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5 Ways To Utilize Image-Based Content Through The Buying Cycle

When people arrive on your site, they will be forming their first impression within 50 milliseconds. They will then be deciding whether or not to stay on the site within 10 seconds.This miniscule amount of time makes it hard to pull in new visitors with text or great offers. Customers are drawn in or repelled by your web page based upon appearance.The importance of images and other visual content in website success has become even more apparent in recent years. Brands that already use custom visual content see conversion rates that are about seven times higher than other sites, according to an infographic from SocialMediaToday.Source: SocialMediaToday This makes sense when one considers that 65 percent of the population are visual learners. By using visual content, brands can communicate more effectively with their visitors, while also creating a more appealing site that encourages engagement.The Role Of Images And Content MarketingThe popularity of videos and images is increasing rapi…

Now That The FTC Has Spoken On Native Advertising, What’s Next?

Two weeks ago, the Federal Trade Commission issued a long “enforcement policy statement” on native advertising.If you want to read all 16 pages, be my guest (PDF). If you want a summary, here goes: The days of playing fast and easy in native advertising are over.Many of the findings in the FTC statement will result in native advertising becoming less effective, because — surprise! — the FTC wants native ads to be clearly labeled and formatted to look like ads, not content. Here are a few relevant parts of the FTC statement:“If a natively formatted ad appearing as a news story is inserted into the content stream of a publisher site that customarily offers news and feature articles, reasonable consumers are unlikely to recognize it as an ad.”“Misleading representations or omissions about an advertisement’s true nature or source, including that a party other than the sponsoring advertiser is the source of the advertising, are likely to affect consumers’ behavior with regard to the advert…

OnePlus 2 vs YU Yutopia vs Qiku Q Terra : The Value for Money Flagship Battle

It was the year which saw high-end phones become more affordable than ever before, so it was in a way entirely appropriate that 2015 ended with three phones slugging it out for supremacy in the value for money flagship segment. It was no less appropriate that all these came from relatively new brands in the Indian market, reflecting the sheer wave of change that hit in the year. All three phones boasted innovative design, high quality hardware comparable with what the best Android flagships could offer, innovative UIs and topped it off with prices that were well below what users would have expected for such spec sheets barely a year and a half ago – the most expensive of the trio costs Rs 24,999, and has specs to match phones that cost twice as much or more.We are talking of the Affordable Android Flagship Troika – the OnePlus 2, the Qiku Q Terra and the YU Yutopia. Each delivers a performance and comes with spec sheets that most Android flagships would not mind having, and yet each c…

Periscope Broadcasts To Steam In Timelines On Twitter For iOS

Twitter’s live broadcasting product, Periscope, will be getting a major visibility boost today. The streaming video platform will now integrate directly within Tweets so users can view broadcasts without leaving Twitter for all iOS users.Periscope broadcasts now come alive within Twitter— Periscope (@periscopeco) January 12, 2016Previously, users needed to leave Twitter and view broadcasts on the stand-along Periscope app. No app? No video. Now, users can view both live streams and broadcast replays directly on Twitter.For brands this makes Periscope a much bigger deal. Companies will be able to harness their Twitter followers and display broadcasts to a much greater audience than they could on Perisocpe alone.The Periscope functionality is rolling out on Twitter for iOS over the next few days and plans to integrate with Android are in the works.For more information see the official Periscope post.

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4 Marketing “Trends” That Never Go Out Of Style

Photo by Christopher Macsurak and used under a Creative Commons license. Marketing is a lot like fashion.For both industries, now is the time for all the trend articles. What’s hot in 2016? What can we expect to see? What will we see go out of fashion? Who’s hot? Who’s not? It’s exhausting.In fashion, you need to have a handle on the basics before you can usher in the latest trends like “in your face lace” and “old English sleeves.” Same with marketing.I constantly get infatuated with reading all the latest trend articles on marketing, blogging and content in 2016, when I know that our company still has plenty of work to do on the basics first.And yet, trend articles are such easy wins. They’re inspirational. I can read just one and start pontificating on the future of marketing in my next client meeting.All I need to say is: “I just read about this [insert trend],” and voila!, you’re an expert. A marketing oracle sent to save the client from himself.Trends are only as effective as the…

MarTech Today: Email Marketing Integration, Mobile Devices Rule & SEOs Predict 2016

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Yesmail Report: Email Marketers Need To Walk Before They Can Run
Jan 11, 2016 by Barry Levine
The survey shows that a third of marketers want email integrated with other channels, but many marketers still aren’t even collecting email addresses through websites, apps or in-store encounters.How To Make 2016 Your Best Content Marketing Year Ever
Jan 11, 2016 by Quinn Whissen
Are you ready to ramp up your content marketing strategy in 2016? Columnist Quinn Whissen reveals possible improvements that can help get you ahead of the curve.Game On: The 2016 Marketing Land #HashtagBowl Is Coming Soon
Jan 11, 2016 by Matt McGee
For the fifth straight year, we’ll be tracking social media visibility in Super Bowl TV commercials. Here’s what to expect from that and all of our pre-game and post-game marketing coverage.Total Holiday E-Commerce: $69 Billion,…

Survey Suggests Mobile Banners Being Replaced By Native, Video Formats

According to a recent survey of 283 “clients and agency executives” commissioned by Trusted Media Brands the mobile banner is a declining ad unit. Native and video were the formats many marketers said they were going to turn to this year.However native ads had a number of challenges that might make them less popular over time.Banners was the top mobile format being used today. However the survey indicated that many agencies and clients were intending to shift away from banners in 2016.Source: Trusted Media Brands (2016)Native and video were identified as the top formats for 2016. Native ads were valued by marketers because they were regarded as less intrusive (44 percent), better at increasing brand awareness (32 percent) and generating engagement (32 percent).Yet marketers also said they were difficult to measure and not easy to produce. Those issues appear to be reflected in the drop from 50 percent to 45 percent of marketers who say they’ll use native in 2016.While more intrusive, …

Campaign Monitor Unveils Its Rebuilt Drag-And-Drop Email Builder

Although some email marketers are still getting up to speed with the channel’s capabilities, email remains the linchpin of many campaigns.As such, it has to stay in style — with visuals resembling a brand’s website, and an effortless ability to look its best regardless of inbox or device.To help marketers in those endless tasks, email provider Campaign Monitor is today releasing a rebuilt platform that it says is faster, easier and more capable than its previous drag-and-drop version, released in September of 2014.The HTML5, Web browser-based tool now offers edge-to-edge imagery for any device and built-in image editing:In-tool user segmentation allows a marketer to specify that this version of the email will go to that user group, while another group will get a slightly different visualization. There are also lots of new layouts, font colors and styles, buttons with drag-and-drop spacing, and customizable business templates.Chief marketing officer Kraig Swensrud told me that the prev…

Nascent Objects Wants to Solve the E-Waste Problem by Becoming the Lego for Gadgets

The consumer electronics sector is booming with tons of gadgets which promise to replace their predecessors and in return let you, as a user, have a shiny new device. It is so happening that gadgets with even minor hardware failures are being disposed despite the fact that a majority of other components are still intact. It is estimated that more than 20-Million tons of e-waste is produced every year and the most disturbing aspect is the fact that it not only gobbles up the landfill but is also hazardous for the environmental ecosystem.Now let’s shift our focus to the solution part rather than the problem part and what we see here is Nascent Objects, a company that is set to redefine the product cycle of our gadgets. Nascent Objects will be pushing the people to assemble gadgets from a standardized set of modules which would result in a very different device as per the combination.Yes, this endeavour is pretty much same to the Google’s Project Ara with the only difference being that t…

Samsung Galaxy S7 Allegedly Marks its Presence on AnTuTu Benchmarks

As the time of the year when Samsung unveils its latest flagship is nearing, it is but obvious to lay our hands on some of the Galaxy S7 leaks. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been spotted on the AnTuTu benchmarks and the result has been posted on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Facebook.The latest leak shows off how powerful the Galaxy S7 is although the benchmarks might be different for the production spec model. The test results show that Galaxy S7 will be running the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and will be supported by the Adreno 530 GPU unit. Galaxy S7 was listed as SM-G935A and it was running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.Previous round of leaks had inadvertently pointed that the Galaxy S7 would either be powered by the Snapdragon 820 or the Samsung Exynos 8890. This conclusion was drawn after the device scored 2,294 on a single core test and 6,908 on multi-core test. However, in yet another instance the same device scored 2,456 on the single core while the multi-core result showed a 5,423…

Yahoo Now Appears Headed Toward A Sale Of The Company

The reporting surrounding Yahoo has taken a very negative turn in the last month. An example is the New York Times’ piece this weekend about a “brain drain” at Yahoo and declining employee morale. Another is last week’s CNBC hearsay story about Yahoo’s programmatic video business being “rife with ad fraud.”A growing number of reports like these are contributing to a perception that Yahoo’s time as an independent company is coming to an end or at the very least CEO Marissa Mayer’s tenure.Six months ago Yahoo was showing momentum in mobile and other areas of the business, though core display advertising continued to struggle. Then tax uncertainty and a reversal surrounding the spin-off of the company’s remaining Alibaba shares, as well as persistent criticism of Yahoo management by Hedge fund and Yahoo investor Starboard Value LP, have fueled a change in perceptions of the company and its outlook.A drumbeat of rumors lately suggest the company is preparing to sell itself, perhaps to AOL…

Marriott’s Adventure In Online Content Marketing Continues With Premiere of Latest Film

Hotels — those temporary domiciles of strangers — naturally lend themselves as settings for stories.Marriott Hotels has decided to capitalize on that factor, with an ambitious online content marketing initiative that includes short fictional movies. Today, the third in this series — called “Business Unusual” — premieres online and at its setting, the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel. Like the previous two featurettes from the hotel chain’s year-old Content Studio, this new work aspires to being more than your standard online video pitch.In it, two execs from separate companies travel to the (Marriott-owned) Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel to pitch a new ad campaign to a prospective client. One, the former intern of the other, struggles to win the account against the more experienced man’s cocky attitude. (See still image above.)Although the story is completely different from the two previous works, “Business Unusual” shares several strategic characteristics.For one thing, it’s lon…

Socialbakers Adds Facebook Listening To Its Repertoire

Socialbakers, which prides itself on deep-dive social analytics, has announced it is now offering Facebook Page listening.Last year, it similarly offered keyword searching for Twitter, and it expects to add Instagram in the near future, along with searches of news, blogs and forums.“We don’t want to be a listening solution provider,” VP of new products Moses Velasco told me. He pointed out that the company doesn’t offer such listening features as sentiment analysis, and that the new keyword searching is provided for free to existing analytics customers.But, he added, keyword searching helps its clients, especially because they’ve been shut off from keyword searching of Facebook public user posts via the API.“It’s not a substitute,” cofounder and head of product Jiri Voves said, but it does provide some indication of what’s being said about your products or your competitors’.In its post announcing the new Facebook Pages search capability, the company noted:“Facebook removed the ability…

Marketing Day: Top 10 YouTube Ads In December, Display Ad Report & Content Marketing Tips

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Top 10 YouTube Ads In December: Clash Of Clans Dominates With A Combined 63M Views
Jan 11, 2016 by Amy Gesenhues
Video gaming company Supercell owned half the list with its ads for “Clash of Clans” taking four spots, while its “Boom Beach” ad ranked No. 9.How Apple Could Play Spoiler For The Search Ad Business
Jan 11, 2016 by Mark Ballard
Could Apple disrupt business as usual for search marketers in 2016? Columnist Mark Ballard explores the possibilities.Cut The Fat: How To Reduce Wasted Ad Spend In Your AdWords Account
Jan 11, 2016 by Jacob Baadsgaard
Is your PPC unprofitable, despite bringing in lots of leads? Columnist Jacob Baadsgaard explains his method for identifying and eliminating low-performing search terms.US Display Spend Will Overtake Search In 2016 [eMarketer]
Jan 11, 2016 by Ginny Marvin
Spurred by growth in video and native ad f…