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5 Trends In Local Search In 2015

Local Search is a constantly changing landscape, and that certainly has been the case in 2015! The power of local search for a local business cannot be underestimated. A Bright Local study found that local search is the most effective digital marketing channel for local businesses. Here are my top five takeaways from a crazy year in local search.1. From Seven To Three, The Google Snack PackIn my opinion, the single biggest change in local search in 2015 was the number of local results dropping from seven to three on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). These results are now lower on the page, too, with local ads taking up more premium space.Don’t expect this to change! It’s now more important than ever to be in a top-three position in Google local results. Local businesses need to prepare, because “pay to play” is here to stay.2. Near Me & Location-Based ServicesA recent Google study indicates that for local searches involving “near me” in 2014, 80% were conducted on a mobi…

Tech in 2015: Hits and Misses!

2015 was a happening year in tech. From autonomous cars to augmented reality to crazy space missions, many boundaries were broken. In the land of gadgets, there were many expected hits and some surprising misses as well. So we at Technology Personalized put our heads down and listed down the 10 hits and 4 misses in tech for 2015.HitsThe point to be noted is that this list reflects what we thought were good products. They need not be necessarily commercial hits. We just felt that these products stood out from the crowd in what was a very crowded 2015!Huawei Nexus 6PGoogle Nexus devices are always associated with compromises so much so that many believed Nexus devices aren’t meant to be perfect. Almost every single Nexus device compromised on the battery and/or the camera, but 2015 delivered a sweet surprise in the form on Nexus 6P – a beautifully designed metal unibody with top notch hardware and delicious software, carefully blended to deliver a top class experience. At USD 599 (Rs 39…

The Big Wrap-Up: The Top 10 Columns On Marketing Land In 2015

From the death (again) of Google+ to social media advertising and mobile business apps, Marketing Land’s most popular columns of the year spanned a wide range of tactics and strategies.One phenomenon that rose to the top of readers’ minds in 2015 was the perennial search for the new new tool that will give them an edge on the competition or automate time-consuming tasks. The rise of mobile marketing and the further development of social media platforms were also hot topics this year, as was the eternal search for data and insights to inform marketers’ campaigns.Read on for the top 10 columns contributed by marketing practitioners in 2015. Many thanks to those listed below and all of the other great columnists that help make Marketing Land what it’s become. Happy New Year to all our contributors and readers; may the marketing odds be ever in your favor in 2016 and beyond!What The Unofficial Death Of Google+ Means For Marketing by Travis Wright, published on 4/7/15 in the Social Media M…

2016 Resolutions For Affiliate Advertisers: 6 Steps To A Successful Year Ahead

With 2015 just about in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look down the open road that is 2016. Affiliate marketing, with its roots in native content, continues to be a proven method to reach consumers and drive sales.Affiliate advertisers looking at ways to be most successful in 2016 should determine plans now. To get that started, here are five winning resolutions to improve your influencer network beyond measure in the new year.Reassess Your Publisher Mix With An Open MindBefore looking ahead, it’s important to look back to examine what worked best in 2015 to identify top-performing publishers and discover new insights about audience reach. Ask your partners what new techniques they have started to use to drive traffic to their site. You might be surprised to learn something new, and that information could spark ideas for 2016 strategies.Today’s modern shopper looks for the best deal, be it from a mobile app, in-store or on a coupon site. We know from our own data that Q4 is always…

MarTech Today: Twitter’s Mac Client, Big Data To Win Back Users & What’s An Ad Network?

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Twitter (Finally) Updates Its Mac Desktop Client
Dec 30, 2015 by Matt McGee
Version 4 brings desktop app more closely in line with standard mobile app experience.How Marketing Can Use Big Data To Win Back Users
Dec 30, 2015 by Josh Todd
How do you win back lost customers? Columnist Josh Todd reveals some key strategies for using your data to engage with users and invest in the right customer.MarTech Landscape: What Is An Ad Network?
Dec 30, 2015 by Ginny Marvin
Ad networks have been around for nearly two decades. Find out how they work and what they offer publishers and advertisers.Organic Food For Thought: Our Top All Things SEO Columns For 2015
Dec 30, 2015 by Jessica Thompson
What types of content were search engine optimization (SEO) professionals hungry for this past year? Our most read SEO columns covered topics ranging from Google de…

OnePlus 2 Mini Certified by TENAA; Images and Specifications Leaked

OnePlus launched two high profile smartphones in 2015, the OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X, but it looks there’s no stopping sign on the company’s roadmap yet as according to a recent report, the OnePlus 2 Mini, which was earlier this month spotted in a GFXBench benchmark listing, has been certified by TENAA, the Chinese telecommunications certification authority.The listing which mentions One E1000 model number showcases a white smartphone with aesthetics matching to the budget friendly, OnePlus X. The smartphone as per the report will sport a 4.99-inch AMOLED Full HD display which is I guess is quite good given the size.It is expected to come with the Snapdragon 810 octa core processor clocked at 2.0GHz under the hood along with Adreno 430 GPU and 3GB of RAM. When it comes to the storage, there’s 16GB of inbuilt storage which can be expanded up to 128GB via a Micro SD card. Android 5.1.1 will be pre installed with the latest OxygenOS, however Marshmallow would have been nicer.According …

Microsoft’s New ‘Selfie App’ for iOS Promises to Make You Look Better Than You Actually Are

Recently, Microsoft has been migrating its apps to other platforms and in fact they have been more engrossed in optimizing the apps for non-Windows platforms. The latest App from the Microsoft stable seems to be a Selfie app called Microsoft Selfie’for iOS which seems to be squarely intended at making your mugshots look better than it actually is.Microsoft claims that the app is endowed with intelligent enhancements, noise reduction, auto exposure and themes to make the photos look better. In essence, the app works just like any other photo apps helping you tweak your selfies to look better.First when I came across the Selfie App, I perceived it to be a produce of the now famous Microsoft Garage, an impromptu innovation centre and it seems I was right. The app is simple and lets you tinker with the images and then save them in a camera roll. The app is currently not listed on the Google Play or the Windows Store but the Lumia Selfie app will fill the gap in case you are desperate for…

Is 2016 Going to See the Return of the Compact Phone?

Yes, we can make a bigger phone. We have. But the question you need to ask is: how big can your hand get?”That was Xiaomi’s Vice President Hugo Barra’s response to a query from a member of the media about why Xiaomi had not endowed the Mi 4i with a larger display. It was mid-2015 and it was high noon for the phablet – devices that tried to blend the large displays of the tablet with the features and functionality. The whole trend towards bigger displays had been triggered by perhaps the first Galaxy Note from Samsung, which presented extra display real estate like perhaps no device had before. Yes, it was big and yes, it was bulky but there was no doubting that it was also – surprise, surprise – fun to use.There was a period of resistance from other manufacturers, but towards the end of 2013 most had joined the race for bigger displays and by the time we swung into 2015, rare was the manufacturer/brand who did not have a high-profile phone in the 5.5-6.0 inch display, even the fruity…

LeadPages Wants Its New “Center” Product To Conduct Your Marketing Orchestra

LeadPages, whose purpose in life has been to capture leads at “points of signup” like opt-in forms or landing pages, is now reorienting itself toward a new goal: becoming the “command center” of marketing tools.The Minneapolis-based company released on Tuesday a new product, Center, that is intended to act as the manager of leads.Until midnight on New Year’s Eve, LeadPages is accepting early adopters of Center at a lifetime, half-off discounted price of $399 annually. After that, the product will be sold at full price when it is made available in late February.Center merges and tracks leads across such solutions as email service providers, CRMs or webinar providers, so that rules on how and when to engage those leads can be set. For instance, when this lead (tracked across several tools via email address) abandons a shopping cart purchase, send this email.The actual actions, like sending an email or a text message, are directed by Center but conducted by the external tool. The company…

Marketing Day: New Twitter Mac Client, CMOs Choose Top Video Ads Of 2015 & More

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:30 Seconds Or Less: How To Engage The Distracted Consumer
Dec 30, 2015 by Digital Marketing Depot 30 seconds or less. This is the average length of time that consumers spend reading or listening to online marketing communications. Consumers watch TV, surf the Internet, and check new emails simultaneously, which means marketers are dealing with increasingly distracted consumers. This white paper from Oracle provides a statistical profile of today’s distracted consumer, followed […]Twitter (Finally) Updates Its Mac Desktop Client
Dec 30, 2015 by Matt McGee Version 4 brings desktop app more closely in line with standard mobile app experience.5 Essential Search Trends That Will Impact Online Revenue In 2016
Dec 30, 2015 by Jim Yu What will search marketers need to focus on in the coming year to stay ahead of the curve? Columnist Jim Yu explores fiv…

30 Seconds Or Less: How To Engage The Distracted Consumer

30 seconds or less. This is the average length of time that consumers spend reading or listening to online marketing communications.Consumers watch TV, surf the Internet, and check new emails simultaneously, which means marketers are dealing with increasingly distracted consumers.This white paper from Oracle provides a statistical profile of today’s distracted consumer, followed by actionable tips for effectively communicating and converting this new type of consumer.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy today.

via Marketing Land

Twitter (Finally) Updates Its Mac Desktop Client

Call it a late holiday present if you’d like: Twitter has finally released an updated version of its desktop client for Mac users.Version 4 is out today and Twitter promises that “it looks and feels more like the Twitter you carry with you everyday.” If you’re not a Mac user, or if you’ve only ever used Twitter’s iOS app, it might be tough to appreciate how long Twitter has ignored its Mac client. But then you look at the list of new features and you start to understand; many of these are things that have been available on mobile or via other Twitter clients for a while now:Inline video playback – You’ll see videos play directly in your feed.GIFs support – See animations without leaving your timeline.Group Direct Messages – Create and receive private notes with up to 50 people.Mute – Silence specific accounts so you no longer see them in your feed.Today Center Widget – Get your Twitter Highlights right on your desktop.Dark Theme – Now you can see the world in black or white.Updated de…