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List of Best Affiliate Programs for the WordPress Niche

WordPress is not only a CMS (content management system) – it is also a means of earning a living for many people. Many developers and freelancers are making a living from their use of WordPress, by selling themes, plugins, services or consultancy. And for those who are not into development, WordPress can also be used to earn money through product promotion. What this means is that you can endorse someone’s product with your unique tracking link (affiliate link), and you will get a commission from the associated sales. Read and learn:  What is Affiliate Marketing & FAQ Particularly if you are blogging on WordPress, you can easily recommend a premium product that you are using (most of the premium WordPress products have an affiliate program), and when a user buys the product based on your referral, you will be making money from the process. This income could amount to anywhere from $1-$500 per product. In this post, I will be sharing some of the top affiliate programs for WordPr