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Upcoming Webcast: Call Tracking and Analytics 101

US consumers will make more than 100 billion mobile calls to businesses this year. Nearly two out of three consumers say it’s very — or extremely — important to be able to call a business during their purchase journey. Call tracking and analytics have become a marketing technology “must-have” as a result.Join Mike Boland, BIA/Kelsey’s Chief Analyst and VP of Content, and Ross Kaplan-Winn, Search Engine Marketing Manager at Top Level Management, as they offer a primer on how to use and benefit from call tracking and analytics. You’ll learn how to:Use click-to-call to increase your AdWords effectiveness.Utilize call tracking and still maintain SEO efficiency.Understand the relationship between your online and offline channels.Register now for “Call Tracking and Analytics 101: Tactics to Improve Online/Offline Channel Efficiency,” produced by our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, and sponsored by CallRail.

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Apple Offers Tech Support On Twitter With New @AppleSupport Account

In a move that may surprise many, Apple has begun engaging on social media through a newly launched @AppleSupport account.The announcement from Apple came just a few hours ago, with this tweet:Welcome to…— Apple Support (@AppleSupport) March 3, 2016This is an interesting move for Apple, a company that has typically been known to be social-media-averse, opting to engage in one-on-many broadcast mediums such as TV and print media. Recently, it seems the company has turned over a new leaf, and that’s a win for Twitter, as well.Customer service on Twitter has been a pretty big focus for the company in 2016, with Twitter announcing enhanced customer experience tools in February, with the ability for customers to engage in private conversations through direct messages and with a newly launched customer feedback feature that enables customers to privately share opinions with businesses after a service interaction. It’s likely that Apple has begun to recogniz…

Responsive Design Mobile Marketing Emails Generate 24% More Clicks [Report]

According to new data from email marketing provider Yesmail, brands that embrace responsive design for all of their mobile email marketing efforts earn 24 percent more clicks than brands not using responsive design, but only 17 percent of marketers have fully adopted responsive design.For its Q4 2015 Benchmark Report, Yesmail analyzed the impact responsive design had on mobile and desktop email open and click rates. The data also included mobile commerce numbers, looking at increases in mobile revenue, orders and average order value (AOV) growth.Yesmail’s findings show mobile email clicks account for 58 percent of all email clicks for brands using responsive design with all of their email marketing efforts. This is a 24 percent increase over brands not using responsive design. (Mobile clicks account for 46.7 percent of all email clicks for marketers not taking advantage of responsive design.)Mobile Opens and ClicksMore than 50 percent of all email opens are happening on a mobile devi…

The Engagement Crisis In Content Marketing And Social Media: Why It’s Happening And How To Fix It

Does your brand’s Twitter account seem like a ghost town? How about your Facebook and LinkedIn page?If you’ve noticed a drop in social engagement, web referrals, blog traffic and shares, you’re not alone. Buffer lost nearly half of all social referrals to the brand blog from 2014 to 2015. Facebook referrals to the top 30 major publishers dropped by 32 percent from January to October 2015, according to SimpleReach data published by Digiday. Early in 2015, Forrester discovered that user engagement on brand social content continued to fall.The worst part? Companies are creating more stuff than ever. They’re investing in social, they believe in content, but they’re seeing less ROI (return on investment) from more effort.We’re in the midst of an engagement crisis, because the number of channels is growing, but marketers are doing the same thing as before. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better.So what’s happening? And what’s the solution?Output Versus ROIIn 2015, according toFor…

NewsCred Opens A New Website For Learning About Content Marketing

Content marketing platform NewsCred is getting deeper into education for marketers.Today, the New York City-based firm is launching NewsCred Insights, an educational destination where marketers can learn more about — what else? — content marketing.Insights replaces the previous NewsCred Academy, Brand Marketing Director Dayna Sargen told me. It offers more diverse resources, including personalized content, videos, how-to guides, downloadable tools, templates, and a series of courses.The six one-hour fee-based courses, available within a few weeks, are part of Insight’s #ThinkContent University. The topics will include Editorial Strategy, Customer Journey, Distribution, and Measurement.

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Who Should Be Responsible For Stopping Programmatic Ad Fraud?

In the first two installments of this ad fraud series, we examined what ad fraud looks like and discussed the reasons why ad fraud exists. In this third installment, we look at the various participants in the supply chain, and determine who should be responsible for stopping ad fraud.The programmatic ad ecosystem is very compartmentalized in nature. There are sell-side technologies and buy-side technologies, each serving their own constituents.But ad fraud impacts all participants, and it is in everyone’s long-term interest that it be stamped out. While most individual players have been reluctant to even discuss its existence — for fear of being the one who opened Pandora’s box — it’s time for the players to step up and own their portion of responsibility. What does this mean?The current “solution” is that each participant puts pressure on the company that is one step upstream from them. So, for example, a brand demands clean inventory from their agency. The agency expects their DSP (

Xploree: Smart way to Market Your Brand on Android Devices

Uniqueness & creativity is what makes advertising an interesting industry to work in. With the help of technology, we are not only creating unique advertisement, but we are also innovating unique way to market or show advertisement about your product.Xploree booth at Adtech India. Eventually, the advertisement goal is to help you increase your sales & working on the same ideology, Xploree is hyper-context and intent precision advertising platform. I know that might sound like someone has dropped a bomb on you, so let me quickly explain what Xploree is & how it can help in growing your business or content marketing effort.How Xploree can help you in mobile marketing:I got to know about them when I was looking for a brand to connect on AdTech 2016. Their offering seemed unique & I believe if this is done right, this kind of advertising will help businesses to get more sale while keeping the users happy. Their advertising technology will help you as a brand to reach out un…

MarTech Today: AdRoll’s SendRoll, Visualizing MarTech Stacks & Google Action On Spam Reports

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:AdRoll Launches SendRoll For Email Retargeting
Mar 2, 2016 by Ginny Marvin
The new product uses AdRoll’s retargeting technology to trigger personalized emails to customers.MyStacks, OpenLantern Launch To Help Visualize Marketing Stacks
Mar 2, 2016 by Barry Levine
The tools, from two different companies, offer limited abilities to group and share icons of software products according to how they’re used.Google Takes Action On 65% Of User-Generated Spam Reports
Mar 1, 2016 by Barry Schwartz
Google’s Juan Felipe Rincon shares statistics on how many spam reports Google receives from users and how often they act on them.
From Around The Web:AppAction Officially Releases New Instagram Analytic Solution Capable of Attracting Clicks in the Millions, to Overcome the Great Analytics Gap, www.entrepreneur.comFormer Google CEO Sc…

Sony Xperia Z3+ Now Available for Rs 25,999

Launched back in June 2015 at a hefty price of Rs 55,990, Sony’s Xperia Z3+ is now available for a reasonable amount of Rs 25,990 on Amazon, dropping half of its original price in just 9 months. Considered as a flagship upgrade, the Z3+ failed to gain popularity mostly because of its inconsistent heating issues and mediocre battery life.Despite those shortcomings, the handset doesn’t fail to impress on paper with a Snapdragon 810 Octa-core processor backed up by 3GB of RAM and 32GB inbuilt storage that is expandable. It flaunts a gorgeous Sony Omnibalance glass design, a 5.2-inches Full HD display, Android 5.0 that is upgradable to Marshmallow, IPX5 / IPX8 rating for dust and water resistance and an impressive 20.7MP rear camera with 1/2.3″ Exmor RS sensor capable of shooting 4K videos. Underneath the hood, there’s a 2930 mAh Battery and the phone also supports 4G. It is available in White, Black, Copper and Aqua Green colors. The Xperia Z3+ at this price will be directly competing wit…

Everything you need to know about Wikimedia’s ‘Knowledge Engine’ so far

If you’ve been following the news about Wikipedia over the past few weeks, you might have heard about ‘Knowledge Engine’, the secret search engine project that was supposedly going to take on Google.The idea of a “transparent search engine” created by the Wikimedia Foundation has definitely been nixed, as we reported in our round-up of key SEM news stories last Friday week.Contrary to repeated insistences by those at the top, however, there was such a project in development at one point. It served as a flashpoint in a crisis which is still taking place at the heart of Wikimedia, resulting in the resignation of its Executive Director, Lila Tretikov, last week.But why has Wikimedia’s ‘Knowledge Engine’ been so controversial, and what bearing does the search project still have on the future of the Wikimedia Foundation?Wikimedia in meltdownIt hasn’t been a good year for the Wikimedia Foundation – and it’s barely even March. In just a couple of months, the non-profit which hosts Wikipedia …

PageCloud: Innovative way to Create Website With Drag & Drop

Years back creating website used to be a task & one couldn’t do it without the help of a developer. These days, WordPress has empowered us to create a blog or a website within 5 minutes.There are companies people are coming up with great innovations which could make the process of creating website easy. If you have watched Techcrunch Disrupt, you might know about this innovative service which I’m about to share with you. In case, if you haven’t watched TechCrunch Disrupt, you should start by watching this video.Now, you just had a glimpse of the cool tech & after a little wait, this service (PageCloud) is available for you & others to explore. They are offering generous 14 days free trial to try out their service.What is PageCloud & What makes it unique website builder?PageCloud is the simplest way to create a website on your browser. It could be done by anyone with or without photoshop skills. If you know Photoshop, you can copy layers straight out of any desktop desi…

The winners and losers of ‘mobilegeddon’ in the UK

Our good friend Juan González from Sistrix has taken a look at the winners and losers of Google’s 2015 mobile friendly update. Last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona had the dawning of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) firmly on the agenda, and this coupled with the following evaluation of 200 domains, really hits home that one of the largest mistakes you can make is not having a mobile friendly website.Take for an example The British Monarchy. does not offer a mobile-friendly version of its site, which means its mobile-visibility is 37% lower than their desktop counterpart.When Sistrix looked at the amount of keywords they rank for, there were 50% fewer mobile keywords (1,063 mobile keywords vs 2,054 desktop keywords). This means that for those 991 mobile keywords some other domain will have taken the place of for a smartphone search on Google.Here are some more winners and losers…Winners1) Twitter.comThe beleaguered social network actually had the larg…

14 KPIs and metrics Google can use to measure the purge of Right Hand Side Ads

You’ll have no doubt read about Google’s recent jettisoning of its sidebar ads, in favour of more ads placed at the top of the page. This is going to have a number of effects that search marketers will need to contend with.It’s also going to affect users, as people may adjust to the ad-heavy new look. I thought it might be interesting to think about how Google might measure the changes.Here are 14 KPIs and metrics that will reveal how the new layout – and the demoted organic results – impacts on revenue and user behaviour.No doubt there are some others that I’ve missed, so do leave a comment below if you have anything to add.1. Total revenueThis is the big one, the primary KPI, and I dare say the reason for the change.Google continually tests all manner of tweaks and changes to its algorithm, its page layouts and its user interface. As a commercially-focused entity it will only willingly release changes that generate more revenue for its shareholders to marvel at.Presumably this KPI h…

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review: Back to Mi Basics, With a Touch of Class!

For about ten months from July 2014 to June 2015, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi seemed to be on a roll in India. In that period, the company released no fewer than seven phones (the Mi 3, the Redmi 1S, the Redmi Note 3G (withdrawn later), the Redmi Note 4G, the Redmi 2, the Mi 4, the Mi 4i, one tablet (the Mi Pad), and a number of accessories (the most famous of which was the Mi Band), all of which were very well received. Many even credited the Chinese company with not just introducing the concept of online flash sales in India, but also for turning the whole price-performance equation on its head as far as the Indian market was concerned.And then, it went quiet. Or relatively so. Xiaomi did launch its Make in India initiative and also MIUI 7 in the country, and also Prime versions of two devices, but by its own standards, the company that many had called the Apple of China, had no major releases. Interestingly, this very period saw a number of other Chinese brands enter the market wit…