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Calling All Marketers, Developers & Growth Hackers. Send Your Team To MarTech!

Shared knowledge, experiences, vocabulary and vision. All foundational elements for building successful teams and maximizing your marketing technology investments. MarTech: The Marketing Technology Conference is the experience that will get everyone on the same page: marketers, technologists and those fluent in both disciplines. Send your team to MarTech for: Case studies from leading brands who’ve overcome thorny organizational, interpersonal and compliance issues that make or break marketing technology implementations. Vendor-agnostic presentations from marketing technologists who’ve identify needs, chosen solutions and driven implementation. Solutions from more than 50 (and growing) fascinating marketing technology firms. You’ll get to meet large “platform” companies, start-ups who are seeking to disrupt them, and a wide range of specialist innovators who cross multiple marketing platform ecosystems — all in one room. Check out who’s exhibiting . The Martech Community.

A CMO’s View: How The 208-Year Old Wiley Brand Made The Move From Traditional To Digital Marketing

After more than 208 years in business, Wiley has moved its brand into the digital age while continuing to focus on educational resources, professional development and scholarly research. “There is a global demand for knowledge and learning,” says Wiley CMO Clay Stobaugh, “Gaps in higher education, a skills deficit in industries and the need for innovative research.” Stobaugh says his brand is focused on addressing these challenges. With more than 1,500 brands within the Wiley family – including WileyPLUS, CrossKnowledge, and the popular For Dummies series – Stobaugh’s responsibilities are far-reaching. “My role as CMO is to build, within Wiley, a global modern marketing organization that delivers measureable results and drives revenue.” As CMO, Stobaugh oversees Wiley’s Marketing Revenue Center (MRC). “The MRC works across customer engagement, demand generation, CRM and global branding, and external communications,” says Stobaugh, “Within these groups, you have areas such as sa

Search And The Local-Mobile Consumer

Search must be an integral part of a strong media strategy, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Local consumers now use mobile technology more, which affects how marketers engage with – and convert – the local shopper. On Thursday, December 3, hear from BIA/Kelsey’s Abid Chaudhry and YP’s Luke Edson about how national brands can best use local and mobile search to pinpoint consumer desire and drive sales results. This webinar will cover the latest trends and innovations in search marketing, the role of mobile and apps in local search and changes in overall consumer behavior, and more. Register now for “ Search and the Local-Mobile Consumer: What’s A Marketer to Do? ,” produced by our sister-site Digital Marketing Depot in partnership with YP. via Marketing Land

How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy For 2016

Content marketing is an intimidating, but necessary, part of raising brand awareness now. It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of SEO elements, content guidelines, audience interests and promotional strategies. But at the heart of it, content marketing has one simple central tenet: Deliver fresh, unique and informative content that taps into the interests of your target audience. How you go about that can vary, and how you continue your content marketing efforts will change as you get to know more about your audience. However, as with anything that seems insurmountable, providing great content to support your brand is a step-by-step process. For information on how to create your best content marketing strategy, read on. Get To Know Your Audience Not having a good grasp of your audience while trying to serve them streams of content is like someone setting up on a busy street corner and yelling nonsense into the wind — perhaps one or two people may stop to inquire, but for the mo

Transactional Email Provider SendGrid Continues Its Entry Into Marketing With Launch of “Campaigns”

SendGrid , which began life as a transactional email delivery platform for apps, is today taking another step into the world of email marketing. The Boulder, Colorado-based company is announcing Marketing Campaigns, a set of mass emailing features for customer retention, customer acquisition, newsletter communications, promos and company announcements. The new capability is another step in the company’s march toward becoming what it calls “a multi-channel engagement platform.” When it was founded in 2009, its initial emphasis was on transactional email functions for applications, such as for account verification, password reset or purchase receipts. In October, the company launched Threads, which provides behavior-driven email that is triggered by user actions or conditions. For instance, a new member might receive an email two days after a signup, instead of right away. “Historically, we’ve been focused on transactions,” director of product marketing Jesse McCabe told me. “Now,

When Brand Names Are Destroyed By Damaging Doppelgangers

This month, the Isis Books & Gifts shop in Denver was vandalized, apparently because someone associated their name with the ISIS terrorist group. This isn’t the first time a company’s brand name has been overtaken by a negative doppelganger. Here are some more examples of brand names damaged by unrelated things that share their names, and a smidgeon of reputation management advice on what to do when the unimaginable happens. Isis Books/ISIS Chocolate/ISIS Terrorists In the case of the Isis bookstore, they’ve now been vandalized a handful of times due to the ISIS moniker. Of course, their name was originally inspired by the ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis, but perhaps the vandals are not very knowledgeable about esoterica and ancient myths. They must surely be too young to recall the popular Saturday morning TV superhero series, “The Secrets of Isis,” of the 1970s. Or perhaps they know about Isis but are just overwhelmed with ire at the sight of the name that’s become infamous

10 Hobbies Worth Pursuing for Your Curious Mind

Hobbies define who we are. You might be wondering aren’t we defined by what our day job is or how much bank balance or friends we have? The answer is you simply are what you choose to be when you are disconnected from the world, calm and choose to do your own thing. Hobbies are where we devote our free time to or make up a time to pursue them relentlessly. A writer, blogger or a musician with a day job that lets them do their thing isn’t illustrated better by their day job. We all have an itch inside ourselves , a dream that waits inside silently to shine at some point of time. Although, for most of the people in the world, a hobby is something they wish to pursue as a career , but they can’t because it doesn’t pay the bills, at least it is what is occupied in inside most of the people’s minds. But the reality is something else. Why Hobbies are great for the curious mind? If you are like me, chances are pretty high that you cannot settle on one particular hobby to pursue it lifelong

LinkedIn’s New ‘Voyager’ App Gets Extreme Makeover & A More Streamlined Experience

scyther5 / NASA’s Voyager was a spacecraft that was built to go farther in space than any previous efforts and became the first craft to enter interstellar space. The fact that LinkedIn code-named their new App project ‘Voyager’ should tell you something about their goals with the new technology. The new app has 6 navigation tabs at the top of the screen including a pull-out list of other LinkedIn apps. One of the issues that previously arose with LinkedIn’s mobile strategy was the disjointed feeling that users had due to the sheer number of apps. The app navigation list shows what you have installed and can transfer you directly over in a fairly seamless format. Another major upgrade is the messaging tab that displays conversations in much more of a casual ‘text-y’ private message feel format than the traditional email feel of LinkedIn messages. Other than some of those larger changes, the overall experience seems more streamlined, sleek and snappier. The Fe

Personalization: Your Surefire Strategy To Increase Customer Engagement

Next time your phone buzzes with a push notification , take an extra second to look at the message that pops up. At first glance, it probably looks simple enough — a hundred or so characters with a call to action. But in truth, there is a lot of intelligence behind that simple notification. Each piece of it can be, and should be, carefully tailored to you as an individual based on all the information the sender knows about you. The challenge for app publishers and brands is that you can’t tailor every message for each user by hand. Personalization at scale is paramount. Why? Because 25 percent of apps are only ever used once , and mobile users want personalized marketing and app content that maps to their preferences, needs and locations. The key is creating a message that appears as though it is customized for each user. The Power Of Push Push notifications play a critical part in a personalized engagement strategy — our recent data shows that 65 percent of push-enabled users

MarTech Today: Adobe Renames Flash Tool, Loading Pages Without Images & Social Tools Roundup

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Flash Fades Further As Adobe Renames Its “Flash Professional” Animation Tool Dec 1, 2015 by Barry Levine Now called “Animate CC” and out early next year, the rebranded product is another indication that Adobe is trying to position itself as the leading maker of HTML5 tools. Google’s Chrome Android App Loads Pages Without Images When Low Bandwidth Detected Dec 1, 2015 by Amy Gesenhues Currently, the update only applies to users in India and Indonesia, but Google says it will be rolling out the new feature in more countries soon. Brands, Take Back Control Of Your Data Dec 1, 2015 by Benjamin Spiegel Columnist Benjamin Spiegel discusses how to overcome the “data silo dilemma” big brands face when tapping multiple agencies to manage their data. The Big Social Tools Roundup From SocialPro Dec 1, 2015 by Eric Enge Columnist Eric

Are the Days of Queuing Up to Buy the Latest iPhone Over in India?

G uest Post by Arpit Verma. We all associate launch of new iPhones with a crowd of people standing outside Apple Stores for hours on end, just so that they can be among the first ones to touch the latest and greatest from Apple. This sight is very common in parts of United States and Europe, right from the days of the original iPhone way back in 2007. India was immune to the ‘stand in the queue’ syndrome till the iPhone 5s, which coincides with the period when Apple really put India among its priority market, one that it wants to expand its presence into. Post the launch of iPhone 5s we have seen several malls, retail shops and Apple retail outlets issue tickets and pre-bookings which allow the Apple faithful to queue up at 12 midnight, for the sale to begin. While the charm of being one of the very first to own a newly launched iPhone remains unscathed, is it really the smartest thing to do? No, we are not alluding to how safe or unsafe Indian cities are at night or if the retail

Upcoming Second Generation Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 Specifications Leaked

S amsung has been lately trying to spruce up their mid-range offerings and the major part of the effort is to bring in the second generation of A series phones. I, personally have never been the fan of mid-range Samsung Galaxy phones, be it the very famous Galaxy Grand or the other half a dozen phones. With the A series, Samsung tried to bring in a slew of changes inclusive of the complete redesign and better choice of materials. TENAA and FCC certifications have been a boon, in the sense they have always given us a sneak peek on the devices yet to come. Second generation Samsung A5 has been recently spotted on the TENAA, thus revealing the specs. If you remember the second generation Galaxy A7 has already made it to TENAA, whereas the Gen 2 Galaxy A3 was spotted on the FCC website. Now it is but fair for us to take a look at the leaked specifications of all these three devices. The Samsung Galaxy A3 is expected to come equipped with a 4.7-inch 720p display, whereas the Galaxy A5

Will Carl Pei Ever Settle? Never! [Interview]

“ How do you get the idea of a company like OnePlus? “, “ Oh and THEN how do you get about setting it up? “, “ Oh wait, and what did you do at school before that? “… what if you get a chance to ask Carl Pei , the co-founder of OnePlus, all these questions? We did. And so we asked them. And a lot more. So here is us getting up, close and personal with innovator extraordinaire, radical thinker, and dramatic blogger, Carl Pei in a detailed interview. 1. The world knows Carl Pei as the person behind OnePlus. But tell us, how on earth did he get into technology in general and mobile phones, in particular? I got interested in technology relatively late. In 1998, my family got our first computer, a Dell laptop, and it was my first encounter with the internet. I remember being gifted Warcraft II but was too scared (or young) to actually play it. My heart would skip a beat every time one of my characters died. As I learned HTML and started spending more time online, I was really fascinated