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Google Analytics’ new User Explorer report shows individual, anonymized website interactions

Google Analytics is slowly rolling out a new feature called User Explorer that offers website owners a chance to see, on anonymized basis, very specific visitor interactions across their website.Here’s how the feature is described in Google’s latest release notes earlier this week:A new set of reporting in Google Analytics that allows customers to anonymously analyze individual interactions to their website. User Explorer utilizes your existing anonymous Google Analytics data to deliver incremental insights helps marketers obtain valuable insights need to improve and optimize their site. The feature is now available in the Audience sections. Anonymous Client ID and User ID will be surfaced in this report as a part of the release.The main User Explorer page shows a list of client IDs collected from visitors devices and browsers, along with basic data including session count, average duration, bounce rate, revenue, transactions and goal conversion rate. Things get more interesting on th…

Watch Facebook’s CTO take a selfie in virtual reality

Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer demos the virtual reality version of Facebook. When Facebook bought Oculus VR in 2014, one of the first things people wondered is what would Facebook look like in virtual reality. On Wednesday at Facebook’s annual developer conference F8 in San Francisco, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer offered a peek at that potential future in an onstage demo.

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Google Analytics adds more AdWords reporting capabilities

Google Analytics has beefed up reporting integrations with AdWords. A look at the latest release notes from GA highlights the following new capabilities for AdWords reporting:Deeplinking into AdWords from the AdWords Reporting Section in GA: AdWords logos now appear next to each campaign in Google Anlaytics. Clicking that logo takes you right to that campaign in AdWords. You no longer have to open AdWords separately and search for the right campaign to make changes.Flexible Auto-tagging Override for GA-AdWords Linking: When auto-tagging is enabled in AdWords, UTM values are automatically appended for Google Analytics so advertisers don’t have to manually tag the URLs in their ads. Now, though, advertisers will be able to customize UTM values for Campaign, Source, Medium, Content, Keyword even when auto-tagging is enabled if desired. Those values will be brought into GA for reporting.New Sitelinks report in AdWords reporting section in GA: A new Sitelinks report in the AdWords reportin…

How will online advertisers and retailers benefit from Google AdWords redesign?

In this mobile-first world, Google is continuously monitoring the growth of usage on mobile devices and looking for ways to improve advertiser’s ability to adapt to this new multichannel behaviour.That is why the search engine giant, shortly after revealing a new layout for its SERPs, has redesigned the AdWords interface which is where online marketers and merchants display copy on its search engine and manage their campaigns in one place.When the interface was first created in 2001, it was exclusively for text-based ads but now it includes a variety of features including the management of Google Shopping ads and display-based campaigns.Google also worked closely with advertisers and listened to their feedback so they could tailor these changes specifically to their needs.Here are some of the key areas Google has focused on in the redesign of AdWords:Focused approach on business objectives: AdWords, instead of focusing on features, is now more in tune to manage marketer’s campaigns ac…

Live blog: Day two keynote at Facebook F8

Hello from F8, Facebook’s annual developers conference. It’s time for the day two keynote. No one really knows what’s going to be covered. Best bets are that it will related to Oculus and virtual reality. We’ll know shortly. The keynote — and our liveblog of it — begin at 10am PT.

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BuzzFeed’s exploding watermelon video proves Facebook Live is no joke

Last Friday, BuzzFeed started a Facebook Live video broadcast featuring two employees testing how many rubberbands it would take to explode a watermelon. By the time the 44-minute broadcast ended, the video had attracted more than 800,000 concurrent viewers and made “watermelon” a trending topic on both Facebook and Twitter.Since the broadcast five days ago, more than 10 million people have watched BuzzFeed’s exploding watermelon experiment. Filmed with nothing more than iPhone on a tripod and a mic connected to a drumstick, the video now has more than 320,000 comments and 17,000 shares.“The idea came about in a brainstorm earlier this week about the various things the BuzzFeed Motion Picture New York team could do around Facebook Live,” says Jeremy Briggs, the head of BuzzFeed video New York.In an interview conducted over email, Briggs said his team has been experimenting a lot with different formats and types of content.“One of our producers, and the director of this FB Live video,…

Google Takes On Clickjacking

Among its latest efforts to address online display advertising fraud, Google says it has rolled out new defenses against clickjacking.What is clickjacking?If you’ve ever clicked on a button or tried to play a video on a web page and been taken unexpectedly to another web page, you’ve likely been a victim of clickjacking.Hackers essentially overlay a transparent page over a legitimate web page. To the user, the web page looks perfectly normal, but when a user clicks on a video play button, for example, the action actually occurs on the transparent overlay. Clickjacked pages can be used to trigger one-click orders from Amazon, gain Facebook likes and Twitter followers, download malware to gain access to users’ phones, and of course, enable click fraud on invisible ads.Clickjacking also goes by more technical names like UI redress, User Interface redress attack, UI redressing.What’s Google doing about it?Google is addressing the use of clickjacking for display ad click fraud. The company…

Mobile marketers are missing out on hyperlocal: report

Despite the opportunity to target customers based on their locations, just 22% of marketers agree that they are exploiting hyperlocal advertising to its full potential. It works too, so many advertisers are missing out on one of the best tactics to use.This is one of the findings from our State of Mobile Advertising 2016 report, produced in association with Search Optics.The hyperlocal opportunityWith the near ubiquity of smartphones, and their growing use to access digital content, the opportunity to target based on location has never been greater.However, of the hyperlocal tactics for targeting consumer we asked about, there wasn’t a majority of respondents using a single one.The most popular tactic (customer match) is used by a mere 35% of advertisers, while at the bottom end of the scale the use of specific locations such as shopping malls is only used by 10%.Respondents using hyperlocal targeting are reporting great results from these tactics. For every single hyperlocal tactic, …

Kindle Oasis, the Thinnest and the Lightest Kindle Ever Made Starts Retailing in India at Rs 23,999

Jeff Bezos had recently tweeted about a new Kindle and here we are a week later with Kindle Oasis. Now this time around Amazon seem to have divested a major share of their efforts in designing the Oasis and it sure does look different. The sharp departure from the rather boxy rectangular form factor is welcomed. Kindle Oasis is lighter, smaller and it is also thinner than its predecessor.The novelty of this product however comes at a rather hefty price tag of Rs 23,999 which will include the Kindle along with a charging cover that is expected to last for months on a charge. The Oasis weighs in at 131 grams and is just 3.4mm at its thinnest point. The housing is made up of polymer frame plated with metal thus rendering the much needed resilience of metal without the weight of one.Being a Kindle reader myself for the past five years, i can’t help but notice how mundane the task of flipping pages with a touch becomes, for this reason the Kindle Oasis comes with an accelerometer that lets…

The future of digital advertising: Ads that look back

We’re all familiar with traditional billboards and Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) screens in locations ranging from New York’s Times Square to your local shopping mall, transit stations, airports or anywhere people gather.We’ve all watched the images change and seen video-based advertisements play on them, but did you know that in more and more locations, these screens are looking back at you?Through the use of cameras placed just above the electronic billboard, or in some cases embedded within the screen itself, and combined with facial-recognition software, the screens are now watching you back.What types of information do these DOOH screens gather? How is this information being leveraged to optimize marketing campaigns?All eyes on Billy Bishop billboardsOne implementation of these intelligent DOOH screens is located at downtown Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport. Through an assortment of 27 locations, including a bank of 20 electronic billboards along the entire length of a four-minute esc…

WordPress 4.5 now available, adds responsive design previews, faster image loading

WordPress version 4.5 is now available, bringing what the developers call a “more streamlined experience,” whether you’re writing a blog post or building/tweaking your site.There’s nothing that you’d call a significant change or upgrade, but 4.5 does add convenient responsive design preview toggles so users can preview how their site will look on different devices. There are also new formatting shortcuts that make it easier to add horizontal lines and/or format text as code, as well as the ability to add links inline while you write.One under-the-hood change that’s worth mentioning is that 4.5 compresses uploaded images slightly more than older versions of the software, making intermediate-sized images load faster for users. The developers say, “This results in a noticeable reduction in file sizes with little change in visual quality.”For more on WordPress 4.5, see the official announcement and/or check out the introduction video below.

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MarTech Today: Facebook’s Messenger platform, Nielsen’s Marketing Cloud & Google Voice Access

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook’s Messenger Platform launched, allows businesses to build bots
Apr 12, 2016 by Danny Sullivan
Released in beta, Messenger Platform allows businesses to build bots that can interact with customers or even handle purchases.Social advertising? Earned/owned social? Get the latest tactics at SocialPro.
Apr 12, 2016 by Marketing Land
We hear from three kinds of social media marketers: social media paid advertising specialists; organic (earned/owned) social specialists; those responsible for both. Marketing Land’s SocialPro is for you, regardless which description best fits you.Facebook brings its Instapaper-like Save button to wider web
Apr 12, 2016 by Tim Peterson
Facebook is rolling out its Instapaper-like bookmarking tool, Save, to the wider web, the company announced at its F8 developer conference on Tuesday.Forrester Consulting stud…

30 quick and easy SEO tips for small businesses

For the uninitiated, SEO can seem to be a complex and foreign landscape, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated.Indeed, there’s a lot that small businesses (and anyone) can do without any great SEO knowledge, and without spending too much money.With the help of some search experts, I’ve compiled a list of tips (in no particular order)…1. Set up a Google My Business accountSet this up and get all of your business details uploaded. It’s totally free and will enable you to appear in local search results for queries specific to your area of operation.Even broad queries with large volumes are now showing local results which is something small business owners can capitalise upon.2. Build a fast, mobile-friendly websiteDeveloping mobile sites can now be done easily with simple plugins for your CMS, such as WordPress, meaning that making all of your content mobile-friendly can be done quickly and cheaply.Optimising it for fast load-speed (again through plugins where available) will help yo…

Five Most Interesting Features of Creo Fuel OS

Creo Mark 1 has been launched today and more than the device it is the Fuel OS that seems to be promising. First things first, the Fuel OS is a forked Android OS which promises you an update every month. Unlike other phones the update will not just fix the things that have gone bad but is also expected to introduce new features. I am familiar with the agony linked to a delayed Android update, one of the main reason for me to choose a Nexus. Lets walk you through a bunch of interesting features Fuel OS has in store for its users and the way it would transform the users experience.1.New Phone Every MonthWell to be frank I was skeptical of the monthly update and it seemed so much similar to what Nexus and the Cyanogen OS already get. But the thing is that updates for Fuel OS are much more than just updates they try to involve the users and use the interaction for the updates. Believe me, every time my Nexus 5X gets updates I rarely succeed in figuring out the changelog, in order to chang…

Micromax Canvas 6 and Canvas 6 Pro Launched at Rs 13,999, Features 5.5-inch FHD Display and Helio X10

Micromax seems to be having a field day after releasing a slew of products spread across Smartphones, tablets, LED TV’s. That being said the one that got out attention was the flagship Canvas 6 and 6 Pro.This time around just like all the other smartphone manufacturers Micromax has also decided to go for two variants of its flagship. Both the Canvas phones are targeted at mid-range smartphone buyers who are looking out for a larger displayed phone.The Canvas 6 is equipped with a 5.5-inch FHD display and to keep up with competitors it does come equipped with a fingerprint sensor at the back. The Canvas 6 is also touted as being the first metal clad phone with a unibody design. On the storage front the device offers 32GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot. Under the hood lies an octa core processor paired with a 3GB RAM.The Canvas 6 comes with a 13-Megapixel primary sensor and 8-Megapixel secondary sensor along with phase detection. Both the Canvas 6 and the Canvas 6 Pro are po…

Nextbit’s Cloud-Centric Robin Smartphone Coming to India Later this Month

Nextbit, the company known for launching a cloud-first Android phone has finally decided to enter the Indian market with their ‘Robin’ smartphone. They will launch the handset in the week of April 25th, however, an exact date is yet to be decided.Unveiled back in 2015, the Nextbit Robin focuses mainly on its cloud capabilities that can sync user data as well as installed applications with Nextbit’s own cloud storage. Touted as the phone that never runs out of storage, the Marshmallow based custom software packed in the Robin can intelligently remove applications that have not been used for a while. Users can get them back with their respective data whenever they want, however, for the process to be smooth, you must have a connection that is quick enough to perform these tasks. There are also four LEDs on the back that indicate when the data is getting synced.As far as the specifications are concerned, it flaunts a  5.2″ IPS 1080p display, Snapdragon 808 coupled with 3GB of RAM, 32GB i…