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Modern Marketing Essentials Guide To Mobile Marketing

Practically the entire world has a mobile phone, and a whole bunch of them are smartphones.Obviously, that is not breaking news. We all know that every single day, more and more people turn to their smartphones or tablets to do nearly everything they can do on a computer.There is no shortage of statistics to back up and support the fact that the use of mobile as part of an overall marketing strategy is no longer a luxury — it is, in fact, essential.This white paper from Oracle goes beyond the usual statistics and provides five quick tips on how to optimize your marketing campaigns for the mobile world. Visit Marketing Land’s Holiday Retailer to download your copy and learn more. Sponsored by Oracle.

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Scaling Manual Link Building

Last month on Search Engine Land, I talked about how manual link building isn’t going away in 2016, despite some predictions otherwise.In my post, I explained how links, a strong signal within search, also provide further marketing value by:Establishing online connections.Tapping into new audiences.Creating more inroads to your site.Building brand equity.When you miss out on links, you miss out on marketing.Of course, you’re not missing out on anything if you aren’t actually linkworthy. Link building is going to be a waste of time if you haven’t properly invested in your site by creating linkable assets that are relevant and valuable to your audience. Link building is part of a larger marketing cycle, and it comes last in the process.But what if you’re a massive brand, and you need a large-scale link campaign? Assuming your site is worthy of links and promotion, how do you scale something as “manual” as manual link acquisition?By scaling human effort.[Read the full article on Search E…

The Six Quality Score & Ad Rank Questions Everyone Has For Google

Ad quality and Quality Score (the 1–10 metric in AdWords) are possibly the most debated things in all of AdWords. I think once you understand my employer Google’s point of view on quality, you can stop with the debate and start making optimizations.Back in November, I wrote up a Q&A about advertisers’ burning AdWords questions. Given all of the questions we get on ads quality and Ad Rank, I wanted to dedicate a full Q&A to these topics. These are the questions our support teams get most often from all of you. Let’s run through what people want to know about quality.1. How Do I Increase My 1-10 Quality Score?I should start by pointing out that Quality Score (1-10) is a lot like age: just a number. This question should really be phrased, “How do I make better ads for my users?” Quality Score, that 1-10 number you can see on your Keywords tab, isn’t the best way to measure how well your ads are performing. In fact, it isn’t even used when calculating your Ad Rank. (Real-time, auc…

Reader Buy-In: Marketing Land’s Top 10 Retail Columns Of 2015

This time of year, it’s all about retail and shopping. But Marketing Land’s columnists kept us awash in valuable retail information the whole year through.What a year it has been. The biggest trend has likely been the growth of mobile as a platform for shopping (rather than just researching), and our columnists addressed the importance of mobile (including help with Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update) in many of the top articles for the year. Meanwhile, various social platforms — including the shopper-friendly Pinterest — incorporated technologies to let people make purchases directly from their pages.Other most-popular columns looked at how retail marketers can use data to achieve success — covering everything from Google Analytics reporting to customer segmentation. The psychology behind purchase behavior proved a big topic of interest this year, as well, as all of our marketing strategies — however enhanced by technology — are built upon meeting prospective customers’ needs …

Content Culture: Our Top Content Marketing Columns For 2015

Despite some concerns earlier this year that content marketing may have reached a plateau, there was still no stopping the forward march of content in 2015. The Content Marketing Institute’s most recent B2B Content Marketing Report found that the majority of B2B marketers — 88 percent — used content marketing as part of their marketing strategy.Of course, as more content is endlessly churned out, marketers must inevitably ask, “How do you break through the noise and stand out?” That’s the question many of our expert columnists sought to answer here on Marketing Land over the past year, providing a wealth of advice on how to speak to your audience and rise above the content clutter.Some of the most popular columns of the year looked at the nuts and bolts of how to craft an effective content marketing plan. Readers were also interested in understanding which channels are best for distribution and how to integrate content across those channels.For those insights and more, be sure to take…

Trusted Media Brands’ Chief Digital Officer Is Focused On Improving User Experience

Formerly known as Reader’s Digest, Trusted Media Brands, Inc. (TMBI), is a global media company with several well-known U.S. and international brands under its belt, including “Reader’s Digest,” “Taste of Home” and “The Family Handyman.”TMBI’s extensive portfolio of brands reaches more than 53 million unique users and 40 million social media fans every month. This past October, the company named Vincent Errico its Chief Digital Officer, and tasked the veteran digital marketer with continuing to grow its digital audiences, as well as generating revenue across the full TMBI portfolio.Still new to his position, Errico says he’s working on several significant projects right now.“While I can’t yet reveal the details, I can share that our main focus is on improving the user experience across all brands and devices and making it as engaging as possible for our users in order to drive revenue,” says Errico.With more than three decades of digital strategy and leadership experience, Errico pre…

Hey Santa, Check Out Our “Naughty & Nice” List For 2015

Sure, Santa’s route list for his single-night of deliveries is targeted, automated, geo-located and Google-mapped to precision these days. And NORAD continues to clear the skies so his old bucket can make the rounds without interference.But it’s not all sugar plums and fairy dust for the Old Guy. Like anyone in the tough business of figuring out what people want, he still can’t get enough good data.To help out, we offer some pans and praises in marketing, advertising and search that stood out to us during this rapidly-fading year:The Naughty ListTime To Forget “The Right To Be Forgotten”The consequences of the “Right To Be Forgotten” decision in Europe continue to grow more absurd.France wants Google to somehow ID French citizens anywhere in the world and censor their search results — wherever they are — according to the Forgotten rules.And Russia is getting into the act. A new law requires that search engines must delete links to info about Russians if the material violates laws, is …

Getting Attribution-Ready For The New Year

Top brands like Walgreens have stated that attribution is on their wish list to figure out in 2016, so why shouldn’t it be on yours?The new year is always a good time to review what you’ve already set up for the new year and what you need to do in order to grow your business, so below are my top tips to get your marketing programs attribution-ready for 2016.Get Tracking GoingThe first step to running any sort of attribution game is to make sure you have a persistent “user ID” across all media. The simplest way to do this right now is through cookies.Once a user sees one of your ads or visits your site, they are cookied. Until that cookie is deleted, you can track everywhere that user goes on the journey to eventually convert on your website. This isn’t terribly hard to start, and it’s the first step toward real attribution for all of your digital marketing sources.Establish Your Source Of TruthOnce your users are tracked, you need to be able to measure them. However you track user act…

MarTech Today: Yahoo Mobile Search’s AMP Support, Adobe Post Launches & Humans > Bots

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Yahoo Mobile Search Gets AMP Support, Twitter Integration, New Image Search & More
Dec 22, 2015 by Barry Schwartz
Yahoo has revamped some of their mobile search results and jumps at supporting AMP-powered news publishers.State Of E-Commerce Benchmark Report
Dec 22, 2015 by Digital Marketing Depot
Yotpo’s e-commerce benchmark report features the most recent and relevant data from more than 65 million orders across more than 120,000 e-commerce stores.The Search Is Over: Marketing Land’s Top 10 Search Marketing Columns Of 2015
Dec 22, 2015 by Jessica Thompson
From Google algorithm changes to reputation management nightmares, this has been an eventful year in search. Take a look at the columns that resonated most with search marketers in 2015.Adobe Launches Adobe Post To Help You Build Better Social Graphics
Dec 22, 2015 by Martin Beck

Hole in Apple iTunes Approval Process Results in a Massive Store of Pirated iPhone Apps

Sideloading applications on iPhones was never easy thanks to Apple’s staunch efforts to control which iOS apps are allowed in the App store. Jailbreaking has been the only way to do that, and a lot of users avoided doing that as unlike Android, it wasn’t really a child’s play when it came to the iPhone.But vShare, a pirated app store has recently figured out a way to bypass those security hoops letting them create a giant store of fake/pirated iPhone apps, even for non-jailbroken iPhones.According to researchers at ProofPoint, Apple lets companies create their own applications that are solely used by their employees. The company has to pay $299 an year to get a special licensed certificate from Apple and these companies join the Apple Developer Enterprise program.Those apps as mentioned are used only by the company’s employees and are therefore not on the App store. But an iPhone is allowed to download it as Apple servers uphold that certificate.The pirates at vShare managed to get th…

WhatsApp Video Calling Reportedly Being Tested Out in Private Beta

Nearly after an year it launched the voice calling service, WhatsApp is reportedly testing out a video calling feature which would help it compete better with its rivals. The video calling feature was long overdue especially after considering the fact that other messaging services including Facebook Messenger, WeChat etc already have it.A German blog seems to have gotten hold of the private beta for the app and the screenshots depict video calling and a couple of other features being tested out. Apart from the Video calling thing, WhatsApp also seems to be testing a multiple chat window option that would let users private chat with users in different tabs, simultaneously.The Video calling menu comes baked with the usual set of features including the front/back camera toggle, repositioning the video preview on the main screen and the option to mute/unmute the microphone. The leak seems pretty legit but again it would be preposterous from our end to comment on the originality of the scr…

The Importance of Keywords in SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

Use the proper keyword & you will get more search engine traffic.Optimize your website/blog keyword & it would help you rank faster.How many times have you got such advice when you have started to learn about SEO? Keywords are the first thing that you should know & learn about when start to optimize your blog SEO.  This guide is written for a beginner like you to understand the most fundamental concept of SEO & i.e. Keywords & their importance.Let’s start with the basics & if you have been blogging for a while,  your 95% of traffic is coming from 5% of your posts. What I meant to say, you will be getting maximum search engine traffic on few hand-picked post of yours. Have you ever questioned why these posts are getting so much traffic? You must have done something right. Is int it?The reason is, unknowingly some of your post are ranked on the first page for keywords that are highly searched by users globally or in a specific region of the world. The thing that …

The Ultimate Guide to Google Photos

Android was always criticized for not having a great photo management app, the default ones were slow and didn’t really synced with the cloud. Third party developers jumped in quickly with some really good alternatives like “QuickPic” but those too were lame when it came to the UI itself.Google at their I/O event this year unveiled the completely redesigned “Photos” app, a one stop solution for all your photos. With unlimited backups, beautiful materialized applications across platforms and a web interface, this app is just perfect.Google Photos does two things exceptionally well – Organizing and Searching. Backing up to the cloud can be done easily by any other app but managing them can be a tedious task, exactly where this service shines. Being able to search with the context “Show me my mom’s photos in Aurangabad” is just breathtaking. Google also solved storage problems a lot of users have nowadays by letting them delete the local photographs. Sharing full size photos is a piece o…

Google Plans to Take on Facebook M with its New Smarter Messaging App

Messenger apps have been the new favorites with the tech companies, with soaring popularity and the sudden spike in number of users, even Yahoo decided to revive its Messenger by giving it a new lease of life. Google is currently being thwarted by Facebook’s new Intelligent assistant M which leverages Artificial Intelligence along with actual human intervention to help the users.Messaging services do deserve the limelight as they are amongst the most popular mobile apps with a recent research from Portio Research ltd. saying that the Messaging apps have more than two billion users. While WhatsApp rules the roost globally, WeChat still maintains the numero uno position in China. Right now all of these apps are looking beyond just connecting people and trying to bake in new features which will help the users to perform other tasks without leaving the Messenger.Flipkart’s Ping service is a small example of what a Messenger app can transpire to be. Google is planning to integrate chatbots…

ADRC is a One for All Remote Control Hub for the Internet of Things

Internet of Things is bigger than we think and it is also about making the current devices smart rather than introducing new smarter devices. The IoT is a technology that would bless most of your electronic appliances with brains, something that would drastically change the way devices are perceived. Amazon Dash was one of such devices that leveraged the power of Internet and bought about a new way in which we can replenish our household inventory.The way we control these devices still seems to be the missing link, while most of the smart products are relying on their own bridges to control the devices it is becoming increasingly necessary to create a Hub for controlling all the devices centrally. It would not be something appalling and convenient if every IoT manufacturer comes with their own app.ADRCADRC (Auto Discovery Remote Control) is a new platform from Xped that will allow smartphone users to control most of the electronic devices in their everyday environment with a simple ta…

Facebook’s Most Popular 360 Videos For 2015: GoPro, BuzzFeed & Zuckerberg Make The List

As we near the end of 2015, Facebook has released its most popular 360 videos of the year with content from a wide range of publishers, including GoPro, BuzzFeed, USA Today and even CEO Mark Zuckerberg.“As 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the ten most popular 360 videos shared on Facebook over the past few months,” says Facebook on its media blog, “These videos have enabled us to explore stunning new places and experiences — from flying wing-to-wing with the Blue Angels courtesy of USA TODAY to surfing some of the biggest waves in Tahiti with GoPro.”Released in September, Facebook’s 360 videos allow viewers to change the angle of the video they are viewing, exploring a scene from different perspectives.Of the video creators behind Facebook’s most popular 360 videos this year, Star Wars and GoPro – the only traditional brand to make the list – were among the initial publishers to take advantage of the immersive videos when they first launched.Facebook’s M…

Marketing Day: An E-Commerce Benchmark Report, Paid Search In 2015 & Adobe’s New Graphics Tool

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Google Search Executive Tamar Yehoshua Joins RetailMeNot Board, Raising Eyebrows
Dec 22, 2015 by Greg Sterling
Deals aggregation site RetailMeNot (RMN) appointed Google search executive Tamar Yehoshua to its board of directors. Some have suggested this is a conflict of interest, given RMN’s dependence on Google SEO for traffic. State Of E-Commerce Benchmark Report
Dec 22, 2015 by Digital Marketing Depot
Yotpo’s e-commerce benchmark report features the most recent and relevant data from more than 65 million orders across more than 120,000 e-commerce stores. The Importance Of SEO In Omni-Channel Marketing: Part 1
Dec 22, 2015 by Trond Lyngbø
What is omni-channel marketing, and why does it matter? Columnist Trond Lyngbø discusses how SEO fits into an omni-channel marketing strategy. Using Search Data To Explain Media Impact
Dec 22, 2015 by Andrew …