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Micromax Maintains Second Position in India, but Fast Losing Ground

Guest Post by Sanjeev Kumar.Whenever one talks about the Indian smartphone market, especially the budget segment, the first brand that comes to the mind is Micromax. No matter wherever you go, you will spot every third person flaunting a Micromax smartphone. The Indian brand, which threatened the market leader Samsung in the year 2014, appeared to be losing its touch during the last year. While both Samsung and Micromax retained their first and second positions respectively, Micromax witnessed a huge dip in its sales volume by the end of 2015. There were several reasons behind the dip in performance of Micromax and the advent of premium Chinese brands was one of them. In this write-up we will take a look at the numbers posted by various brands and the reason behind Micromax’s dip and rise of other brands in India.Recent positioning of brands in IndiaRecently, major brands posted the numbers achieved by them in the last quarter of the year 2015 and we are not surprised to see Samsung a…

Twitter to Introduce the Algorithmic Timeline, Expected to do Away with Reverse Chronological Tweets

Amidst an organisational shuffle and a myriad of other issues, Twitter is planning to introduce a timeline based on an algorithm. The new timeline is expected to reorder the tweets based on the Twitter’s algorithm analogy. For instance, the Tweets which the algorithm thinks is relevant for you will be displayed.Now this also means that Twitter will mark its departure from the reverse chronological order feed which is something we have been largely accustomized to. Although the new algorithm might aid in a better way when it comes to relevancy of the tweets, but it is also most likely to push the latest tweets down the feed.Let’s just hope that Twitter doesn’t just force the algorithmic feeds as it is something that won’t be fit for all. Buzzfeed had earlier reported that an algorithmic feed will be the way forward as it is expected to push the better content and help reduce the noise. As a platform, Twitter is undergoing lots of changes lately, with the favorites being replaced by lik…

#RIPTwitter Trends Over Worries Twitter Will Drop Live Timeline

It didn’t take long for many on Twitter to express in the most Twitter way possible that they don’t like the idea that Twitter’s live timeline might change. They tweeted using the #RIPTwitter hashtag to express disapproval, causing it to trend only a few hours after the rumor emerged.Algorithmic Timeline Rumored To ComeFriday evening, Buzzfeed broke the unconfirmed news that next week, Twitter intends to introduce an “algorithmic” timeline, one where tweets aren’t ordered by the regular first-in, last-out chronological fashion but instead where an algorithm decides what to display.Twitter hasn’t commented to confirm or deny this, to BuzzFeed or any other publication that I’ve seen. But there’s every reason to expect it could be true, especially given Twitter began testing this last December.New Timeline Likely To Be OptionalThere’s also ever reason to believe that this will also be an optional choice for users. That’s what Josh Sternberg, a former reporter and now director of branded …

More Beacons, Now Coordinated With In-Lobby Video Screens, Invade Movie Theaters

Coming to a movie screen near you: the battle of the beacons.Last week, we reported on the rollout of beacons and beacon-based marketing messages over the next 60 days to 300 movie theaters in the U.S., by cinema ad network Screenvision and beacon network Mobiquity.This week, proximity engagement marketer Thinaire announced that it is taking this idea to the next step. Starting in second quarter, it is rolling out large LCD screens, beacons, and coordinated mobile messaging to the lobbies of about a thousand movie theaters in the U.S.There are several partners in this rollout, Thinaire chief marketing officer Tristan Louis told me.The screens are from Panasonic, and range from 40 to 85 inches diagonally. One or two will be installed in the lobby of each participating theater. The specific theater chains will be announced in about a month, he said.Each Panasonic screen will show a sequence of silent still images or short video clips from a movie that’s coming to that theater, received …

Marketing Day: Content Marketing, YouTube Super Bowl Ad Views & LinkedIn Earnings

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:LinkedIn Shutters Ad Network, Focusing Resources On Sponsored Content
Feb 5, 2016 by Ginny Marvin Sponsored Content accounted for more than half of the company’s ad revenue in Q4.Attributing Retail Store Transactions To Online Clicks At Keyword Level
Feb 5, 2016 by Thomas Stern
Columnist Thomas Stern offers a sneak peek of results and winning tactics from the beta of Google AdWords’ online-to-in-store conversion tracking.How Healthy Is Your Content Marketing?
Feb 5, 2016 by Digital Marketing Depot
In our consumer-empowered world, it’s become more difficult for marketers to cut through clutter and a lot more challenging for them to garner loyalty with their audiences. That’s why smart content delivered in context will make you stand out in the crowd.Bring Your Work Home: How To Use Google AdWords To Improve Your Love Life
Feb 5, 2016 by Jacob Ba…

LinkedIn Shutters Ad Network, Focusing Resources On Sponsored Content

LinkedIn is shuttering it’s nascent ad network just under a year after launching it. Resources will instead focus on growing the Sponsored Content business.Last Feburary, following a path now well worn by the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn started an ad network to target ads using its data to users outside its own walls. The ad network and a stand alone product called Lead Accelerator grew out of the company’s acquisition of B2B marketing technology firm Bizo in July 2014.Steve Sordello, LinkedIn’s CFO, wrote in LinkedIn’s quarterly earnings statement on Thursday that the growing the ad network and Lead Accelerator would take more resources to scale than anticipated.“As a result, we will phase out selling Lead Accelerator in the first half and incorporate the key technology into Sponsored Content throughout 2016. We will also deprecate Network Display through this process. In the short-term, the trade-off is roughly $50 million in potential revenue, but we believe thi…

Attributing Retail Store Transactions To Online Clicks At Keyword Level

Updates to Google’s in-store conversion tracking now allow retailers to attribute user engagement at a keyword or ad group level, further expanding advertisers’ ability to see the offline impact of digital marketing.In recent years, digital media has expanded data-capturing abilities and performance-driven ad features to outperform (and soon, outspend) traditional channels.Digital advertising has opened new outlets for revenue growth and expanded audience insights beyond data available from traditional channels to assist advertisers in increasing brand awareness and ROI.Digital Marketing Can Now Fully Support Brick-And-Mortar SalesThrough bridging online and offline data, digital marketing can now fully support brick-and-mortar sales, a segment that previously lacked in digital marketing measurement.By leveraging the reach of mobile devices alongside the automation and unification of digital platforms, marketers can now see how user engagement continues beyond the click.Google’s data …

How Healthy Is Your Content Marketing?

In our consumer-empowered world, it’s become more difficult for marketers to cut through clutter and a lot more challenging to garner loyalty with their audiences. That’s why smart content delivered in context will make you stand out in the crowd.The Modern Marketing Essentials series from Oracle gives marketing leaders and practitioners the opportunity to supplement their existing marketing strategies with helpful insights. Check out this guide on content marketing and get:Tips from leading content marketers and thinkers.Content planning best practices.7 must-have content marketing metrics.Checklists galore.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.

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Bring Your Work Home: How To Use Google AdWords To Improve Your Love Life

If you’re like most online marketers, you know that it can be hard to strike a good work-life balance. Sometimes, that can put a strain on your romantic situation (especially at the beginning of the year when expectations are particularly high).With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you’re probably stuck between making sure your campaigns are running effectively and putting a little pizazz back in your romantic life.But what if there was a way you could do both? A way to put your hard-won PPC skills towards more amorous goals? What if you could get your love life back on track without leaving the comfort of the AdWords campaign manager?Marketing YourselfThe secret to romance is great marketing.As a marketer, you’re hoping that you can make your company’s offering attractive enough to win the attention and approval of your target audience. The same idea applies to romance.You can’t stop after you get the clicks (er, attention of your significant other), though. If you stop wooing…

Google Search Partner Network: Friend Or Foe?

The Google Search Network gives advertisers the ability to gain additional AdWords traffic and conversions from users across the web, as Google delivers ads on partner websites in much the same way it does on target users searching on these partner sites, advertisers need only check a box in campaign settings to “include search partners.”However, AdWords advertisers have long pined for a bid modifier to adjust bids for Google’s search partners, as the value of this traffic is often very different from that of clicks that come from users searching on At the very least, it would be helpful if Google would allow advertisers to exclude specific search partners (as Bing Ads does).While calls for additional functionality haven’t yielded results just yet, it hasn’t kept us from analyzing how these search partners are performing relative to We’ve dissected the numbers to understand how performance looks for brand keywords, non-brand keywords and Shopping …