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The Mysterious Cellular Data App on Windows Store Hints at Microsoft’s Very Own SIM Card

Microsoft is probably readying its own SIM card in order to make the LTE more accessible for devices which would otherwise only depend on the Wi-Fi connectivity. The Redmond giant has in fact already started testing out the cellular data app which would allow Windows 10 devices to connect to other operators without an actual contract with them. Microsoft is however yet to announce the plans for the same and in all likelihood it might follow a pay as you use subscription model.The app is already on the Windows App store but it needs Microsoft SIM card in order to function. Another missing piece is the regions in which Microsoft will be releasing the new services in. That being said the service will be knotted with your Microsoft account. By now it’s pretty clear that Microsoft wants to create a MVNO of its own to facilitate Windows 10 users to connect to partner carriers and in all likelihood Microsoft will be entering into deals with the individual operators to make their SIM card wor…

TP-Link Jumps into the Smartphone Arena with Neffos

TP-Link, the networking company known for manufacturing routers is now entering the smartphone business with a new brand called “Neffos” and has announced three new handsets to start off, the C5L, C5 and C5 Max ranging from entry level to mid range categories respectively and all of them sport Dual SIM 4G connectivity.The C5L is the cheapest one among all, it comes with a 4.5-inches IPS panel with an 854×480 resolution, a quad-core Snapdragon 210 processor clocked at 1.1GHz, 1GB of RAM with Adreno 304 GPU, 8GB of internal storage, Android 5.1 and a slot for Micro SD card that supports cards up to 32GB.On the camera side, there’s a respectable 8MP rear camera with dual-LED flash along with a 2MP lens on the front. Underneath, there’s a 2000mAh battery that could be a deal breaker but given the non-power hungry specifications, it might work out.Next up is the C5 that boosts a major bump in the spec sheet. It features a 5-inches 720p HD display, quad-core MediaTek MT6735 processor shifti…

Enhance Search Engagement With A Complementary Paid & Organic Visibility Strategy

Coordinated search strategies increase visibility and drive conversions. Paid and organic search work in tandem to hit the same marketing goals by increasing page authority, developing user awareness and gathering data to continuously improve campaigns.For the last 15 years, marketers have brought paid and organic search together to connect brands and consumers at key points in the customer journey. By nature, search engines are used to answer important research questions that can lead consumers to take action.By developing a paid and organic search strategy where one can complement the other and fill gaps in visibility, marketers can increase exposure to content that drives engagement and subsequently generates revenue.The more exposed your brand is in search results, the more dominance and influence you will have. According to a study by Advanced Web Ranking, on average, 71.33 percent of Google searches resulted in a page one organic click, showcasing the significance of SEO efforts…

Six Trends Shaping Location Marketing In 2016

How should businesses think about location marketing in 2016?With more than 50 percent of all computing currently being done on mobile devices, I believe location marketing is on the cusp of exploding into something new: Becoming the foundation for all marketing.The increasingly strategic value of location data and the strength of mobile will make local marketing more of a foundation of all of marketing. Here are six key trends shaping the local marketing landscape in 2016:1. Location Data Will Become The Foundation For Local MarketingFor quite some time, businesses have treated location data — such as their names, addresses and phone numbers — as a passive asset that protects their brands. Keep your location data accurate, and you make it easier for searchers to find you.But brands are realizing that data aggregators such as Localeze and publishers such as Apple and Foursquare can be powerful partners to amplify location data across the digital world where customers live, search and …

9 Examples Of Link-Worthy Resources For E-Commerce Sites

It’s tough to get links to product pages for an e-commerce site. That problem is one of the main reasons companies contact us. While you do see some great links to a product page here and there, it seems that most of these pages simply don’t give us enough of a reason to link to them.The same can be true for category pages, too — and all of this means that clients struggle to find alternative ways of generating links to pages other than their home page.Let’s take a look at nine ways clever companies have created highly linkable internal pages.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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IoT Data Helps A CRM Live Up To Its Name

Lost in all of the talk about adjusting air conditioners from the road and uploading your latest 5K time to Twitter is the true value of the Internet of Things (IoT).Data derived from Web-connected devices can change the way companies operate and serve their customers.Much can be learned from the ability to monitor the health and utilization of a product a customer buys. However, there may be no greater use for this data than the ability to make customer service more proactive.Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions already track a significant range of customer data to promote strong customer service. They help keep teams on top of their clients to ensure the best service and a uniform experience for the length of the relationship.Moving forward, data’s influence on the enterprise is only going to become more pronounced. With data taking its place as a form of currency for businesses, companies must populate their CRM solutions with information that differentiates them from c…

Is Content Marketing A Strategy, A Tactic Or A Channel?

Content marketing is a growing field and an area that many people and companies are focused on right now. However, the question that often emerges from discussions is, where does it fit within an organization?Is content marketing a channel like SEO, Paid or Social Media? Is it a tactic within a digital marketing channel? Is it part of an SEO or social media program? Is it a strategy you use to support an overall marketing goal?There are so many opinions as to how content marketing should fit into your overall marketing mix, but it seems to me that trying to make it fit may be the mistake.I don’t see content marketing as a standalone tactic — it shouldn’t be part of another practice or channel. To me, content marketing should actually live above the channels and bring unity and cohesion to all messaging.“Content Done Correctly”I don’t think content is its own channel. If it’s going to be done correctly, it’s more important than any single channel.Okay, you’re probably thinking right ab…

Making The Most Of Google Analytics Audiences Within Your Search Campaigns

Since its launch in 2013, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) has become such an integral tool for PPC marketers that it’s hard to remember what our campaigns looked like without them. Did we just… use the same bid for everyone? Madness.Things got even more exciting in June 2015, when Google announced they were allowing Google Analytics remarketing lists to be used in search campaigns (where they’d previously been restricted to use in display).As you may know, there are many more options at your disposal when building remarketing lists in Google Analytics (GA) than in AdWords, so this opens up a range of new possibilities for your RLSA activity. But how exactly do you get your GA account ready for RLSA? And with so many options to choose from, how do you decide which lists are right for you?In this article, I’m going to examine some of the most successful GA + RLSA strategies we’ve implemented at Periscopix, a Merkle Company, and how to go about setting them up.[Read the full arti…

Samsung Q4 2015 Earnings Fails to Meet Expectations

It was an adventurous year for Samsung, they reformed their design policies moving to a much more premium region, made their software less frustrating and that’s just in the smartphone section. The company just recently posted their Q4 earnings pointing at a 15% increase with numbers shifting from 5.3 trillion from last year to 6.1 trillion Korean won (USD$5.1 billion) between October and December. However, analysts expected a bit more targeting at a profit of around 6.6 trillion won and also, there was a 7.5 percent drop from the previous quarter.The profits showed only a negligible growth (53.0 trillion Korean won against 52.7 trillion won) if compared to the same quarter last year which does help in maintaining the costs but also tells us that the company failed to improve their position in the market even with all those changes. This clearly states how the company is struggling to keep up with the increasing stiff competition from new manufacturers that are offering respectable sm…

MarTech Today: Reworked Jelly, Why AddThis Adds Up & Webgility’s BI Tool

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Twitter Co-Founder Refocuses Efforts On Q&A Network ‘Jelly’, Allows For Reservation Of Usernames
Jan 7, 2016 by Greg Finn
Social Q&A network Jelly is being reworked in the rare Silicon Valley “Unpivot”. Biz Stone is relaunching the network and you can reserve your username today!Here’s Why Oracle’s Acquisition of Content Sharing/Visitor Tracker AddThis Adds Up
Jan 7, 2016 by Barry Levine
Announced earlier this week, the new purchase builds on Oracle’s already-formidable stack of marketing data.Last Call: MarTech Rates Increase Saturday
Jan 7, 2016 by Marketing Land
Was attending the only MarTech this year a New Year’s resolution? This is your last chance to save with our lowest “alpha” rates. Register by January 9 and save $500! Below are just a few of the brands presenting this year. Check out the agenda for all of the details.As F…

2015: The Year Xiaomi Played Sounds of Silence?

It has been a crazy year…”Xiaomi’s international Vice President Hugo Barra said that in August in Delhi after the unveiling of MIUI 7 in India. He seemed to be ticking off a list mentally “We did the Mi 4 in India, the Mi 4i, the Mi Band, the make in India initiative, this one…” He stopped and looking at me, added with a wry grin “And it is still August. More than a quarter of the year to go.”Almost five months later, therefore, it is curious that many are seeing 2015 as the year in which Xiaomi seemingly took its digital foot off the tech pedal. As Barra mentioned, though, it is not as if NOTHING happened in 2015. Quite the contrary. The company did launch the Mi 4i, the Mi Note Pro, the Mi 4c (in China), introduced MIUI 7, and was behind arguably the most mainstream wearable of them all – the Mi Band. And yes, there was also a flow of televisions, a new tablet, devices being made in India, launches in Brazil, a Windows 10 ROM for the Mi 4, air purifiers…and a bit more besides.But w…

HTC Desire 728 Dual Released in India Priced at Rs 17,990

HTC has announced yet another mid-range device in the form of Desire 728 Dual. The Taiwanese company says that the phone has been aimed at creating the perfect blend between the design and the features. The HTC Desire 728 Dual seems to abide by the latest HTC design philosophy which incidentally was also used in the HTC One A9 and the Desire 828.The Desire 728 equips a 5.5-inch HD display and this seems to be the problem right here, we are used to being offered a FHD display for any device in the 12-15k range and 720p can be a trade-off for many. Moving on from the display, the Desire 728 draws its power from the 64-bit MediaTek octa core processor clocked at 1.3GHz and paired with a 2GB RAM (another one of cost cutting measures).On the imaging front, the device features a 13-Megapixel primary camera and a 5-Megapixel front snapper. The new Desire 728 offers 16GB of Internal storage along with an expandable memory card slot that can accommodate a whopping 2TB of microSD card. Just like…

Lenovo and Google’s First Project Tango Phone will Bring Computer Vision Processing to Smartphones

Lenovo has announced at the ongoing CES that it would be the first company to bring the first Project Tango phone to consumers. The Project Tango was started a couple of years ago and was foreseen by the Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group which would for the first time implement a previously unseen level of vision processing on a phone.Although the details are still not in abundance, Lenovo made it clear that the phone would be priced ‘within $500’ and the device will be released ‘this summer’. The company also added that they still don’t have a final design at place yet and instead they had shown one of the five designs Lenovo has been working on. Google has also announced an app incubator program to encourage the developers.It is yet to be known if Lenovo will be an exclusive partner or if Google is going to handover the technology to other OEM’s. That being said, Project Tango is still at infancy and is very unlikely of Google to roll out Tango in a large scale.Now the…

Lenovo to Formally Retire Motorola Brand and Replace it with “Moto by Lenovo”

Time up Motorola. This was on the cards for sometime and it has happened. Lenovo has announced that it will continue to play the two-brand smartphone strategy, albeit under one house. Motorola will now be just “Moto by Lenovo”. To be fair, the transition started way back in Jan 2014 when Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google. Moto X (2013) was the last phone to carry the Motorola branding. Since then it has primarily been Moto, with a small mention of Motorola on the back and other insignificant places. And soon, that will be phased out too.Rick Osterloh, Motorola’s chief operating officer told CNET at CES 2016 that Motorola will be replaced with “Moto by Lenovo” with the iconic bat-winged “M” logo staying intact. Lenovo is expected to continue using the Motorola name in organizational settings. So there will be two primary smartphone brands – Moto and Vibe, much like how it has been in the recent past, albeit with a more prominent Lenovo branding.It was no secret that Lenovo bought Mo…

Study: Ads Effective As Way To Stimulate Dormant App Usage, Prevent Deletion

Smartphone owners spend nearly 90 percent of mobile device time in apps. However only a small fraction of the 25 – 40 apps on users’ devices are regularly used; the rest are neglected and eventually replaced or deleted.A new study from Yahoo offers some new insight into why and when people delete or replace apps and what triggers new and replacement app downloads. The study is based on behavioral data from more than 2,500 US smartphone users, ages 13 – 64.Yahoo found that apps are regularly deleted during “periodic clean outs,” which occur at least monthly if not bi-monthly. Insufficient storage was one of the most frequently cited reasons for deletion. However lack of use and boredom were also major deletion drivers.Yahoo points out that nearly 30 percent of apps are cut in less than a week. However the company also observed that on average apps are neglected or dormant for roughly 12 weeks prior to deletion, “with content apps churning the fastest.” This suggests there’s lots of “no…

Taco Bell To Reveal Its Next Big Menu Item At Super Bowl 50…We Think

After a three-year hiatus, Taco Bell announced today it would be returning as a Super Bowl 50 advertiser this year.The brand said it plans to reveal the national launch date for its “highly anticipated” food creation with a 30-second spot to be aired during the game.What exactly Taco Bell will be unveiling is anyone’s guess.To help build buzz around it’s upcoming Super Bowl campaign, the brand used its usual sense of humor by redacting a number of details in the release, including what the new menu item will be, when it will be available, and even the name of the campaign.Here’s a portion of the announcement posted on Taco Bell’s website:Taco Bell encouraged fans to keep up with the latest news around its soon-to-be released menu item on its Feed, but stayed on message by blacking-out the campaign’s hashtag.This will be Taco Bell’s first Super Bowl appearance since 2013.

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Marketing Day: Oracle Acquires AddThis, Local Marketing Tactics & Yahoo Lay-Offs

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Twitter Co-Founder Refocuses Efforts On Q&A Network ‘Jelly’, Allows For Reservation Of Usernames
Jan 7, 2016 by Greg Finn
Social Q&A network Jelly is being reworked in the rare Silicon Valley “Unpivot”. Biz Stone is relaunching the network and you can reserve your username today! Here’s Why Oracle’s Acquisition of Content Sharing/Visitor Tracker AddThis Adds Up
Jan 7, 2016 by Barry Levine
Announced earlier this week, the new purchase builds on Oracle’s already-formidable stack of marketing data.Last Call: MarTech Rates Increase Saturday
Jan 7, 2016 by Marketing Land
Was attending the only MarTech this year a New Year’s resolution? This is your last chance to save with our lowest “alpha” rates. Register by January 9 and save $500! Below are just a few of the brands presenting this year. Check out the agenda for all of the details.As Face…

Twitter Co-Founder Refocuses Efforts On Q&A Network ‘Jelly’, Allows For Reservation Of Usernames

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has a new focus … on an old project. In 2013 Stone announced Jelly with little information. Last year the Jelly app was released with mild fanfare and was considered a failure by many. A new post from Stone announced an “un-pivot” and a new focus on Jelly and the Q&A space as well as a close beta.This time around there is a good bit more information around the project and the new goals. The new project will allow users to ask questions (not tied to a personal identity) and be matched up to users who can most likely answer that question well. No inclination to answer? No need for a username!With the last iteration, there were far more questions than answers. So this time around users will have usernames and the goal isn’t an instant answer, rather the best answer. With this quality over quantity approach Jelly recommends that you ask a question, go live your life, then check back for the answer. Quite the opposite of a traditional search engine. This ti…