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HostGator Hosting Maximum Discount Code January 2016 -30% off

Planning to buy a hosting for your WordPress blog or a website? Here is an exclusive discount coupon to save extra money on your Hosting bill.Shopping for best web-hosting is always a tough job and to make it easier for you, I have suggested some of the best hosting for your blog here. Hostgator is one of those hosting companies, which is there for long, and loved by millions of webmasters. It offers affordable shared hosting, and the unlimited resources helps every entry level & mid-level blogger to get perfect hosting for their WordPress blog.One thing which in particular I like about Hostgator is their excellent server quality. They also offer multiple ways to connect with support. Apart from support ticket & chat, you can always get in touch with them via phone. I prefer contacting them via Telephonic support, as it makes it faster to get hold of them. Moreover, when it comes to handling the load of a WordPress blog, Hostgator does the job pretty well.Even in our Webhostin…

On Page SEO Techniques To Rank On First Page – 2016 Edition

Want to make your post Keyword targeted & drive more traffic? ..Want to make it easier for search engine to understand what Keyword your blog should rank for?If yes, you are about to learn the secret of making your blog post Keyword targeted.When it comes to optimizing a website or blog posts, there are two factors that plays a big role. These two factors are Onpage optimization and Offpage optimization. Today’s article, remain focused around On page optimization and I will be sharing some good on page SEO techniques you should implement while working on onpage aspects of your blog posts.Now, lets not confuse onpage SEO optimization with Onsite SEO optimization. Talking about, onpage SEO, we optimise our content for our target  keyword. This includes use of proper heading, keyword placement, content quality and many other factors. We will look into them one by one in this detailed post.Read: Importance of KeywordsWhy do you need OnPage Optimization:So what’s the target of this pos…

The iPad Pro Only Diaries, Day 5: Not a Notebook Killer, but an Able Replacement

Have you ever had those days when you leave a device on charge but forget to switch on the power outlet? I did yesterday. So I got a bit of shock when I checked up the battery on the iPad pro as I was getting ready to set out for work on the last day of 2015 and saw about 25 per cent charge. Some frantic charging (another forty five to fifty odd minutes) saw it go up to about 50 per cent – which incidentally brings me to another pain point of the iPad Pro: the amount of time it takes to charge which is generally in the vicinity of three to three and a half hours. Anyway, I entered the final day of the iPad Pro Only Diaries with a half charged iPad Pro.And it was a day of extensive meetings and note-taking as we all worked on stories summing up 2015 and looking ahead to 2016. In the middle of it all, I and Raju also decided to put out heads together to do a hits and misses in tech of 2015. Right through this, I was moving from place to place, and would you believe it, none of the place…