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Google Launches Compare For Mortgages In The US

The latest addition to Google’s Compare suite launched today. Google Compare for mortgages joins lead generation programs for auto insurance and credit cards.First announced at the AdWords Performance Summit in May, Google Compare for mortgages is now available in California, with additional states to follow. Launch partners include Zillow Group and Lendingtree.As with other Compare products, the mortgages product aggregates mortgage quote information. Participating vendors are charged on a cost-per-lead basis when users fill out a quote request.In Google search results, Compare products appear as sponsored listings for related queries. They separated from the AdWords paid ads and don’t compete in the AdWords auction.Google launched the auto insurance Compare product in the US in March 2015.

via Marketing Land

Blogging for Success: My Letter to a Frustrated Blogger

Just published a post on ShoutMeLoud and was reading the stuff here when I saw this letter by a frustrated blogger. In brief, it was a blog post about how the bloggers get stuck into a vicious cycle of hope, hard work, achievement & failure and quit blogging at the end.I read it all and something triggered my mind. I felt like I have been there and done that. In fact, that very experience is has led me gradually to a significant success.From my 4+ years of experience and lots of brain-sucking observation, I know exactly what had been missing when I was in the same position. This is the same thing most of the bloggers miss and fail to revive.Blogging for so long and not successful yet? Here’s what you might be missingSuppose blogging is a nail you want to pull out of the wall. So what will you need for that?Most of the bloggers would say “force”, but this is where they get it wrong.The force alone won’t be able to pull out the nail. You also have to complement it with right directi…

Is Google Now Becoming A News Reader Too?

Ever since “stories to read” started appearing in Google Now, I’ve been eager for Google expand the section. Now Google appears to be doing just that.Previously the stories that users saw on Now appeared to be tied to search queries. Users would typically see three of four stories based on recent searches. But now other factors are contributing to what stories Google shows in Now.From three or four, I’m lately getting roughly 15 stories to read on my Android tablets. And curiously I see slightly different lists in somewhat different orders on my Nexus devices and my iPhone. In addition, the number of stories iPhone is 9 is roughly half what I’m seeing on my Android tablets (7 vs. 15).From what I can infer, some of the stories are based on search queries and some are based on what’s popular among readers of publications whose sites I’ve visited. For example, some of the stories are associated with mentions such as the following:“You’ve shown interest in the San Francisco 49ers”“Popular…

5 Important Online Shopping Dates You May Have Left Off Your Holiday Marketing Calendar

For many marketers in the US, November 11 was an opportunity to promote Veterans Day specials or just a part of their campaign buildup to fast-approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.But for more than 100 million shoppers in China, November 11 is known as as “Singles Day.” Aggressively promoted by Alibaba since 2009 as an exhortation against the alienating effects of consumerism on Valentine’s Day, this day was created to expand the opportunity for celebration beyond romance. Purchases made on Wednesday generated sales in China topping $14.4B in revenue.In a different part of the world, shoppers in Brazil have been joining the pre-holiday frenzy and taking advantage of Black Friday in their home country.As we all know, Black Friday is an American event, with stores showcasing major discounts released the day after Thanksgiving. However, Brazilian shoppers make it apparent that there are no cultural limits to the universal appeal of a good deal.The success of Black Friday in Br…

Google Customer Match From The Email Marketer’s Point Of View

On September 28, Google announced the release of its Google Customer Match advertising product. If you’re not yet familiar with it, it’s a new way to leverage email addresses to connect with your customers and prospects on the web.Some of how it works is similar to Facebook Custom Audiences or other media in which an email address can be matched with a media site’s user list.In essence, you’re checking to see if you have any customers in common and, if so, leveraging that knowledge for targeting or suppression on that network. Google has offered this connection via straight string match or SHA-256 hash on search, YouTube and Gmail.My company has been lucky enough to be involved with the beta and now the full launch of the product. While results are just starting to come in and aren’t clear enough to share yet, I want to take this opportunity to look at this launch from the perspective of an email marketer, what it allows us to do and some challenges I see.The BenefitsGoogle Customer M…

MarTech Today: Facebook VR, Google Analytics’ Calculated Metrics & SEO For Featured Snippets

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook’s Oculus Finally Ships First Consumer Product: Samsung Gear VR
Nov 20, 2015 by Martin Beck
Mark Zuckerberg’s big bet on virtual reality gets its first test with $99 Samsung headset.Keep Your Accounts Clutter-Free With This AdWords Script
Nov 20, 2015 by Russell Savage
Columnist Russell Savage shows us how to build an MCC-level AdWords Script that will find and delete your “dud” keywords.Marketing Analysis: Unlocking The Power Of Descriptive Statistics
Nov 20, 2015 by David Fothergill
Columnist David Fothergill provides a handy primer on statistical principles that can help make your sense of and glean insights from your marketing data.Google Analytics Adds Calculated Metrics
Nov 20, 2015 by Matt McGee
New tool allows the creation of custom metrics that are calculated from traditional metrics, such as Revenue Per User and more.SEO F…

How to Opt-Out of Interest-Based Advertising and Stop the Ads from Following You

You are probably aware of contextual advertising where ads are served based on the content of the current web page. For instance, if you are on the ESPN website, the ads on the page could be for sports related products. If you are reading a review of a mobile phone, you may see ads for mobile accessories or other brands of phones.The buzz is however around interest-based or behavioral advertising where ads are displayed according to your past online activity and interests. To give you an example, if you search for ‘hotels in singapore’ on a travel website, you’ll see that almost every website you visit later will have ads arounds Singapore hotels. Whether you are reading news on CNN, checking out cooking videos on YouTube or reading your Facebook newsfeed, the ads are likely to be around the same them – Singapore hotels.
In other words, the ads follow you on the Internet even after you have switched to a different website. Online advertisers, with the help of browser cookies, are able…

Bezel-less ZTE Nubia Z11 Renders Spotted, Expected to Feature a 5.2-inch Display and Snapdragon 820

Bezel-less phones seem to be slowly catching the fancy of the buyers as ZTE Nubia Z11 renders show us. The Nubia Z11 will come with a display made by using Frame Interactive Technology, which is apparently the same technology used in the company’s other Bezel-less phone the ZTE Nubia Z9. The technology will allow users to gesture and swipe on the side of the screen to toggle on certain features.The ZTE Nubia Z11 is fitted with a 5.2-inch display set at a resolution of 1440 x 2560, translating into a pixel density of 565ppi. The powerhouse is expected to shape up in the form of the much awaited Snapdragon 820 paired with 4GB of RAM and Adreno 530 GPU to take care of the Graphics. On the Storage front, the Nubia Z11 boasts of a 128GB of internal storage. The probable specs hint at an high end premium phone, not to mention the fingerprint scanner at the back.The ARI (Arc Refractive Index) is used to hide the bezels, in essence the technology uses a curved glass that refracts the light in…

Best Tools to Customize Your Smartphone Beyond Cases and Covers

Expressing one’s personality through the mobile device they’re using is becoming more of a trend these days. Getting the newest model, choosing the color that matches our way of being, buying a case to go with that and many other ways or customizing the exterior of a smartphone are pretty common among cellphone users.But simply changing the way it looks on the outside is often not enough, so why not customize it inside-out? You probably know that you can change the ringtone, download or transfer a song you like to set it as a ringtone, change the wallpaper, make the phone ring in a different way for each person calling you and so on and so forth. Apart from doing this manually, there are also quite a few apps out there that can make it even easier for you to turn your smartphone into your baby.Background PicturesWhen it comes to the wallpaper that shows up the first time you unlock your phone, there are many ways to personalize it. You can simply browse through the integrated options …

Lenovo Vibe S1 Launched in India for Rs 15,999; Features a Dual Front Camera Setup

Lenovo has launched its new smartphone the Vibe S1 priced at_________ at an event in New Delhi. The Vibe S1 is a mid range phone from Lenovo and the highlight of this phone is the dual front camera setup. The Vibe S1 is fitted with a 5-inch FHD display and is powered by the 1.7GHz octa-core 64-bit MediaTek MT6752 CPU paired with 3GB of RAM.On the storage front, the Vibe S1 offers 32GB of internal storage along with a microSD card slot. The Vibe S1 comes with a dual front camera setup, made up of a 8-Megapixel sensor and a 2-Megapixel senor which will work in tandem just like the dual camera setup found on the likes of HTC One M8. As expected, the 2-Megapixel sensor will be used to add the depth to the photographs while the 8-Megapixel sensor will still perform the primary task of capturing photos. The primary camera shapes up in the form of a 13-Megapixel sensor which comes accompanied with a dual tone LED flash.The camera app is said to offer an option to refocus the images after bei…

App Comparison is a Desperate Bid by Microsoft to Bring Android Users on the Windows Phone Bandwagon

The app shortage has been a perennial problem for the Windows Phone and Microsoft, something which they frantically tried to solve with the Windows Phone 8 update a couple of years ago. Now with the flagship Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL up for sale, Microsoft has taken upon themselves to prove that Windows Phone Store has all the applications you would be using in your current Android phone and this is true, at least partially.It comes as no surprise that the Windows Phone store has lesser number of applications as opposed to the iOS or the Android store, but the numbers can’t be the ultimate metrics. Microsoft has come up with a new app called “AppComparision” for Android which will match the Android apps on your phone to the ones in Windows, and if the app is not available it will suggest the next best alternative.Just to set the records straight, I had migrated to Windows Phone from my Android an year ago, and the experiment was running fine until one day I found the dearth of suppor…