe three categories I recommend are Infrastructure (including ad serving and SDKs), Creative and Monetization.Publishers — regardless of the format of their mobile conte…

MarTech Today: Bitly’s Channel Tool, No “Emergency Stop” for Social & Prepping For Penguin Update

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Bitly Launches Tool For Channelizing Its Short Links
Nov 17, 2015 by Barry Levine
Called Bitly Campaigns, it allows marketers to create and track links across multiple channels, instead of makeshift tracking in Excel.Mobile Marketer Ubimo Adds Politics As A Data Layer For Ad Targeting
Nov 17, 2015 by Barry Levine
Tel Aviv-based firm sees the political character of a precinct as being useful targeting info for a marketing, as well as a political, campaign.Most Social Media Management Tools Still Lack “Emergency Stop” Button For Times Of Tragedy
Nov 17, 2015 by Martin Beck
All agree that brands should stop promotional messages in the immediate aftermath of tragic events, but most management dashboards don’t have a simple way to pause posting.Here’s How Marketing Tech Is Different This Holiday Season
Nov 16, 2015 by Barry Levine
Three marketer…

Salesforce Adds New Predictive Powers To Its Marketing Cloud

Salesforce is today enhancing its predictive powers by announcing Predictive Journeys for its Marketing Cloud.The company’s platform had previously offered predictive tecommendations about content for users, like suggesting which graphic or whitepaper would best be served next to a prospect.In Customer Journeys — Salesforce’s name for the path from prospect to regular customer — marketers had used analytics to manually make their best judgments about when and how to engage, induce and convince would-be customers.Now, the new Predictive Scores and Predictive Audiences widen the platform’s ability to judge where a customer is in the Journey, and to forecast what is needed next. Taken together, they assemble what the company calls Predictive Journeys.In its announcement, Salesforce compared it to the difference between, on the one hand, manually following a map, and, on the other, being guided dynamically on your route to account for sudden developments like a traffic jam or a closed roa…

Urban Airship Enables Real-Time Mobile Data Insights For Marketers

Don’t cross the streams was the famous line from the movie Ghostbusters. But that’s exactly what Urban Airship is trying to help marketers do.In September of this year the Portland Oregon based company introduced what it called Urban Airship Connect, which seeks to enable in-app user data to be distributed to any tool or system (e.g., CRM) in an organization. The idea is to take mobile data and in-app user interactions and make them available across channels. That enables mobile data to be used to optimize marketing or retargeting campaigns in, for example, email or social media.Connect offers “one click integration” with a wide range of existing “business systems,” including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Amazon Web Services among a wide range of others.Today the company is introducing a companion product, Urban Airship Insight. Insight offers a real-time view of mobile users to enable marketers and brands to better understand audience in-app behavior. The practical objective …

Search Engine Value: The Not So Secret Mantra for SEO Success

Now-a-days social media has come out as a giant when it comes to driving traffic but it’s undeniable that SEO is still the most profitable & free way to drive highly targeted traffic to our blogs & websites.After investing about four years of my immortal life online, I had many things to write about as per my experience concerning SEO, & so is this article all about it. There are many guides available here at ShoutMeLoud to bring traffic to your site through search engine, so I wanted to come up with a new term & hence I coined it as Search Engine Value.I wanted to give you a new perspective to look at Search engine which is the present & may be most vital part in future. This term came up as in my business I have learnt that being valuable is best way to excel in work & personal life. Similarly, our blog has to be the valuable resource of the content that people are searching for, in other words, we can call it search engine value that we provide through our b…

Redesigned Google+ Shifts the Focus to Conversation and Communities

Google+, which was designed to take on the likes of Facebook had failed to take off and just when we thought it was going nowhere, Google has announced a new update. If you log in to your G+ account, you will see a prompt – after accepting it you will observe the entire layout being changed and minor changes in functionalities have crept in.Google says that it has been getting a lot of traction on the communities, which is attracting nearly 1.2-million new joins every day along with the recently launched collections which the according to the company claims has been growing steadily. The communities end up as a place for people to discuss their topic of interests for example the Android community in Google+ has more than a million members who discuss the happenings in the world of Android.Google has kept these two features at the centre, quiet literally and has redesigned the Google+. The communities and the Collections occupy the front and the centre, while the entire Google+ has bee…

The New Windows 10 Find My Device Feature Will Help Find Your Stolen/Lost Laptops

The Windows 10 Threshold 2 update has fixed many niggling issues and has also optimized the operating system to work faster on machines with lower specced hardware. The boot time has also improved considerably, and along with all these, the Fall Update 1511 also ushers a new feature called “Find my Device”The new feature might sound familiar as it was incorporated in Windows Phone 8.1, but this time around Microsoft has brought it for the Windows 10 PC build. Phone tracking has gotten popular in recent times, but not laptop tracking. Since we usually carry our PC with us while travelling, it is but obvious that the chances of the laptop being stolen or lost will exist. The Find My device feature is introduced to solve the problem by telling you the last location where the laptop was used.In the past, we had written about many laptop tracking services and also a trick to use Dropbox to track the laptop, but this new Find My Device feature from Microsoft should be easier of them all.

We …

Surveys: On Black Friday Millennials Will Be In Stores And On Their Smartphones

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping surveys. Two new ones from Wanderful Media and Retale offer insights into the mind of the coveted but elusive Millennial holiday shopper. Compared with the general population, both surveys reflect that Millennials are more eager shoppers and more focused on digital sources, especially mobile, for pre-shopping research.The Retale survey found the majority (54 percent) of US adults will not be shopping on Thanksgiving Day. However Millennials will be hitting stores on Thanksgiving: “57 percent of millennials (18-34 years old) say they plan to shop in-store on Thanksgiving Day.”Source: Retale holiday shopping survey (n=1,000 US adults)On Black Friday, 75 percent of Millennials also plan to be in stores and mobile will be their shopping tool of choice. Roughly 88 percent will be using smartphones to compare prices, look for deals, research products, make lists, find store locations and post the play by play on social networks during the shopping melee.…

[Reminder] Upcoming Webcast – How To Boost Lead Conversion

According to a recent study, B2B companies are spending 50 percent of their marketing and sales budgets generating leads that are never pursued. It’s a classic sales dilemma: how often do you reach out to a lead before moving on to the next one?In this webcast, Barry Levine and Gary Gerber review the latest marketing and sales automation software and show you how to boost sales conversion, with or without automation, to maximize the return on every lead.Attendees will learn how to align their sales and marketing efforts to save time and money, how to optimize their producers’ time and maximize their success, and how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing companies’ ability to engage prospects.Register now for “ No Lead Untouched: How to Boost Lead Conversion” produced by our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, in partnership with Conversica.Barry Levine is a technology writer focusing on marketing tech and a TV/Web producer who has worked in interactive media and TV since 1986 a…

Payoneer Mobile App Is Pure Bliss For Freelancers & Affiliates

When it comes to receiving payment from foreign countries, there is only handful of companies out there. I discovered about Payoneer service in 2009 but started using them recently. After realizing how much money I can save when receiving money via Payoneer over PayPal or Payza, now I try to receive majority of my affiliates & advertisement payments via them. ( I will share the difference & money I saved via this in future posts).I’m in a quest to explore more about them & will keep sharing more learning & use cases with you in the coming days. For today, I will share about free Payoneer mobile app that is available for both iOS & Android. In this post, I will share my experience with the app & if you are an existing user of Payoneer, you would love to have their mobile app.For those who have never used Payoneer, it’s a service like PayPal which let you receive payment from foreign countries (Learn more here). You can also use Payoneer to receive payment from v…

Google Revamps Google+ To Focus On Communities & Collections

Google’s seemingly neglected social network, Google+, is finally getting some TLC.Today, the search giant announced that it’s redesigning Google+ and putting the focus on two of the features Google+ users like the best: Communities and Collections.This move was telegraphed by Google VP Bradley Horowitz this summer when he officially ending Google+’s role as the social layer for Google products. At the time, he said, Google+ would start focusing more on making it easier for people to share their interests on the network.Google said it has spent the last few months gathering feedback about what users like and the redesign reflects that. Google said Communities, which are forums for discussions about topics of interest, are thriving with more than 1.2 million “joins” a day. Collections, introduced in May to give people and brands a way to organize their posts with topic categories, are growing even faster, Google said.In the new design, Communities and Collections have been given a more …

Android 6 “Marshmallow” & SEO Series: Click To Search With Google Mobile

As Google’s crawling technology becomes more sophisticated and prolific with the release of Android Marshmallow, search behavior is expanding with new input methods that are more contextual and immediate than voice or text-based search.This article is the third in a series about Android Marshmallow-related changes to the mobile search results that will impact mobile SEO strategies. The first article in this series focused on the Private Index, and the second article focused on Sponsored Google Now Cards.This third and final article focuses on another subtle change that Google has added to the mix: Single-gesture search behavior. This is the ability to long-tap on a word or phrase from any page in Google Chrome to execute a new search. This single-gesture search functionality is currently only possible on Android devices so far, but does fit well with the goals of Google’s new Android OS.Since Google hasn’t officially announced or documented this change to the Android Chrome functional…

Google Will Fight Russian Antitrust “No Mandatory Apps” Ruling

Seeking to avoid a potential “precedent” that might be emulated elsewhere, Google will challenge the Russian antitrust agency’s determination that it violated Russian competition law with its Android app rules. Yandex complained that Google was violating Russian competition law by requiring pre-installed or default Google apps on Android.In late September, Russian regulators agreed with Yandex and handed down their ruling giving Google until November 18 to amend its contracts to remove app pre-installation requirements. Now it appears that deadline has been extended to December 18.Reuters quotes Google’s Russian blog saying, “We intend to contest this decision and explain in court why we consider it unfounded.” This position is consistent with a more aggressive approach Google is taking in Europe in contesting the European Commission’s Statement of Objections on Shopping Search.A couple of years ago it appeared that Google might be able to negotiate its way out of these antitrust disp…

Marketing Day: An E-Commerce Report, Bitly Adds New Tool & The Product Search Battle

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Mobile Marketer Ubimo Adds Politics As A Data Layer For Ad Targeting
Nov 17, 2015 by Barry Levine
Tel Aviv-based firm sees the political character of a precinct as being useful targeting info for a marketing, as well as a political, campaignE-Commerce Activity Climbing, While Electronics Top Non-Branded Search Terms
Nov 17, 2015 by Pamela Parker
TVs, laptops and home decoration dominated online shoppers’ minds as they browsed and bought in higher numbers last week.Bitly Launches Tool For Channelizing Its Short Links
Nov 17, 2015 by Barry Levine
Called Bitly Campaigns, it allows marketers to create and track links across multiple channels, instead of makeshift tracking in Excel.Most Social Media Management Tools Still Lack “Emergency Stop” Button For Times Of Tragedy
Nov 17, 2015 by Martin Beck
All agree that brands should stop promotional messa…

Mobile Marketer Ubimo Adds Politics As A Data Layer For Ad Targeting

Credit: From the Ubimo website It’s that time of year again.No, not the holidays. It’s the time when presidential politics gears up for its year-long season, and mobile marketing firm Ubimo is today announcing that it is adding US precinct-level election data to its targeting platform.The Tel Aviv-based company, which focuses on the US market, said this is the first time such publicly available Presidential and Congressional election info has been married to local event, demographic and other data for targeting ads at mobile apps. Its other data layers include household income and ethnicity, as well as time-based info like weather and events.CEO and co-founder Ran Ben-Yair told me that his company’s platform targets the user for the best time to show an ad, such as during a local concert that event and location data indicates the user is attending. Ubimo provides a demand-side platform for app advertisers, as well as a data management platform (DMP) for targeting.He said that previous …