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Dwolla: Is It Really The Future of Digital Payment?

Processing payments are one of the most crucial aspects of an economy that keeps the money bills moving.The efficiency with which these payments are processed often governs how successfully an economy is operating. One of the major issues with the decades-old Automated Clearing House (ACH) system is in place in many countries in the world, including The United States and it is hurting everyone involved!Since this broken system is forcing delayed payments and hefty bank-to-bank transfer fees, the value of the dollar is rapidly diminishing for both customers and the merchants.Third-party services levy heavy charges and even the credit card companies impose huge charges for bank-to-bank transfers. Dwolla is one of the payments processing companies, started in 2008 and currently only serves The United States E-commerce. The way Dwolla works is something interesting and possibly signals towards a revolution that would dethrone this traditional payment system that is troubling everyone!What…