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The iPad Pro Only Diaries, Day 1: Why am I Doing This…and What I Did?

When I told people that I would spending the rest of 2015 using only an iPad Pro, ditching my trusty notebook (it’s not THAT long a period, really – just about half a dozen days), their first reaction was “why?”. And with good reason. After all, the iPad Pro is not really positioned as a notebook killer, more as a super iPad – in India, you can get a slightly older (and still super) MacBook Pro for less than the price of the beginning model of the iPad Pro. Also, the iPad Pro is an iOS device while notebooks generally run Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Chrome. Apple’s biggest tablet ever actually runs on an OS built initially for a mobile platform. On paper then, it would seem that the notebook and the iPad Pro are two parts of a spectrum destined never to meet. Why on earth then should one compare them?Well, the answer is twofold: firstly, we were deluged with queries about whether the iPad Pro could replace a notebook (we suspect the query owes a lot to Apple showing off the Smart Keyboa…

Top 5 Free Icon Packs for Your Android Phone

The biggest advantage Android still holds in the mobile ecosystem is the elevated level of customization it offers. You can go crazy with the features but even if you aren’t a pro, changing how your Android phone’s software looks is a piece of cake with a few downloads.There are a tons of ways you can personalize your phone including wallpapers, messing up with the home-screen using widgets, themes if your phone supports and some more. But you can also change looks of the app icons by simply installing icon packs from the play store. Sometimes the manufacturers offer really ugly icons with their phones just to provide a unique look for their software and that’s exactly where these applications come in handy.So, What’s an Icon Pack? If you really never cared about customizing, chances are you never heard of icon packs. Icon packs are basically applications you can download from the store and these apps replace almost all your app icons installed on your phone.Also, icons packs require o…