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8 Actionable Content Marketing Tips For 2016

Content Marketing Tips For 2016

We are living in the World where a lot of content is produced on every single day. And high-quality content is truly the king

Content marketing strategies

Some content are good whereas some are not. People like good content and come back again and again to read.

People don’t like to watch ads. Nowadays, people take information without the care of banners.

So we can say that content marketing strategies are constantly evolving & changing .

To stand out from the crowd, you need to have some decent content marketing strategies with you. Suppose you have written a well researched long article and nobody is interested to read it.

How will you feel? 

I would definitely feel sad& I bet you too.

There are many companies producing a good amount of content daily. To promote that content, they need to market that content. Until and unless you don’t get revenue for your content, your content is useless.

So there are many big companies which are investing more and more money for content marketing. With the help of content marketing, these companies achieve their predefined goals.

I know you must be aware of benefits of Content Marketing & let’s have a quick refresher. This will make it easier for you to grasp the new content marketing strategies for 2016.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing Generates leads

1. More on-site Content: This is a very obvious benefit of Content marketing. If you produce more content, then you can grab the attention of your audience. The audience will stick to your site and by this way, you can win the trust of customers.

2. Higher visibility in Google: If you produce a good content daily then the Google will index that content frequently. So the chances of getting rank in Google will be improved with the content production. The more you produce content, the more will be chance for ranking in Google

3. Increase Domain Authority: Domain Authority of your website is directly promotional to the content production and regularity of updates. So if you are producing a good amount of content then your domain authority will increase. So by this way, you can get more trust and gain trustworthiness over the internet.

4. More Social Traffic: Social media is everywhere. So if you are producing huge content then you will defiantly share it on social media. So by this way, you can get more social media followers and traffic. Many people will your content with their friends so by that way you can get a good audience from social media.

5. Improved Brand Reputation and relationship with customers: Once you start producing huge content then the reputation of your website will automatically improved. By providing good amount of content, you can build a good relationship with the customers as well. The relationship will again help you to drive more traffic to your website.

For detailed reading:

Best Content Marketing Strategies for 2016

1. Do more and more Content Remarketing: This is the first and foremost point. If you are producing quality content but you are not doing content remarketing then there are high chances that you cannot reach your goals for such content. When you produce a good content then you should tag the visitors who likes your site and comes regularly. So by this way, when you tag them for new content they read that content and share that content. Also they feel good for your website. Content Remarketing simply means that you should bring those users who have already likes your content. So by this way, you are able to grab the existing users.

2. Do Keyword Research before Content Production: Some experts said that don’t focus on SEO and just write quality content. This is true in ideal world. But we are not living in such words. So we need to target some keywords for our content. If we are doing proper SEO then we can rank for any good content. So we should produce quality content by applying proper SEO. For that we need to find target keyword first and then start content production.

3. Try to give answer to the complex questions: This is the best content marketing strategy. If you are providing the content by which you are giving the solutions to big problems then you can automatically drive traffic to your website. So the key for success is simple: always try to find those topics which people are facing problems and try to solve those problems by your post.

4. Add data into your content: In today’s world, if you are providing good content then it is okay. But if you are providing content with facts then defiantly people likes to read your content. People like the content which has some facts involved because you can attract anyone by using correct facts. So back up your content with facts. Always give the proper credits for the websites from where you are finding such facts.

5. Don’t copy the popular blogs: This is a important factor while doing content marketing. Many people start copying the popular blogs and try to create huge content. By copying someone’s work you cannot get success. There are high chances that by doing this you will get panelised from search engines and lose your brand value. So don’t copy anything from anywhere. Read this guide to understand how to copy content & give credits.

6. Content Should Reflect Brand Voice: This is a very important thing in content marketing. Your content should be such that it reflects your Brand. After all, you are doing content marketing for taking your brand to the next level. If you are having a good brand reputation then you can sell anything like a hotcake. If you are producing the content which does not reflect your brand voice then that content will not fulfil your goals. So always write the content which will stand out your brand from the crowd.

7. Speak your mind: In this world of competition, you need to speak your own voice. Don’t look at your competitors and just focus on your qualities. Write unique content and market it. If you try to copy your competitors then it will harm your brand only. So write the unique content with your own experience and stand out from the rest. Though, it’s not a good idea to learn & understand your competitors strategies. Your goal should be to improvise their ideas to create something awesome. Here are few good tools that you can use to understand your competitors strategies.

8. Publish only Best Content: There are many posts get published on the internet on every single day. So you may feel like to post more and more. But remember one thing: Always share the content which is best. If you are posting a good content once a week then it is fine. But don’t post the content which is of no use. You should not miss reading this useful article by Harsh: How Not to Write Meaningless articles for meaningful success.

9. Evaluate the Success of Your Content: Once you have published a good post then you need to check whether that post is liked by the visitors or not. There are many tools for that. You can use Google Analytics to trace the progress of your website. So trace the progress and change your strategy accordingly. For a good success continues evaluation is required. So do check the progress.

So as of now, you are having a sound understanding about new strategies of content marketing for 2016. There is no shortcut for anything. You need to work hard for content marketing.

Work hard work smart and work consistently

Initially, you may face some problems but once you get some good grip on it then everything is easy. Here are few selected guides to help you in content marketing for your business or startup:

It is just the matters of experiments. You can always improve by your experiments so keep applying the above-mentioned tips and produce the quality content.

If you like these tips then do share it with your friends and help them in content marketing. I would like to hear your view related to content marketing via comments. So feel free to comment.


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  1. Nice tips! But don't forget about measuring and monitoring reaction to your content. It's very important too! In our company we use BRAND24 for this purpose and it works really well. Worth to try :)


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