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Report: For every $1 online influenced by reviews, offline impact at least $4X

While e-commerce has grown to hundreds of billions of dollars annually, the influence of digital media on offline purchases is a multi-trillion dollar phenomenon. And though this behavior pattern has been around for at least a decade, only in the past couple of years have marketers started to understand it — because of the arrival of smartphone ubiquity.Retail reviews platform BazaarVoice has sought to document the impact of online product reviews on in-store shopping in a new report called the ROBO economy: How reading reviews impacts offline sales (reg. req’d). The term “ROBO” (research online, buy offline) was publicly coined by Yahoo years ago to describe the then nascent consumer pattern.Product review research before purchaseSource: BazaarVoice “The ROBO Economy”BazaarVoice uses a mix of third party data and its own customer data in the report to argue that retailers must have the right content (i.e., reviews) to influence omnichannel shoppers across platforms, in real time.Citi…

5 reasons people-based marketing will turn fed-up consumers into brand-loyal fans

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”While this quote was made famous in the 19th century, perhaps no truer words can be spoken about the state of digital marketing today.On one hand, marketing spend continues to increase. According to recent research from eMarketer, nearly a third of CEOs in the US say they plan to increase spending on advertising over the next 12 months, and nearly a quarter plan to increase spending on marketing and sales promotion.With $60 billion spent on digital ads in the US in 2015, marketers seemingly have more resources at their disposal than ever before.But meanwhile, the industry faces some tough challenges, including growing consumer backlash against digital ads that hurt the user experience without offering real value. Statistics show there are 45 million active ad block users in the US as of June 2015.And with display ad click-through rates (CTRs) averaging six clicks per 10,000 impressions — and remaining stagnant since 2010 — it appea…

Beyond audience data: The critical need for better business intelligence in digital media

Recently, I was in a lengthy discussion of the actions needed to drive corporate change in the media business, specifically around workflow. During the exchange, I was asked to “please provide me the data to help drive this decisioning.”In the case I’m referring to, the data simply didn’t exist — or if they did, they were in so many places that it was almost impossible to drive a data-related model. I left the conversation asking myself: “Is this the case everywhere in the media industry? And if so, what can we do to fix it?”Media industry professionals are asking themselves a myriad of questions, including “At what price should I sell or buy my media inventory?” or “Is implementing header bidding the right solution for my business?”These are all critical and relevant questions, but the impact of these decisions on the sales process industry-wide is much less discussed, making truly informed decision-making difficult when you don’t have the answers to questions such as:On average, wha…

Three ways to protect your business from ad-blockers

New guidelines from the Federal Trade Commission have many marketers worried about the future of native advertising.As is the case with any new regulation, there are some who are opposed to the restrictions. The Interactive Advertising Bureau says it is “concerned” about some of the wording in the new guidelines and has asked the FTC for clarification.The chief revenue officer of Forbes Media, Mark Howard, is worried the new rules will limit creativity:“As soon as you start to standardize things and put guidelines around things, you limit the level of creativity and innovation that is able to occur. If you put out stringent guidelines, are you going to put people back in the box?”Another concern for marketers is the growing use of ad-blocking software by consumers.According to GlobalWebIndex, 38% of computer users currently use ad-blockers. And just months after Apple started allowing iOS users to block ads, a whopping 30% of US mobile users report using ad-blockers.Throwing even more…

What does VR-based marketing offer that other tech does not?

Everywhere you look, there are signs that virtual reality is suiting up for marketers.But, aside from the pending issues of cost and installed base, there’s one essential question:What does virtual reality offer marketers that can’t be provided by other, more established (read: cheaper and easier to manage) technology? (Augmented reality, which overlays VR on actual reality, is substantially different because it modifies rather than replaces your surroundings, and is not directly considered here.)To get some idea, we talked to a couple of interactive ad/marketing execs and asked: what is the essential value proposition from VR for marketers?There are three intrinsic benefits, 3Q Digital’s Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Scott Rayden told me:The deluge of data, the resulting hyper-personalization, and the ability to tantalize a potential customer with a variety of real-enough product/service experiences.The potential datapalooza could dwarf the number and kind of data points that m…

17 leading social media management software vendors compared

“Enterprise Social Media Management Software : A Marketer’s Guide,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Spredfast, examines the market for social media management software (ESMMS) and the considerations involved in implementing ESMMS platforms.Finding the appropriate social media management tool for your business can be a challenge. This free, 64-page guide provides a framework for deciding if you need and EMMS solution.Also included are profiles of 17 leading ESMMS vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.You’ll find questions to ask vendors, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in social media management.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to get your copy.

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MarTech Today: Amplitude’s Compass, deep dive into beacons & most marketers buy programmatically

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Amplitude’s new Compass points to behaviors exhibited by returning users
Mar 8, 2016 by Barry Levine
The San Francisco-based web/app analytics firm says this new product is the first of its kind on the open market, matching various enterprises’ in-house tools.Is your team OBSESSED with social media marketing? Register for SocialPro and score deep discounts for your entire team.
Mar 8, 2016 by Marketing Land
Give your marketing team the tools and insights they need to accelerate paid, earned and owned social media marketing skills by sending them to Marketing Land’s SocialPro conference.Meet the MarTech Speakers: Sheldon Monteiro
Mar 8, 2016 by Marketing Land
Driving Transformation at the Intersection of Marketing and TechnologySMX West 2016 recap: A deep dive into beacons and how marketers can use them
Mar 8, 2016 by Christi Olson
How can y…

Pump up the volume: six ways PPC can boost your promotions

Sometimes, you need a little extra boost for certain products or services – be it a product with excess inventory, a new service or simply something you want to catapult into the spotlight.PPC tactics can help get the word out, and I’m going to show you how in six steps.1. Sitelinks strategyI’ve talked before about using your ad extensions strategically, and sitelinks is one of those extensions that can help get the word out in your ads.And I’m not just talking about using the appropriate sitelinks for a particular ad group (e.g. a dog sweater ad with a dog sweater sitelink). Consider this: a furniture client of ours had a product line they wanted to start promoting on their own after they ended an affiliate program.We placed a sitelink that led to that product line’s landing page in every campaign we could.Because the rest of the ad was strategically constructed to be as relevant as possible, this was simply an added bonus and highlighted one of the product lines they thought people …

Google Music Lab Showcases the Power of Web Audio API

Google’s Chrome Experiments have been a testimony to the things a browser can do. Google has been developing different tools to showcase the possibilities, and the latest is the musical tools that can be built. The Google Music Lab is the latest endeavor to help kids or even beginners learn music, and for this very purpose, Google has showcased a bevy of musical tools which are aimed at helping us understand the way in which music is played and composed.These interactive tools are built on the Web Audio API and is expected to make learning music in school fun and intuitive. Google has divested its efforts for the Music in our Schools month and it believes that learning tools like this are expected to help kids learn better.Once we open the Google Music labs, it treats us with a set of spectrograms each of which has a special purpose and addresses a particular aspect of music learning. Arpeggios is one such tool that lets you play a single chord note at a time and the disc pattern will…

Google is killing off PageRank from its Toolbar

As confirmed by Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, Google is removing PageRank from its Toolbar.So if you’ve been using the extension to see all the juicy PageRank data from any website you visit, I’m afraid you won’t have access anymore.@szymonslowik@methode@rustybrick Yes, it’s true. has some comments from us. Do you use the toolbar?— John Mueller (@JohnMu) March 9, 2016Before we all get too excited, Google has explained that it will still be using PageRank internally within its ranking algorithm. It’s just that regular people like you and me (assuming you don’t work in the upper echelons of Google) won’t be able to see it.But… did being able to see PageRank even make that much of a difference for SEOs?The metric hasn’t actually been updated for years, so the data isn’t exactly the most pertinent way to judge a site’s ranking. In fact if you look at our own history of publishing articles on SEW about PageRank, they all basically say the same thin…

Destinations, a New Mobile-Only Google Search Feature Makes Trip Planning a Breeze

Google has already a couple of handy features embedded in its search engine for someone looking to visit a place, today however, they’re enhancing the experience with a new addition called “Destinations”. Resulting from a 50% growth on travel queries from mobile users, “Destinations” is currently limited to your smartphone.Using Destinations isn’t much of a hassle, you just need to type in the location you’re planning to visit and add “destination” or “vacation” at the end. A card will show up containing the matching locations, hit a particular one and a comprehensive page will present location’s general information attractions, hotel prices, best times for a trip, climate conditions, travel guides and more. If you want to, Google allows further specific searches, for instance, you can search “Switzerland skiing” which will bring up a complete catalogue offering everything you need.That’s not all, Destinations also showcases itineraries from people who’ve been to the place before – th…

How to Track Google Spreadsheet Views with Google Analytics

You have been using Google Analytics to track visitors (or page views) on your website but did you know that the same analytics service can also be used for tracking views inside Google Spreadsheets. You insert a little snippet of tracking code inside your spreadsheet and when someone opens the sheet, that visit will be recorded permanently in your Google Analytics account.Google Analytics provides a JavaScript snippet that can be inserted into web templates for tracking visits. You cannot insert JavaScript inside the cells of a Google Spreadsheet but we can use the IMAGE function combined with some Apps Script to enable tracking inside spreadsheet. The visit is recorded as an “event” and not a “page view” and thus your spreadsheet opens will not artificially inflate your Google Analytics reports.To get started, go to your Google Analytics dashboard and make a note of the Google Analytics tracking ID which is a string like UA-12345-67. This web tutorial explains how you can locate the…

Tessa Wegert on the latest content marketing trends of 2016 [podcast]

ClickZ has released a new podcast series called the ClickZ Digital Marketing Podcast, featuring some of the experts who contributed to our Digital Trends 2016 report.It features interviews with Tessa Wegert, Brian Clifton, Kelvin Newman and Parry Malm, looking at key trends for 2016.Here we’ll be showcasing Tessa Wegert’s episode on content marketing.Tessa is a business and tech reporter, former media strategist, and branded content developer. She contributes to such publications as Adweek, and The Content Strategist, and has worked with Audi, Audible and Shutterstock.In Tessa’s podcast we hear about her background in content marketing, what she felt were the big trends of 2015 and which content marketing trends Tessa is really excited about in 2016 and why.Branded magazinesSomething that was brought to every marketer’s attention in 2015, but will expand to full potential this year are ‘brand magazines’ according to Tessa.Major brands have begun to heavily invest in both digital and p…

Make Money With iTunes Affiliate Program: Payment Proof after 52 Weeks

Do you have a tech blog, and are you looking for a suitable affiliate program? Do you know Apple has an affiliate program for iTunes, the App Store, iBooks and the Mac App Store? If not, read on to learn about iTunes Affiliate program, and start earning handsome income from your blog.Earlier I have talked about Viglink, which is one smart way to monetize all your existing commercial links. If you don’t know about it, you should read this review & also check out an exclusive case-study here.If you are using Viglink to create affiliate links to Apple app store, I recommend you to directly signup for Apple Affiliate program and stop paying extra cut to Viglink or any other 3rd party affiliate network you are using. Let’s look at features of Apple affiliate program, and below I will share one trick which you can use right away to affiliate all your app store link.Itunes Affiliate Program Details & Features:iTunes Affiliate program is open for all, and you can sign up for free from…

At Rs 48,900, the Galaxy S7 is Well-Priced… Compared to Whom?

Let’s get one thing straight: no one – NO ONE – in the world sells more smartphones than Samsung does. The Korean electronics behemoth has gone and done what many had thought impossible a decade ago: knocked Nokia off its perch. So before we proceed, we are not going to claim that we know the art of product pricing better than those in Samsung India.That said, we must confess to feeling just a little bemused by the manner in which many have hailed the company for pricing the Galaxy S7 at Rs 48,900. When I asked a few people why they thought so, they pointed out that the device’s predecessor, the S6, had been launched a year ago at a slightly higher price – Rs 49,900. In fact, most flagships from the likes of HTC, Sony and LG had been priced in the region of Rs 50,000. One person even pointed out that the Moto X Force had recently been launched at a higher price of Rs 49,990, and well, there were the inevitable comparisons with the launch price of the iPhone 6S, which had been launched…

HTC is Rumored to Have Bagged a Three Year Contract to Make Nexus Devices

Making Nexus devices has been kind of a big deal for the OEMs and every year we take our best shot at guessing who will get to make them. The Nexus 6 was from Motorola, the 6P from Huawei and the 5X by LG. Now a recently signed contract is set to change all this as it is expected to have awarded HTC the right to make Nexus devices for the next three years.This move comes at a time when LG had announced that it will be ramping down its Nexus efforts. That being said, HTC has been one of the first OEMs to embrace Android at a time when most of the smartphones were powered by the now redundant Symbian OS. If this piece of news is indeed true, then HTC would be in charge of Android N, O and P. The rumor is coming from an obscure Taiwanese site, so take this news with the proverbial pinch of salt. HTC had manufactured Nexus devices quite a few times and in fact there were times it was solely responsible for the Nexus tablets. Things would be much clearer as we near the next Google I/O in Ju…

Marketing Day: Pinterest ad updates, TD Bank CMO interview & a programmatic ad survey

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:What different consumer groups really want from local business websites
Mar 8, 2016 by Myles Anderson
Columnist Myles Anderson takes a look at what consumers in different age groups are looking for when it comes to local business websites. Local SEO practitioners, take note!Is your team OBSESSED with social media marketing? Register for SocialPro and score deep discounts for your entire team.
Mar 8, 2016 by Marketing Land
Give your marketing team the tools and insights they need to accelerate paid, earned and owned social media marketing skills by sending them to Marketing Land’s SocialPro conference.Meet the MarTech Speakers: Sheldon Monteiro
Mar 8, 2016 by Marketing Land
Driving Transformation at the Intersection of Marketing and TechnologySearch, social and content: Reaching digital marketing maturity
Mar 8, 2016 by Jim Yu
Columnist Jim Yu s…

ContentMart: Place to Hire Quality Writers For Your Content based Project

How often do you feel like writing on buzzing topics on your blog but don’t have the energy to do so? You know writing content on the particular topic is important but being a Solopreneur with no virtual team makes it a tedious task. How great would it be if we can outsource some writing work to a quality place?If this feels like your story, today you will be delighted to know about the company that I got to know at  AdTech 2016.Also see: Adtech Discovery- Smart way to market your Product on Android devicesIn the past, I have tried multiple places to hire good writers & one of them that worked for me was Needless to say, retaining the freelance writer is a task & if you are serious about your blogging or digital marketing business; you need to churn out quality content in quick time & on the regular interval. This is where Contentmart helps you.What is ContentMart & how it can help your blog or business?ContentMart is a marketplace where you can hi…