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Rainpal Wants to Make Riding Bikes in Rain Less Dangerous with its Electric Wiper for Helmets

As they say riding a motorcycle is an art by itself and riding it in rain is definitely an art filled with perils. Unlike cars, while riding a motorcycle or any other two wheeler, the rider is exposed to the air, he along with his machine has to cut through the air and overcome the resistance from the same. In a rainy situation, apart from the skids and harsh weather, one more very important thing is that the rider has to clear his helmets visor every now and then.This can become a painful exercise, and unclear vision has often lead to accidents. Rainpal is a new product that wants to solve the helmet visibility problem in rains with its wiper mechanism for the helmets. The automatic wiper system has been engineered in India, designed in Czech and is currently being manufactured in China.The wiper comes as an attachment that can be clamped to any helmet visors almost instantly. The wiper mechanism will be of help to the visor even at speeds up to 160Km/hr thanks to the tiny suctions a…

The Surface Pro 4 Diaries, Day 2: A Notebook, Yes; A Laptop…er…no!

Hello.That one word pretty much sums up the biggest and most pleasant surprise the Surface Pro 4 has thrown at us so far. Yes, it is really a Windows 10 feature – the ability to log in by just looking at the display rather than a fingerprint scanner or a password. And we have have seen something similar in the past as well: remember those Lenovo devices that used to come with facial recognition using the front facing camera in the early Windows Vista days (and which got cursed thoroughly because they added some more seconds to what was an already tedious boot up process)? But what makes Windows Hello really special on the Surface Pro 4 is the speed at which it works – just be in front of the display and the device logs you in within seconds. So much so that it has actually become a sort of party trick – restart the Surface and then see the device recognize you and see people go “wow!” Evidently you need special cameras to get the most out of Windows Hello – a few of our colleagues hav…

MarketingZoom Launches Site For Buying And Selling Marketing

From the MarketingZoom site A new website, launching in a public beta this week, believes that marketers need better ways to find targets and resources.Called MarketingZoom, the Portland, Oregon-based company is the brainchild of president/founder Tony Scott. He also runs a motor sports marketing agency in the Portland area called Drive Motorsports International, which represents race car drivers, corporate marketers, and sponsors.“We were stuck with the caveman solution of cold calls and sending proposals” to find sponsors or publicize the races, he told me, so MarketingZoom is his attempt to get beyond that Stone Age.In its launch announcement, MarketingZoom said its evolution derived from trying to answer one question:“If I was a small local business, what options do I have to market my business in my area?The site allows users to set up a profile as either a Company, an Opportunity, or an Agency, and to define the opportunities sought or the possibilities offered.A billboard compan…

Marketing Day: New Snapchat Feature, Google’s AMP Gets Analytics & Microsoft’s Earnings Report

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:How Three Key Elements In Predictive Analytics Drive Demand And Lead Generation
Jan 29, 2016 by Digital Marketing Depot
Many marketing professionals have an uncertain grasp of what predictive analytics can do for performance, and what’s required to put the technology to work. This ebook from Leadspace demystifies predictive analytics technology and outlines how and why interlocking lead discovery, scoring and enrichment are crucial ingredients in the recipe for sales and marketing success.Super Bowl 50 Advertisers: These Brands Are Ready To Play The Commercial Game
Jan 29, 2016 by Amy Gesenhues
See which brands will be airing ads on the most-watched sports night of the year, along with their campaigns, teaser ads and more.Ad Blocking Is A Kind Of Populist Revolt Against The Internet Establishment
Jan 29, 2016 by Greg Sterling
Publishers and mar…