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Showing posts from January 31, 2016

The Surface Pro 4 Diaries, Day 3: The Surface Pen – Powerful, But Not Quite Paramount

One of the most distinct accessories of the Surface Pro 4, and one which indeed comes bundled with the device in India (not with the Surface Pro 3, though), is the Surface Pen. And while the Type Keyboard with chunky attaching sound to the tablet side of the Surface has made more noise (literally as well as in terms of media attention), the Surface Pen is also part of Microsoft’s plans for the Surface world – the very fact that it is bundled with the Surface Pro 4 is proof of that intent, if nothing else is. The Big M in Redmond had brought very good handwriting recognition and support for styluses in the touch-oriented Windows 8, and while other brands have also included styluses with their Windows devices (most notably Lenovo, with the ThinkPad Helix series), the Surface Pen is easily the most popular stylus around in Windows-land.And well, in terms of sheer functionality, it certainly has the beating of the Apple Pencil that comes with the iPad Pro – it is designed in a pen like ma…

How To Receive Commission Junction Affiliate Payment via Payoneer

When it comes to receiving affiliates & advertising income from foreign countries, we have limited options. Especially if the only option is to receive payment via check, I’m sure you are aware of problems associated with it. It’s nothing new that when the check is the only option to receive payment, we face the major issues like undelivered mail & reissue check is the only option which delays the payment process. This is one problem most of the AdSense publishers used to face until recently they introduced EFT payment option.Today post is regarding Commission Junction, which is one of the popular affiliate marketplaces along with ShareASale & Clickbank. Recently I configured my Commission Junction account to receive payment using Payoneer service. I have written about Payoneer service here & here. It’s a free online service which will let you receive payment from foreign countries.In this tutorial,  I will share how you can configure your Commission Junction account t…