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Best Online Business ideas For Stay at Home Club: 2016

You did not need to huge space to start a successful business. Because your business is online based. An online business can save thousands and thousands of dollars in rent and expenses. Online base business is a comprehensive & usable. There is no limit to spread business in the world. This type of business can help you to reach a wider base of clients because you are not limited to one local area.To start an online business, you didn’t need much knowledge. You can start a business if you remain a little idea, but it will depend on your business base.  Almost anyone can start an online business with the simple steps in only days. So think, you’re ready to become the next big entrepreneur online?Here are a few simple online business ideas to get you thinking in the right direction.5 Online Business Ideas that got future:I’m not including blogging into this list as over the time it has been proven one successful online business.You don’t believe me?Check these income reports &

Marketing Day: IAB’s LEAN scoring, Echo/Alexa sales & LinkedIn’s earnings report

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:IAB releases 2016 plan to develop LEAN scoring, its effort to take on ad blocking
Apr 29, 2016 by Ginny Marvin
The goal is to develop scoring algorithms that can show who’s doing things right by year end.Where are you on the path to customer experience maturity?
Apr 29, 2016 by Digital Marketing Depot
This CX management (CXM) maturity model defines the 30 CXM practices that every firm needs to master.Yandex reports a 34% YoY increase in revenue for Q1 2016 earnings
Apr 29, 2016 by Amy Gesenhues
Russian’s leading search engine says it’s raising its revenue outlook for 2016 from a range of 12% –18% to a revised range of 15% – 19%.How to help your sales team close more paid search leads
Apr 29, 2016 by Jacob Baadsgaard
Acquiring tons of leads through paid search is great, but columnist Jacob Baadsgaard cautions that your sales team’s ability to co…

IAB releases 2016 plan to develop LEAN scoring, its effort to take on ad blocking

The IAB Tech Lab announced more on how it plans to execute its LEAN ads scoring system that will be used to evaluate ad experiences on digital properties. LEAN, which stands for Light, Encrypted, AdChoice supported, and Non-invasive ads, is the IAB’s response to the rise of ad blocking.Through 2016, the Tech Lab plans to gather data from the industry, gather feedback on the scoring system and criteria, and conduct user experience testing. By year end, the goal is to develop algorithms that can power the LEAN scoring system and evaluate and rate both publisher environments and ad campaigns to highlight those that “offer the strongest user experience”.The initial announcement of LEAN last fall came with an apology in which the industry group, whose membership is dominated by ad tech firms, lost sight of the effects poor ad experiences, fraud an privacy concerns were having on users. The growing availability and adoption of ad blockers by users has been an overdue wake up call for the in…

Where are you on the path to customer experience maturity?

Eighty-six percent of companies aspire to be customer experience leaders, but most don’t have the customer experience (CX) management capabilities they need to achieve that goal. This CX management (CXM) maturity model defines the 30 CXM practices that every firm needs to master.This report and self-assessment will help CX professionals compare their company’s current activities to the model’s CXM ideals.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to get the report.Sponsored by HP.

via Marketing Land

Yandex reports a 34% YoY increase in revenue for Q1 2016 earnings

Russian search engine Yandex released its Q1 2016 earnings report yesterday, announcing $243.7 million (RUB 16.5 billion) in revenue for the quarter – an impressive 34 percent increase over Q1 2015.Search queries for the site were up seven percent year-over-year for the quarter.Yandex’s share of the Russian search market saw a very slight increase year-over-year, owning 57.6 percent during Q1 2016, compared to 57.3 percent in Q1 of last year.“Based on the current conditions, we are raising our revenue outlook for the year from a range of 12% to 18% to a revised range of 15% to 19%,” said Yandex CEO Arkady Volozh.Yandex’s COO Alexander Shulgin said the company will continue to invest in Yandex.Taxi, Classifieds and Yandex.Market – its three business units. The search engine also confirmed it was making changes to the way it reports its online advertising.“As online advertising formats continue to converge, we are no longer providing a breakdown of our online ad revenues into text-base…

How to help your sales team close more paid search leads

For many companies, the goal of their paid search campaigns is to generate leads. As marketers, we work hard to get qualified leads to our sales team for the lowest cost possible.But the problem is, a successful paid search campaign doesn’t just produce cheap leads — it produces economical sales.The trouble with salesRecently, I was approached by a client who had decided that paid search simply didn’t work for their business. They had made enough money off of their paid search leads to cover their ad spend, but they weren’t really making any profit.To be honest, this conclusion came as a surprise.We had worked in this industry before and knew we were killing it for them. Their paid search campaigns were — by every metric we had available — performing admirably well. In fact, we were driving hundreds of high-intent leads to their sales team.Based on our previous experience in this industry, we knew that approximately ten percent of those leads should have been turning into sales.Howeve…

Echo/Alexa device lineup now outselling Kindles for Amazon — [report]

Yesterday Amazon reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings: $29.1 billion in sales and $513 million in earnings. In the earnings press release, CEO Jeff Bezos called out Amazon device sales as a particularly successful area for the company:Amazon devices are the top selling products on Amazon, and customers purchased more than twice as many Fire tablets than first quarter last year,” said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of “Earlier this week, the $39 Fire TV Stick became the first product ever — from any manufacturer — to pass 100,000 customer reviews, including over 62,000 5 star reviews, also more than any other product ever sold on Amazon. Echo too is off to an incredible start, and we can’t yet manage to keep it in stock despite all efforts. We’re building premium products at non-premium prices, and we’re thrilled so many customers are responding to our approach.Amazon has never announced unit sales, beyond vague statements such as “Echo …  is off to an incredible s…

Tubular Labs launches first ecosystem-wide video content rating system

Tubular’s new Video Rating How well is your branded video doing online?That’s the key question online video intelligence provider Tubular Labs wants to answer with the launch of its Video Ratings.The Mountain View, California-based firm said this is the first third-party rating for engagement and views that is based on the entire video ecosystem. It hasn’t been done before, CEO and co-founder Alison Stern told me, because “it’s hard to do, and these are still early days for [online] video.”She added that her company’s Video Rating system monitors public data on about 100 million videos, 25,000 brands, 335,000 influencers with 250,000 or more followers, and three million “fans” who have between 250 and 250,000 followers, on YouTube, Facebook, and Vine. Any video is fair game, although brands — of which about a hundred are Tubular customers — are of course more interested in their videos or their competitors’.The ecosystem will steadily be expanded to include other venues, Stern said, an…

Google Shopping ads so hot right now: the meteoric rise of PLAs

Google Product Listing Ads have been around quite a while, having rolled out to all US advertisers in 2011.Since then, we’ve seen incredible growth of the format, which accounted for 43 percent of all retailers’ Google search ad clicks and 70 percent of non-brand clicks in Q1, according to my company’s latest Q1 Digital Marketing Report (registration required).The vast majority of advertisers spend most of their time optimizing for non-brand search, since brand searches are typically navigational in nature for non-manufacturers and are mostly the product of other marketing efforts that drive brand awareness and demand.As such, the game has changed for e-commerce advertisers, from one in which optimizing keyword lists, along with the ad copy and bids tied to them, came first and foremost, to one in which even managing keywords perfectly may only get an advertiser 30 percent of the non-brand pie.The feed-driven ad model is here to stay, and many advertisers must shift focus away from te…

Is your brand prepared for voice search? 3 steps to get the conversation started

Alexander Supertramp / Whether you work in SEO or PPC, you’ve likely noticed a new trend emerging in your search reports: a rise in longer-tail searches and question-based search phrases. The likely culprit? Voice input.Voice search is easier than text input; we all know this. We can speak something much more naturally than we can type it. Most of us are looking for a fast fix or a way to make multi-tasking more efficient, and conversational user interfaces fit that bill perfectly.Whether we want to ask Alexa to clarify a recipe while cooking, ask Siri for directions while driving or run quick searches during the commercial breaks when second-screening, we’re all getting increasingly comfortable using voice search and digital personal assistants.Take a look at the rapid adoption rates that Search Engine Land reported on back in December:The vast majority of folks reported adopting conversational search just within the last several months, showing how dramatically it is…

This app “Contains ads” label starts showing in Google Play store

Last year, Google began requiring developers to note whether their apps are ad-supported. This week, the company has begun rolling out a “Contains ads” label on apps in the Google Play Store.The label appears below the Open button in the same place where the “In-app purchases” label appears when relevant. The screen shot below was posted on Reddit Wednesday and first reported by Android Police.The designation can apply to any app that contains ads, including banners, interstitials, sponsored articles and in-feed native ads (think Facebook and Twitter, for example) and even house ads (though that doesn’t include “More Apps” sections). Google doesn’t list video ads specifically, but presumably those also count.Google also notes that, though app developers are responsible for declaring whether their apps contain ads, Google can verify the labeling and choose to apply the “Contains ads” label if warranted.The rollout appears to be going slowly initially, with very few sightings.It will be…

Calling all channels: The multi-channel race for the presidency in 2016

The 2016 presidential election is the first time since the explosion of social media that there is a two-party race for president. This, in turn, has led to enormous investment in data-driven digital and social media marketing.Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a strong contender, as we all know, is a big proponent of this new form of outreach. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in just 12 months, the country has collectively spent more than 1,284 years reading about “The Donald” on social media, equivalent to $380 million in ad spend. It’s a long way from Howard Dean being lauded as the first national candidate to successfully leverage the web and email for small contributors.In contrast, robocalls and direct mail are used to target voter roll databases and annoy and trick potential voters, and political TV ad spending will top $4.4 billion for federal races this year, up from $3.8 billion in 2012, Kantar’s Campaign Media and Analysis Group told NPR.But relative t…

Thinking about ABM? It’s time to put your sales hat on

I’ve always been a believer and practitioner of targeted selling strategies, urging sales to focus on their “top 20” accounts versus going after every opportunity. So as account-based marketing (ABM) evolves as a way for marketing to take the same kind of focused, strategic approach, this sales mindset is more important than ever.The challenge is that most marketers don’t come to work every day with this sales mindset. It’s time for marketing to put their sales hat on if they want to take the next step with ABM, contributing directly to customer revenue.ABM is both energizing and scary to marketing teams. Motivating because marketing pros can work hand-in-hand with sales for the first time and see the tangible results of their work in every weekly, monthly and quarterly sales review. And ABM is also unsettling for the same reason — marketers are directly accountable for revenue results.ABM at its best uses marketing data, technology and communications in creative ways to identify, per…

10 tips for successful Pinterest advertising

Pinterest has always been about the sharing and discovery of ideas. It’s also becoming quite the powerful advertising platform to drive performance marketing through the concept of idea discovery.With the 10 tips below, you’ll be ready to take on Pinterest advertising like a true pro.1. Use one pin per campaignA/B testing of creative (pins) should be done at the campaign level. The main reason this is effective is that when multiple promoted pins are within a campaign, inevitably the lion’s share of impressions and spend will go to one pin.Note, too, that Pinterest optimizes for click-through rates and not conversion goals (although it can track conversions).One pin per Campaign! 2. Group campaigns by keywords and themesWhen structuring your Pinterest campaigns, think of each campaign as its own category comprising an overall theme and corresponding keywords. For example, a healthy meal subscription service may create campaigns such as Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo and Low Carb.Work with y…

Look out for the MosQUito — a new kind of ad fraud that drains human traffic from infected websites

A Middletown, Delaware-based online marketing agency is today announcing it has discovered a new kind of ad fraud that is infecting thousands and possibly affecting millions of web sites — and it’s not being caught because it uses real human visitors.The infected script, dubbed MosQUito since it quietly sucks “traffic away from the infected website and [takes] it elsewhere,” is present in at least 9285 sites and maybe many more, according to Richard Kahn, CEO and co-founder of eZanga.Kathn told me that his company employs a custom-built platform to detect click and other fraud, since it also runs its own ad network for its marketing clients.Recently, he said, one of eZanga’s engineers was conducting a routine check when he went to a site — which Kahn didn’t want to name at the moment — and it loaded slowly. But, as soon as it loaded, the engineer found himself looking at another site, even though he hadn’t done anything.What the engineer discovered, Kahn said, is that someone had hack…

What I learned fundraising on Facebook & Twitter: We need donate buttons!

This Sunday, I’m taking part in my first-ever charity ride to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Over the past week, I’ve been busy fundraising through social media. It’s been eye-opening to discover how hard it can be to turn those likes and retweets into donations. What we really need are donation buttons.Make no mistake. I’m so very grateful to all the people who have donated since I’ve been making requests. So far, I’ve raised about $4,100 for a great cause, through the kindness of those who follow me on social media. But my learning lesson in being on the other side of fundraising (usually, I’m someone who does the donating) is that it’s hard, that a single tweet or Facebook post isn’t enough and that donate buttons might make it much easier.Fundraising on FacebookLet me start with Facebook. I’ve been tracking how much I’ve raised via my posts on Facebook versus Twitter. It’s not perfect tracking, but I can generally tell from the time of day or looking at who liked a pos…

MarTech Today: Experian’s new Audience Engine, protecting against ad fraud & preparing for voice search

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Experian launches PII-matching audience targeting platform to reach 85% of the US
Apr 28, 2016 by Barry Levine
In the new Audience Engine, brands and others can enrich customer profiles with various layers of PII-based data, and then anonymously target those same users online, in email, or on addressable TV.14 times Facebook has tried to be Snapchat
Apr 28, 2016 by Tim Peterson
Facebook may not have been able to buy Snapchat, but that hasn’t stopped the social network from co-opting many of the messaging app’s features.How to protect yourself against ad fraud
Apr 28, 2016 by Ratko Vidakovic
Columnist Ratko Vidakovic walks through steps that marketers should take to protect themselves and their ad budgets against fraud.Mobile-friendly redesigns: Experiment on your current site
Apr 28, 2016 by Brian Massey
If you have your eye on being mobile…

Microsoft blocks Google Chrome & other browsers from Cortana in latest Windows 10 release

Sorry, Google. You, Firefox, Opera and anyone else with a web browser that competes with Microsoft’s Edge will no longer be able to work within Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant in Windows 10.Microsoft buried the news today in a blog post about Cortana’s personalization of search results. It gave a few examples of how Cortana already integrates into Edge and Bing — nothing new, as far as I can tell, despite the blog post’s “Delivering Personalized Search Experiences in Windows 10 through Cortana” headline.Instead, talking about Cortana personalization is really a set-up for the actual news, euphemistically referenced in a sub-headline later in the piece that reads, “Protecting the Integrated Search Experience in Windows 10.”Cortana: Now for Edge onlyIn that section, Microsoft explains that apparently some software programs out there “circumvent the design of Windows 10” by redirecting to other search engines that are “not designed to work with Cortana.” Here’s the key section:Unfo…

Five of the most interesting SEM news stories of the week

Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from around the world of search marketing and beyond.This week we have loads of paid search stats and research and news on the latest madcap tinkering by Google.Paid search: John Lewis and Amazon spend the most on UK home décorThey must have lovely homes. If you can get round all the boxes and fork-lifts.AdGooroo has published data on paid search advertising for the home décor category in the United Kingdom, examining 500 top, non-branded home décor keywords on Google between January 2015-January 2016.Here are the stats:4,892 advertisers spent £45.5 million during the period.Department store chain John Lewis led all advertisers with £920,000 spent, followed by Argos (£884,000) and Amazon (£867,000)Amazon led all advertisers in clicks with 2 million during the period, just edging out John Lewis’s 1.99 million clicksAn average of 93 advertisers sponsored each of the top 20 keywords and 83 advertisers sponsored each of th…

Dennis Publishing’s Paul Lomax on adblocking and ‘anti-ad zealots’

The growth of adblocker usage is one of the major problems affecting publishers today, as it has the potential to cut into ad revenues which many rely on. Paul Lomax is CTO and Head of Product Development at Dennis Publishing (founded by the great Felix Dennis), an independent group which publishes many different titles, online and offline.We caught up with Paul to ask his views on the growth of adblocking and how Dennis Publishing will look to deal with this issue.How much of an issue is adblocking for Dennis Publishing? Not insignificant but still very much in the minority. It varies hugely by market, with tech and younger brands affected more than say our automotive brands.We have a fairly diverse portfolio, thankfully. Obviously we’re concerned the numbers may grow, so we’re not resting on our laurels. Will adblocking force some publishers to abandon ad revenue models in favour of other revenue streams, such as ecommerce? I think if other revenue models were viable enough to be a …