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Gmail finally supports responsive design: Answers to 4 burning questions

mrmohock / Gmail started rolling out support for CSS media queries across its email clients around midnight last night, following through on the September 14 announcement that it would support responsive design later in the month. With these media queries, email designers will be able to specify different display styles based on things like width, screen resolution and rotation. We’ll talk about the ramifications of this move in a second, but we should take a moment to recognize how wonderfully strange that initial announcement was.It wasn’t just that they’d be supporting media queries, a longtime wish of pretty much every email marketer. It wasn’t just that they told us ahead of time, when inbox providers seldom announce such changes beforehand. It was that they also supplied developer documentation, which is standard practice in the web browser world but utterly alien in the inbox provider world.Supporting responsive design is awesome, but taking those two additional…

Updating your SEM toolbox with new, shiny tools –- SMX East 2016

Ask any PPC manager how they do their job well, and, aside from their skill set, they’ll name the tools that give them the data they need and the time in their day to drive strategy.In this session from SMX East 2016: “Updating Your SEM Toolbox with New, Shiny Tools,” Moderator Matt Van Wagner of Find Me Faster was joined by speakers Brad Geddes (@bgTheory) of AdAlysis, Daniel Gilbert (@dangilbertppc) of Brainlabs and Sahil Jain (@sahilio) of AdStage to share what SEM tools they rely on, and what shiny new tools they are most excited about.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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The four pillars of the future of SEO

SEO has come a long way from being all about on-page optimization, building backlinks and creating “relevant” content. When I read popular search engine blogs, I notice a definite trend: SEO is moving toward a more inclusive strategy that goes beyond new ways of link building or content marketing.A huge part of present-day SEO practices is brand building and influencing search queries themselves, as opposed to starting with a truckload of keywords and creating content around them. Therefore, while links, keywords, content and site optimization remain the building blocks of SEO, the columns on which the edifice is being built are taking on a different appearance. Let’s see what these pillars are.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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What’s new and cool at Google from SMX East 2016

At this year’s SMX East conference, which took place this week in New York City, Search Engine Land reporter Ginny Marvin and contributing editor Greg Sterling hosted a conversation with Google executives Jerry Dischler, the vice president of AdWords (@jdischler) and Babak Pahlavan, the global head of products and director of Google Analytics (@babakph).Dischler shared recent updates and changes to the Google AdWords platform, while Pahlavan covered the same for Google Analytics. Read on for highlights from their conversations.Left: Jerry Dischler, the vice president of AdWords. Right: Babak Pahlavan, the global head of products and director of Google Analytics. Jerry Dischler on Google AdWords updatesExpanded Text AdsDischler was asked why there has been a delay in the complete rollout of Expanded Test Ads (ETA), and how they are performing for those who already have access. He reported that advertisers already using ETA seem to getting good results.Googlers tend to be optimistic, so …

GrubHub’s CMO creates organizational agility to collect diners’ real-time presidential preferences

What does food delivery have to do with the presidential debates? Well, up until a few days ago, many would have said nothing. But not Barbara Martin Coppola, chief marketing officer of GrubHub.“Food is personal, and presidential preferences are personal, too,” she told us. “We knew that our community would be racing home to watch Monday night’s presidential debate, so we decided to put a little fun in their dinner orders. We gave them the option to show their preferred candidate support with a code—either IMWITHHIM or IMWITHHER — and get 5% off their order.’”GrubHub inspires diners to cast their vote (© GrubHub). The votes are in (results below), and GrubHub now has a juicy new database of voter preference!So, how does a food delivery organization go from filling food orders to actively engaging a community in real time and becoming a data powerhouse? Coppola joined us for an interview to share her winning recipe.Barbara Martin Coppola, CMO of GrubHub (© GrubHub) Q: Barbara, you joined…

Excel VLOOKUP basics and top five rookie mistakes

Back in 2013 John Gagnon wrote a very popular post about VLOOKUP basics and rookie mistakes.We thought we’d update the piece to reflect some minor changes for accessing the functionality toVLOOKUP wordsand values in Excel 2016.An Excel VLOOKUP can be a marketer’s best friend because it can save you hours of work. Give this formula the information you have (a name) and it looks through a long list (list of names) so it can return the information you need (phone number).The problem is we often struggle to remember how to use the formula – or worse make mistakes.We’re going to fix that now. This post will explain:How VLOOKUPs work.Using ‘Tell me’ to access VLOOKUP functionality in Excel 2016.Five rookie VLOOKUP moves to avoid.Limitations you might encounter.Many of the tips are courtesy of John Gagnon, and are accurate as of September 2016.How to use a VLOOKUPRemember phone books? Phone books happen to give us a fantastic mental model to understand how VLOOKUPs work.Basically, the phone …

You Probably Need to Stop Worrying about Exploding iPhone 7

It was hardly surprising to see internet plastered with pictures of a burnt iPhone that was apparently still inside the box when it caught fire. It wasn’t surprising since the last two months have been mostly about Galaxy Note 7 exploding every now and then, of course, add to that the recent Samsung washing machines that started exploding. However, now it turns out that the iPhone 7 explosion might not be due to a manufacturing defect.If it was a real thing we would have been informed by now. It all started with Reddit user Kroopthesnoop who posted the photo of the phone attached to a claim that it had arrived in that condition. Later, the Redditor posted that Apple and AT&T, both are aware of the incident and are already sending a replacement phone.The explosion might have given way to a bucket load of jokes and memes but again the authenticity of the claim is something very sloppy. As folks at Mashable pointed out the dent on the back seems like it was caused by an impact with a…

The natural evolution of digital for brands: becoming more human

It used to be that digital interactions portrayed in the Jetsons, on Star Trek and through KITT on Knight Rider were make-believe preserved for the television and big screen.However, with the rise of digital personal assistants in recent years like Cortana and Siri, and intelligent bots, what was once science fiction is quickly becoming fact.We are on the cusp of the next big shift in computing—a shift that is fueled by the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and built around the one act that comes most natural to us—conversation.We are optimistic about what technology can do, and this is rooted in a belief that every person and organization should be empowered to achieve more. It’s important though to set some context on how we’ve arrived at this new reality to help answer why you should care and what you should do as a marketer.Every decade is marked with a shift driven by technological innovation. From the proliferation of PCs during the 80s to the emergence of the Web in the 90…

Up close at SMX: Using paid search and social together

From left to right: Pamela Parker, Executive Features Editor, Marketing Land & Search Engine Land; Tara Siegel, Senior Director of Social at Pepperjam; Maggie Malek, the head of social at the MMI Agency; and Sahil Jain, CEO of AdStage. No news flash here. Marketing teams cannot afford to exist in silos.Paid search and social are no exception. You can amplify the reach of both of these channels by combining your efforts and leveraging data from each together.In the SMX East session, “Using Paid Search and Social Together,” three speakers, Tara Siegel, Jahil Sain and Maggie Malek, shared their top tips for winning with paid search and social.Using search techniques to win at paid social by Tara SiegelTara Siegel, the Senior Director of Social at Pepperjam, said she is on a mission to make people understand that social must be viewed holistically. Social is an omnichannel optimizer.It’s very important to be consistent across channels. Deliver the right message to the right people, Sie…

MarTech Today: ‘Ok, Google’ for Maps app, Penguin recoveries & more

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Google Maps app adds “Ok Google” voice command activation for hands free directions
Sep 29, 2016 by Barry Schwartz
Google improves voice search while using the Google Maps app.
Two new studies look at what kinds of campaigns, mobile ad formats work best
Sep 28, 2016 by Barry Levine
One is from the Advertising Research Foundation, the other from mobile ad firm Kargo and neuroscience consumer researcher MediaScience.Apple rolls out Search Ads for the App Store
Sep 29, 2016 by Greg Sterling
Ads go live October 5 — Apple is offering $100 credit toward the first campaign.
Updating your SEM toolbox with new, shiny tools –- SMX East 2016
Sep 29, 2016 by Pauline Jakober
Ask any PPC professional the secret of their success, and they’ll often point to tools that help them do their jobs better. Columnist Pauline Jakober recaps a session at SMX East wher…

Openvid 2.0 Brings One Touch Desktop, Cam and Mic Recording to Chrome Browser

Openvid is a one click desktop cam and mic recording tool for Chrome. The tool is available as a Chrome extension and it can shape up as an indispensable tool. It is very likely that we come across a situation wherein we need to send a screen record for better corroborating and it is during such times that the OpenVid will come in handy. Other use cases include but not restricted to tutorial making, explaining how stuff works to your remotely working colleague and recording screenplay for other purposes.OpenVid is completely free and unlike some of the other tools, it comes devoid of time limit or any other cap over the features. The caveat though means that one needs to refer to users to OpenVid in order to get unlimited features free. The new update has further bettered the offering by integrating front camera recordings in a Picture-in-Picture format. The entire desktop can be recorded and once done the videos will be uploaded.OpenVid claims that their clientele includes more than …

Smartwatches are Getting Better and Android Wear is Being Left out

Two years back when every company was busy introducing smartwatches in their ever-growing product lineup, no one actually understood or perceived what they’re supposed to do. Aimed initially as a smartphone companion for mirroring notifications and reducing the burden of taking it out of your pocket every time a notification dings, smartwatches never really proved useful in that particular regard. Substantial shortcomings such as poor battery life, hideous designs, and mediocre displays haunted their propositions, and an overall lack of a primary ambition was quite perceptible. Because let’s face it, you’re not going to spend about $250 for marginally aiding your smartphone anxiety. Fast forward to 2016 where despite persisting issues, smartwatches in a way, are actually improving a lot and more importantly, those companies are starting to figure out how they should really function.Converging Towards a Common GoalFrom startups like Pebble to industry leaders like Apple, every step tow…

Six most important search marketing news stories of the week

Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from around the world of search marketing and beyond.This week we’ll mostly be talking about Penguin 4.What do you mean you haven’t seen the first three? Well don’t worry, I’ll bring you up to speed. In the first instalment, a terrible tragedy befalls a young penguin at Camp Crystal Lake while the teenage camp counsellors weren’t paying attention.Then 21 years later, the Penguin returns… hang on I may have the wrong Wikipedia tab open here… I’ll get back to you.Penguin 4.0 news round-upAs Google confirmed last Friday, Penguin 4.0 is now being rolled out. The spammy link punishing update now works in real-time and will only penalise offending webpages rather than the entire domain.Penguin recovery time:It seems Penguin recoveries are happening right now, as Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed on Twitter…@atmoore81 it’s happening as we speak. or tweet. it will take a few more days to finish that part— Gary Illyes (@methode) S…

India Lifts Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Usage Ban From All Flights

After a lengthy skirmish period, Samsung can take a relief as the DGCA (The Director General of Civil Aviation) has finally lifted the ban that prohibited usage of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on any Indian flight. The permit is valid for the handsets which were purchased after September 15th and feature the distinctive ‘green battery icon’.In an official statement, a Samsung spokesperson mentioned “Customers can identify the new Galaxy Note7 with the ‘green battery icon’. Devices displaying this visual icon are safe to charge and use during the flight. It is important to note that Samsung has not sold a single unit of Galaxy Note7 in India so far. The ‘green battery icon’ will apply to all Galaxy Note7 units that will be sold to customers in India when it is launched.”“We recognize the inconvenience this has caused to customers, flyers, and airline authorities, and remain committed towards customer safety.”, he further added.A public notice issued by the DGCA earlier this month on 9t…