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Last-Minute Holiday Checklist For Online Retailers

December is here, and the holiday shopping season is off to a great start — especially for the e-commerce industry. But when the pressure is on, it’s easy to let smaller details slip through the cracks.Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With that in mind, here’s a quick checklist with five ways to avoid a seasonal disaster.1. Prep Customer Service On All PromotionsIf you haven’t already, you must arm your customer service team with the tools they need to quickly resolve issues that will inevitably come up. The first step is to ensure customer service fully understands all promotions your store is running.My advice: Keep a shared, running spreadsheet of any offers you have planned, as well as their starting and end dates, how each promotion or sale works and any other information that could help a store representative field customers’ questions.When each offer goes live, have everyone take five minutes to walk through the steps for getti…

Who Are The Potential Buyers Of Yahoo?

Yahoo’s board is meeting to discuss the fate of the company’s remaining Alibaba stake as well as whether the company itself should be sold. Round one of media reports took up the potential sale of the business, round two is: who might buy Yahoo?An article in the Wall Street Journal speculates on that latter question based on discussions with “people familiar with the matter.” It would appear there are no shortage of potential buyers. That makes sense given that Yahoo is one of the few “brands” on the internet and has the third largest audience behind Google and Facebook.Below is the list of companies cited in the article; some of these are extremely speculative:VerizonIAC/InterActive Corp.News CorpPrivate-equity firm TPG CapitalAT&TComcastWalt DisneyIt’s also possible that pieces of Yahoo could be sold if not the entire company. Yet the board could equally decide that it’s in the best interests of the company and shareholders to remain independent.If Verizon were to buy Yahoo it w…

Google’s Latest App-Install Ad Lets Users Test-Drive Games Before Installing

Google has unveiled two new interactive app-install ad units for app marketers. The formats, Trial Run Ads and Interactive Interstitial ads, are designed to make app promotion ads more engaging to combat install-and-ignore behaviors; Google says one in four installed apps is never used.Trial Run ads are for game apps and currently launching in beta. Users can test drive a game within the ad before deciding to download it. Content streams from the app for up to 60 seconds. Users who download the app after trialing it are presumably more likely to keep playing once they have it on their phones.The Interactive Interstitial ads, also in beta, are available to all types of apps, not just games. The HTLM5 -based ads allow marketers to customize and test their ads beyond the standard templates that Google offers. App data and content can pull into the ads dynamically and app marketers can get creative with the content they show and ways in which users interact with the ads.Zalora is one of t…

Google’s Year Of Change Hits Mobile Retail

It has been a year of change at Google. A barrage of updates to the format of mobile search result pages have thrown the organic search performance for many retailers into chaos.Many of these changes are related to increases in what we call “rich answers.” These changes primarily take two forms: increased frequency of rich answers and alterations in the positioning of rich answers. (Hint: They’re now largely showing above the first organic listing, rather than between listings 1 and 2.)Aside from rich answers, we’ve also seen changes to a couple of paid placements that have had similarly strong impacts on organic search performance for retailers, especially those with established brands that have brick-and-mortar locations. All of these changes suggest that Google is in the midst of a major mobile transition.Our aim here is to help show where Google has been, where it’s going and where we need to be.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Four Tools To Break You Out Of The Keyword Research Box

Keyword research is a fundamental activity for an SEO professional, and although everyone does it a little bit differently, there are a few typical steps most people employ:Come up with a list of base keywords that will be used to come up with more ideas.Expand upon your base keywords using autosuggest and/or other means.Find search volume, competition and/or prioritize your list of keywords.This post will tackle some little-known, alternative ways to accomplish steps 1 and 2, to come up with a greater number of keyword ideas without relying purely on brainstorming or the Google Keyword Planner.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Don’t Blame The Google Algorithm For Search Traffic Declines

Predicting why organic traffic has declined year over year or month over month can be quite challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.I have seen many companies (and some SEOs) correlate a drop in traffic with the date of a known algorithm update and assume that the site was hit by Penguin, Panda or Hummingbird, for instance.But this is often not the case; there are many other reasons why organic traffic can decrease over time.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Facebook’s Page Plugin Now Lets Users Chat With Messenger & Subscribe To Events

Earlier this year Facebook launched “Page Plugin”, an embedded widget that promoted Facebook pages and content. This month, they announced that they’ve bulked up the functionality to do much more than simply promote content. Page Plugin can now handle messages from customers (using Messenger functionality) as well as integrating with Facebook Events.MessagingIf you are a brand that leverages Facebook and Messenger for customer service this integration is right up your alley. Visitors can now pen a message and instantly send to your staff and follow up using messenger. For customers, this is a clear win – no extra contact accounts needed and contacts occurring on a platform that they are familiar with. Posted by Facebook Developers on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 To implement messaging on Page Plugin, head over to the developer documentation for details.EventsAccording to Facebook 55 million public Facebook events were created last year. Events can now be managed and featured within Page Pl…

Optimizing For Mobile Search In 2016: A Continuous Process

The growth of mobile has become undeniable. The Google mobile-friendly algorithm update of April 2015 set off a firestorm of activity as sites struggled at the last minute to ensure that their pages were compatible with mobile.In 2016, sites will need to transition their mindsets from being just mobile-compatible to being mobile-optimized.Mobile now represents an impressive amount of online traffic. In 2015, it surpassed desktop for Google searches worldwide. Our own research at BrightEdge also indicated that by Q3 of 2014, purchases made on mobile had nearly the same average order size as those made on desktop. People are using mobile for their day-to-day internet needs, from browsing to shopping.As we prepare to head into 2016, this mobile trend will only dominate more of the online activity of consumers. For brands to cope with this shift, they must be optimized for people using their smartphones and other mobile devices.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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The Six Biggest Mistakes In Corporate Blogging

Content marketing, like any other business initiative, is a learned skill. It’s not as simple as sitting down at your keyboard and typing out a few bits of advice relevant to your niche. (It actually used to be a lot like this, but now it is much more competitive.) In fact, corporate blogging is a learned discipline, just like accounting, marketing and good management.However, some business leaders see it differently. They think that they can hire a good writer to produce content, publish it on a website and watch the visitors come rolling in.There’s much more to it than that. You need an intricate understanding of the industry and innovative things to say.You also need to you know your SEO, social media and email marketing, and you need to understand the promotional formula that goes into blogging, which allows it to be successful. You can blog all day, but if you don’t promote it correctly, you will never reach the levels of success you are looking for.In short, it’s easy for people…

Super-Smart Business Intelligence Engine BeyondCore Partners With Microsoft To Offer a Free Version

From the BeyondCore website For many marketers, the big obstacle in data analysis is that they’re not data scientists and don’t know the right questions to ask.While data analytics software is getting friendlier to non-data scientists, San Mateo, California-based BeyondCore tries to take this even further by automating “the discovery of meaningful patterns in data.”And today the company is partnering with Microsoft to offer a freemium version.It is releasing BeyondCore Analyst for Office, which integrates into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook and allows ten analyses per month for free on datasets in Excel or Microsoft SQL. A premium service at $100/monthly allows unlimited analyses as well as the ability to query larger datasets, including big data ones in Hadoop, SAP HANA or Oracle.The reason the company decided to release a freemium version, founder and CEO Arijit Sengupta told me, was because it kept hearing, “This is too good to be true.”“People have gotten so used to vaporware,”…

Yahoo Messenger Revamped, Picks up New Features like Unsend, Account Key and Photo Drawer

In line with our earlier reports Yahoo has launched the all new Yahoo Messenger on Mobile, Web and the Yahoo Mail. The revamped Messenger will bring about a handful of new features including unsending, liking messages and sharing stuffs. The company claims that Messenger has been redesigned to facilitate a way for people to communicate in a fast and easy manner. Remember, Yahoo has been a pioneer when it comes to Messaging app but lately they seemed to have lost the midas touch.It was AOL and Yahoo Messenger which hooked me to the Internet almost two decades ago. Currently the market is crowded with hundreds of Messaging apps trying to make a place for themselves. Among these Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Viber etc are ruling the roost. This time around, Yahoo claims that it has designed the app from ground up – something that was long pending. Let’s check out what the new Yahoo Messenger promises and if it delivers.Yahoo seems to have taken a leaf from the Flickr’s book and…

MarTech Today: Possible Yahoo Sale, LinkedIn’s “Voyager” App & Aruba’s Updated Beacon Platform

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Report: Yahoo Board Meets To Discuss Potential Sale Of Company
Dec 1, 2015 by Greg Sterling
This morning, a couple of articles appeared speculating about who could potentially succeed Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.Mobile Marketer UberMedia Introduces The Concept Of “LROI”
Dec 2, 2015 by Greg Sterling
Mobile marketing platform UberMedia has coined a new term: “Location ROI” or “LROI.” In that context, the company is measuring and optimizing mobile media against offline store visits.Calling All Marketers, Developers & Growth Hackers — Send Your Team To MarTech!
Dec 2, 2015 by Marketing Land
Shared knowledge, experiences, vocabulary and vision: All foundational elements for building successful teams and maximizing your marketing technology investments. MarTech: The Marketing Technology Conference is the experience that will get everyone on the s…

Facebook Instant Articles Rolls Out in Asia for iOS

Facebook has announced that Instant Articles has gone live for iPhone users across Asia. Instant Articles is a new vertical from Facebook that will bring content from selected publishers to the users along with a couple of extra other features. The Instant Articles made its debut on Android in India a couple of weeks ago, the rollout for Android will continue simultaneously and will be wrapped up by the end of the year.Facebook has partnered with media publishers across the Asian region. In India it has tied up with AajTak, Hindustan Times, India today, The Indian Express and The Quint. Instant Articles is aimed at allowing publishers to introduce intuitive features like zooming and panning high res pictures by tilting the phone, interactive maps, audio captions and an ability to highlight and comment at individual lines of the article. The news will be pushed on your timeline and Facebook claims that the reading experience will be up to ten times faster than a run of the mill mobile b…

Content Discovery Platform Taboola Advances Its Global Plans By Announcing It Is Now The Largest

Taboola, which has big plans to create a new category that combines content, personalization and advertising, is announcing today that it is the largest discovery platform in the world.The claim is based on data from analytics firm comScore that pegs the platform as reaching 639.5 million unique desktop users.Although the company is just now announcing its new top dog position because it just recently got the stats, it actually crossed over about Labor Day. ShareThis, which had occupied the top slot, fell to second place and Outbrain is in third:Like its competitors, Taboola offers those “you might also be interested in…” links and thumbnail images at the bottom of countless articles across the web. Publishers pay for clicks on their content, which brings users to their site.This new ranking, founder and CEO Adam Singolda told me via email, “confirms that our strategy of investing in product and technology is helping us grow at a rapid pace globally.”He specifically attributed the new…

aimClear’s Psychographic Targeting for Political Advertising Agencies’ WINS

These targeting concepts are built at the intersection of marketing and political strategy. We’re not just sharing ways to find voters aligned with a certain candidate or cause; we’re pulling back the curtain on how campaigns will find you over the next 11 months.You can think of an election as a one-day sale with the world’s longest crowd-funded advertising campaign. The products are candidates, the KPI is votes received. Secondary KPIs might include dollars raised and volunteers recruited, both of which support driving the primary KPI higher. For months – years in some cases – campaigns identify likely voters, try to persuade undecided voters and raise the money they need to get as many people into their store as possible on Election Day. It’s no different than a marketing funnel any business would develop.Let’s jump into Facebook and look at tactics for achieving the highest KPI possible.New for the 2016 Cycle: Address TargetingEvery campaign should be taking advantage of Facebook’…